Casey the College Celiac

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At Casey the College Celiac, I share gluten free, allergy friendly and delicious recipes, tips on thriving with chronic illnesses like celiac disease and fibromyalgia and ideas for how to embrace healthy living in college and beyond.

Location Colorado Springs, Colorado United States
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What are your fave gluten free products at Trader Joe’s? Or have you tried any of the NEW & SEASONAL Gluten Free items?! 🤔🤤 SWIPE to see all 45+! 😍 You can find full reviews of the pre-made chocolate chunk cookies & more at my profile, @collegeceliackc. 🥰 Also on my page…gluten free round ups at many other stores — like Walmart, Costco, Sprouts, Target and more — celiac humor, gluten free product reviews, and more. 🫶 If you’re only going to your Trader Joe’s for a couple items, I’d call ahead as what’s in stock can vary by location! And this isn’t an exhaustive list, but includes most of my faves + new items. 🥰 And as always, although all these items are labeled gluten free, please read ingredients to ensure they fit your unique dietary needs. 🙏 What are some of your fave gluten free swaps — or a new GF product you’ve tried lately? I’d love to hear! 🤤👇 . . . . . #traderjoesfinds #traderjoeshaul #madeleines #pumpkinravioli #pumpkinspiceeverything #lactoseintolerant #glutenfreepie #glutenfreecookies #glutenfreebagels #glutenfreebread #glutenfreebreakfast #glutenfreefood #wheatfree #noglutennoproblem #celiacfriendly #glutenfreemuffins #glutenfreepasta #veganglutenfree #glutenfreepancakes #traderjoeslist #glutenanddairyfree #glutenintolerant

Where are my fellow celiac & IBS girls/guys at?? 😅🤣🙋‍♀️ And who else’s diagnosis/diagnoses came outta nowhere?? I was diagnosed with celiac at 17 after random weigh loss and constant acid reflux…and then diagnosed with IBS-C around 20 years old. 🙃 No idea what triggered my celiac gene to become active, tho IBS was def triggered by celiac & the complications I had. 🫠 Do you know what triggered your celiac / gluten free dietary needs or have a memorable last gluten meal? 🤔 I’d love to hear 👇 . . . . . #gluten #celiacsofig #glutenfreelife #glutenfreebread #autoimmunedisease #celiacdiet #autoimmunediseaswarrior #glutenfreeproblems #ibsdiet #ibslife #ibsproblems #celiac #dietaryrestrictions #celiaclife #stomachproblems #celiacfood #nogluten #glutenallergy #glutenintolerant #glutenfree #lowfodmapdiet

Did you know you can find GLUTEN FREE pecan pie copycat bars, double chocolate bakery cake, pumpkin pie granola and more at many Targets⁉️ Many also DAIRY FREE! Deets on all 👇 🥧 Pecan pie 👉 @ethelsbaking Certified GF pecan dandy bar 🧀 Microwave Mac and cheese 👉 @kraft_macandcheese Gluten Free microwave cups 🍫🍰 bakery cake 👉 the Certified GF bakery cake under the Inspired by Happiness brand or store name (also at Safeway, Publix, Wegmans, etc) 🎃 Pumpkin pie granola 👉 @safeandfair Certified GF & Vegan pumpkin pie granola 🍫😍 chocolate muffins 👉 the Target brand Certified GF & dairy free muffins in the freezer section All of the above are gluten free but please read ingredients to make sure they fit YOUR dietary needs. 🫶 And check out my profile (@collegeceliackc) for even more gluten free store round ups, product reviews, celiac humor, etc. 🥰 Which of these gluten free finds are calling your name? 👇👇 . . . . . #targetdoesitagain #groceryhaul #glutenfreecake #glutenfreepie #glutenfreedairyfree #pecanpie #pumpkinspiceseason #glutenfreebreakfast #targetfinds #glutenfreemeals #targethaul #dairyfreediet #celiackids #glutenfreefollowme #celiacfriendly #easyglutenfree #glutenfreedesserts #glutenfreesweets #glutenfreefinds #celiac #glutenfreefamily

If you’re gluten free and your partner eats gluten, plz tell me I’m not the only one who does this. 😂 My justification is that I’m gonna be jealous unless I have a celiac safe alternative to enjoy at the same time…and ngl, this strategy works great for us, especially during vacation when my bf is eating more gluten than he usually does (our home is 90% GF). What’s your fave gluten free you’ve enjoyed lately? 🤔👇 And if you’re craving donuts, some of my fave gluten free swaps are: 🍩 @katzglutenfree donuts and donut holes at most stores 🍩 @freedomglutenfree mini donuts at @sprouts 🍩 @kinnikinnickgf donuts at some east coast stores 🍩 @mochi.thaim.donuts = a 100% gluten free donut shop in Colorado Springs! Find even more gluten free product recc’s and round ups, celiac memes, restaurant reviews & more at my page, @collegeceliackc. 🥰 . . . . . #glutenfreedessert #glutenfreedonuts #maturingisrealizing #datingmemes #glutenfreebreakfast #gluten #glutenintolerance #celiac #celiaclifestyle #celiacdisease #celiacdiseasestruggles #ibsdiet #coeliacdisease #celiachia #nogluten #wheatallergy #foodallergyawareness #dietaryrestrictions #glutenfreetreats #glutenfreedairyfree

Which of these GLUTEN FREE (& many dairy free) new + fave products do you already love or wanna try? 🤔🤤 More deets on all👇 🍦 I just found @nadamoo’s NEW Certified Gluten Free & Vegan ice cream bites at @naturalgrocers 😍 so keep you eyes out for em! 😍 seasonal Gluten Free Pumpkin Streusel muffins now at @traderjoes! These do contain oats & Trader Joe’s doesn't reveal their oat sourcing so you do you and only eat if it fits your dietary needs. 🫶 Pic from @traderjoesnew! 🎃 @goodiegirlcookies has seasonal Certified Gluten Free & Vegan Pumpkin Spice cookies at @sprouts! Made with purity protocol oats 👏 👩‍🍳 @missjonesbakes has NEW Gluten Free baking mixes at @walmart! Taste test of the cinnamon roll muffins coming soon 😋 🍝 if ya didn’t know, @taste_republic has Certified GF tortellini, ravioli and more (& vegan options) at Natural Grocers + some Target and Costco stores 🍫 new 2-serving gluten free & dairy free @honeymamas bars spotted at @target! 🎃 seasonal pumpkin spice Certified GF & Dairy Free creme cakes from @katzglutenfree now at sprouts! 🌽🍞 seasonal Gluten Free cornbread now at @traderjoes! As always, all featured products are labeled gluten free but always read labels to ensure they fit your dietary needs. 🫶 What are your fave gluten free eats or finds lately? Or how is your extended family with celiac / dietary restrictions? Would love to hear! 🥰 PS — find more gluten free round ups, reviews, recipes, memes and more at @collegeceliackc. 🥰 Organized by store in my story highlight for easier finding. 🫶 . . . . . #glutenfreecookies #glutenfreefinds #glutenfreedessert #glutenfreevegan #veganicecream #dairyfreefinds #traderjoeshaul #glutenfreedairyfree #celiac #celiacfood #celiacdisease #glutenfreebread #glutenfreemuffins #glutenfreecake #glutenfreefollowme #whatceliacseat #nowheat #glutensensitivity #newproductalert #glutenfreebread #pumpkinspiceseason

These Gluten Free & Dairy Free “Meatball” Garlic Bread Sliders — made with @bigmountainfoods plant-based sausage now at @sprouts‼️ — are my family’s new fave football app. 🤤 (AD) The gluten free breadstick slices get crispy on the edges and soft in the middle, and the “meatballs” are tender and topped with lots of gooey vegan cheese. 😋 Plus, @bigmountainfoods plant-based products are super allergy friendly and I wouldn’t have guessed these sausages were vegan without seeing the box! 🤯👏 To make this easy 30-min meal or appetizer 👇 Cut 2 small gluten free and vegan baguettes 🥖 into slices and coat each with vegan butter mixture (1/3 cup melted vegan butter 🧈, 1 TBSP garlic infused olive oil or garlic paste, and 1/4 cup vegan Parmesan). Bake at 400 for 8 minutes. While they bake, warm your @bigmountainfoods sausages in a pan on medium heat for ~5 mins and chop up into 1/2-1 inch pieces. Mix with 1/2 jar tomato 🍅 sauce. Set aside, and push down the middle of each crispy garlic bread slice to create “boats” for you to spoon the sausage mix into. Top the loaded boats with Italian seasoning and vegan cheese slices, and bake at 400 for another 5 minutes, or until cheese melts. Let cool slightly and dig in. 🤌 What’s your fave easy meal or appetizer for football season or a lazy, cozy night in? Or which of @bigmountainfoods products do you wanna try first? 🤔👇 . . . . . #glutenfreevegan #vegancheese #glutenfreebread #glutenfreemeals #glutenfreerecipes #celiacfriendly #glutenfreedairyfree #celiacfood #glutenfreecooking #celiacdiet #celiac #glutenfreefoodporn #glutenfreefoodie #gfdiet #noglutennoproblem #veganrecipes #glutenfreefoods #veganmeat #dairyfreeglutenfree #dairyfreecheese #sproutsfarmersmarket

Who else has exchanged product recc’s and words of wisdom in the mini gluten free aisle at Walmart? 🤣😅🙋‍♀️ But really — to anyone new to eating gluten free or living with celiac, it does get easier with time, practice and finding gluten free products you actually enjoy. 🫶 So be patient, let yourself grieve the foods and freedom you lost, and know it will be worth feeling better! ❤️ And on the topic of gluten free groceries, what’s your fave grocery store? Sprouts, Walmart, Costco, Whole Foods, and Target are a few of mine (and I have store round ups & reviews for all of the above on my page, @collegeceliackc ☺️). Lmk your fave store, advice you’d give to someone newly gluten free or GF tips you wish you’d learned earlier! 👇 . . . . . #glutenfreelife #glutenfreecookies #groceryhaul #glutenfreefood #glutenfreeblogger #celiaclife #wheallergy #glutenfreeeats #celiacdisease #celiacawareness #celiacs #glutenfreecake #glutenfreefoods #noglutenhere #glutenfreesnacks #walmartfinds #glutenfreebrownies #celiaclife #glutenfreepretzels #celiacblogger #glutenfreebread #ibslife

Have you had similar niche conversations no one else would understand with your friends/family/partner? 😅🤣 Or what are small things you partner / housemates do to help you stay safe with celiac? 🤔👇 Some celiacs have 100% GF kitchens and that’s an amazing option if that works for you! 🫶 We keep ours 90% gluten free but treats / take out usually involve gluten for him. And that works great for us because, as this TikTok trend would say, my bf is “cooked” in celiac knowledge 🤣 and careful with crumbs / cross contact risks and we both communicate. Like asking what pots/pans/cooking equipment is good to use with gluten, etc. 🤷‍♀️And since wood utensils / cutting boards of any kind are actually at higher-risk of gluten hiding in any cuts or porous areas, we keep ours 100% GF except for disposable options like these chopsticks! Is there a food you never ate pre-celiac but wish you had? I’d never tried sushi pre-celiac and def regret not eating all the tempura while I could. 😅🫠🙃 PS — find even more celiac humor, gluten free product recc’s and reviews, #glutenfreelife #glutenfreeproblems #glutenintolerance #celiacdisease #glutenfree #celiacsofig #glutenfreefood #glutenfreegirl #relationshipmemes #zerogluten #someonescookedhere #foodallergies #foodallergyawareness #celiac #glutenfreeliving #celiaclife #celiacdisease #glutenfreedinner #glutenfreefollowme #celiacdiseaseawareness

What’s the funniest food someone has thought you can/can’t eat on a gluten free diet? 😅🤣 And does your restaurant anxiety also get a million times worse when this happens? 🙃 When I was a newly diagnosed celiac in high school / early college…this was me ALL THE TIME. 😅😫 I’d end up going to random places with friends, and I was so new to eating gluten free, I didn’t know everything to say or have the confidence to even say it. 🫠 (Cue: getting glutened on my very first date 🤦‍♀️). So here’s a friendly reminder to: ✅ (If possible) call ahead and/or read reviews of the restaurant’s celiac-friendliness (on yelp, @spokininc, @findmeglutenfree, @glutendudeapp, etc) ✅ Bring celiac restaurant cards (like the free ones from if needed ✅ Remember that you can always choose to leave or just not order food (why I always recommend keeping snacks in your bag as a back-up!) ✅ Know it’s possible to make friends who will WANT to let you choose the place…but that I also have some of my favorite memories from hang-outs I brought my own food to. 🤷‍♀️ What’s a really good (or really bad, or you need to vent 😅) gluten free restaurant experience you’ve had lately? 🤔👇 I’ve decided the Turkey & Provolone Gluten Free Sandwich at @jerseymikes is my new go-to order. 😋 . . . . #gluten #glutenfreeproblems #celiacproblems #celiacdisease #celiacs #glutenfreelife #celiaclife #eatingoutglutenfree #ibslife #stomachproblems #jenniferlawrence #celiacdiseaseawareness #coeliac #wheatallergy #glutenintolerance #glutenfreefamily #glutenfreemeals #glutenfreerestaurant #glutenfreeeats #glutenfreefoodie #glutenfreedinner #glutenfreegirl

Did you see @cappellos has NEW Certified Gluten Free Biscuits in ✌️ flavors at some @sprouts & @wholefoods?! 🤯😵 Full review 👇 I baked my biscuits according to the bag, and was pleasantly surprised the texture — soft and fluffy in the middle, crispy and slightly flaky on the outside. 🤤 I also loved that the Everything Bagel seasoning is subtle, and how they legit melt-in-your-mouth. 🤤 I will def will be trying these on a homemade gluten free chicken biscuit sandwich soon. 😋 🚨 Overall, these are my NEW FAVE product from @cappellos & honestly one of the best gluten free products I’ve eaten all year. 😳🤪🤤 Have you tried these? Or which of @cappellos new products — bakery-style cookies, biscuits and pasta — are you most excited to try?? 🤔👇 . . . . . #glutenfreefinds #newproductalert #glutenfreedinner #celiacawareness #wholefoodsmarket #celiac #glutenfreefoodie #buttermilkbiscuits #glutenfreeproducts #celiacsafe #celiacfood #noglutennoproblem #glutenfreefollowme #glutenfreebaking #glutenfreefoodporn #tastetesting #whatceliacseat #tastetester #celiacsofig #glutenfreebread #everythingbagel #celiacs

Iykyk. 😂🤷‍♀️ I pretty much always bring gluten free snacks / food with me but sometimes a gluten free girl gets gluten-envious hangry and just needs some comfort snacks. 🙃😋 What’s your fave snacks to bring with you, or your fave treat yo’self buy for post-social hangryness? 🤔 Some of mine 👇 🍫 @larabars — cookie dough is 🤌 💪 @chomps Turkey sticks 😋 @blakesseedbased rice crispy treats 🍪 @whoadoughbars_ (use code CELIACKC for 10% off their website!) 🎂 the certified gluten free grocery store cake from Safeway, Target, Publix, Kroger, etc under the Inspired by Happiness or store name. PS — fun fact. The products in the background are actually from a real picture of a bundle of gluten free foods I was lucky enough to get from my gastroenterologist when I was first diagnosed with celiac. 🥹 . . . . . #celiac #celiacdiet #glutentreetreats #glutenfreesnack #foodallergylife #glutenfreelife #glutenfreeeating #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreeproblems #celiacfood #celiacproblems #glutenfreememes #glutenfreefoodporn #celiaclife #glutenfreesnacks #glutenfreepasta #glutenfreebreafast #celiac #celiaclifestyle #glutenfreegirl #glutenfreefollowme

Who else would join a gluten free new products club? 🤣🙋‍♀️😍 More deets on all these NEW GLUTEN FREE (& many dairy free) FINDS from lately👇 🍋 Found the NEW @krusteaz Certified Gluten Free lemon bar mix at @safeway! I’ve also heard of it being found at some Walmarts + HEB. Lookout for a taste test soon 🤯😍 🎃🍪 New Certified Gluten Free Pumpkin Cookie Bites now at some @target stores! Shoutout to @abby.e1713 for the pic. 📸 If you wanna be featured or just spread the word about a new product anonymously, DM me a pic + store! 🍫🍦 @thejollyllamaco has NEW Certified Gluten Free yogurt bars at @sprouts now in 3 flavors 🎃 @traderjoes has NEW Gluten Free Pumpkin ravioli rolling into stores now for fall! Thanks to @traderjoesgeek for the pic. 🍩 @freedomglutenfree has seasonal donut flavors at Sprouts now like Pumpkin & Apple Cider. All Certified Gluten Free & Dairy Free. 😋 @ethelsbaking has two NEW flavor of their Certified Gluten Free dessert bars at Sprouts 🧀🔥 @feelgoodfoods has new Certified Gluten Free items at stores like @wholefoods & @sprouts including these Jalapeño Bites that the gluten-eating bf is obsessed with. 🤤 🍕 NEW @quinnsnacks Certified Gluten Free & Vegan pizza pretzels are now at @Walmart if ya didn’t know! Follow @collegeceliackc for even more gluten free new product alerts, store round ups and gluten free humor. 😎 I’d also love to hear about other gluten free products you’re loving lately or stores you’d like more round ups for! 👇👇 . . . . . #groceryhaul #certifiedglutenfree #lemonbars #dairyfreecheese #glutenfreevegan #glutenfreelifestyle #glutenfreebaking #glutenfreecookies #pumpkinspiceseason #celiac #whatceliacseat #glutenfreefoodshare #pumpkinravioli #glutenfreedonuts #glutenfreedessert #glutenfreemeals #glutenfreepie #glutenfreedinner #dessertbars #celiacfriendly #celiacdiseaseawareness

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When First Going Gluten Free

When you get a celiac diagnosis and need to go gluten free, changing your entire diet can feel overwhelming - especially if your health is suffering due to celiac disease symptoms. So to help any of celiac newbies or new gluten free eaters, I’m sharing five common mistakes I often hear about when people go gluten free. And if you are still feeling worse after eating gluten free for a few weeks or months, that is definitely a sign to NOT make mistake #4... Going Gluten Free, Many in the gluten free and celiac community advocate for people just going gluten free to stick to naturally gluten free foods, and this does have its benefits.

Gluten Free Vegan Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

So when I had some extra beans on my hands thanks to 8 Track Foods, I decided to finally experiment with using black beans in vegan chocolate chip cookies. How to Make Your Vegan Double Chocolate Chip Cookies with Black Beans Pour the black bean puree in with your vegan egg, and then add all of the other ingredients, including a handful of chocolate chips. To help the cookies bake optimally, use your tablespoon to slightly flatten/spread out the batter of each cookie (compared to leaving the batter as scooped balls in the tray).Finally, pop your trays in the oven for around 18-20 minutes. These cookies will not rise very much because of the lack of egg and flour, but they will spread out and puff up some!Lately, I’ve been loving these gluten free double chocolate chip cookies with yogurt, nut butter and berries as a sweet late-night snack.

Tell Me You Have a Chronic Illness...Without Telling Me You Have a Chronic Illness

And if you're dating someone chronically ill or have chronically ill friends or loved ones, here's the "why" behind some of our stranger behavior! You worry that new friends may think you're flaky since they don't understand why you need to cancel plans last-minute. Your friends and family know "special" terms like "flare up," "glutened," or "low on spoons. Friends or family ask you for medical advice before they ask their doctor.

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