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At Casey the College Celiac, I share gluten free, allergy friendly and delicious recipes, tips on thriving with chronic illnesses like celiac disease and fibromyalgia and ideas for how to embrace healthy living in college and beyond.

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Who else has this love language?! 😂🙋‍♀️ More deets on all these NEW GLUTEN FREE (& many dairy free) FINDS from lately👇 🍓🍫👩‍🍳 to kick off 2024, @missjonesbakes has 3 NEW Gluten Free mixes at @Walmart now, including a Cookie Cake Mix, Strawberry White Chocolate Blondies and Triple Chocolate Brownies. 🥞 look out for NEW Gluten Free & Vegan Thai coconut pancakes rolling into @traderjoes this January! Intel and pic from @bigboxvegan and @traderjoesnew 😎 NEW Gluten Free & Dairy Free Sandwich Cookies found at @walgreens! Also don’t contain oats. 📸 from @glutenfree_ali.b 🧀 if ya missed it, @feelgoodfoods has NEW Certified GF Pickles (also dairy free) and Jalapeno Bites at @wholefoods and @sprouts. And NEW branding is rolling out for all products! 🍫🥜 had to share the epic caramel pull in the new @reeses Gluten Free Caramel cups. 😋 At Walmart, Safeway, gas stations, etc. 🍝 @cappellos Certified Gluten Free ravioli is at some @costco stores now! 🍦🍪 if you’re looking for gluten free cookies and cream ice cream that isn’t also vegan, check out @strausmilk’s Gluten Free Cookies & Cream ice cream at @wholefoods and @naturalgrocers. All their dairy products / ice cream are gluten free. 🔥🍕 @caulipowerfoods has a New Certified GF Spicy Chicken Sausage pizza at Walmart that the gluten-eating bf and I really enjoyed! As always, read labels to ensure these products fit your dietary needs. 🙏 Follow @collegeceliackc for even more gluten free new product alerts, store round ups and gluten free humor. 😎 I’d also love to hear about other gluten free finds you’re loving lately or gang round ups / content you’d like to see from me in 2024! 👇👇 . . . . . #glutenfreedessert #celiacfriendly #certifiedglutenfree #glutenfreepizza #glutenfreelifestyle #glutenfreebaking #glutenfreebrownies #whatceliacseat #costcofinds #glutenfreefoodshare #walmartfinds #glutenfreepancakes #glutenfreemeals #mozzarellasticks #glutenfreechocolate #glutenfreetreats #glutenfreecookies #celiacdiseaseawareness #friedpickles #glutenfreedairyfree #celiac #glutenfreedinner

Proof that if he wanted to, he would. 👏👏 And in my defense, I did include I had celiac / was gluten free on all my online dating apps so he was warned. 🤣🤷‍♀️ We tried @marcoscoalfired in Denver for the first time earlier this year and since then, our trips to Denver from Colorado Springs have been muuuuch more common. 😂 Marcos has a separate oven and prep area for gluten free orders, and uses gluten-removed wheat starch from Italy (celiac safe but not safe for wheat allergies) for their fluffy gf pizza. 👌 What’s the furtherest you drive regularly for good gluten free food? Or how does your partner or family help make life a little easier with celiac? Would love to hear 👇 . . . . . #glutenfree #celiacdisease #celiac #glutenfreepizza #glutenfreelife #celiacs #glutenfreeeats #glutenfreelife #glutenfreelifestyle #celiaclife #celiacfood #celiacfriendly #glutenfreegirl #eatingoutglutenfree #glutenfreerestaurant #glutenfreefood #glutenfreebread #glutenfreetravel #glutenfreedenver #celiacsofig #celiacblogger

Which of these NEW & Seasonal GLUTEN FREE finds at Walmart are you most excited for⁉️ More deets on all 👇 🍫🥜 Finally found the new Gluten free @reeses caramel cups and they’re SO good! I’ve found at Walmart & Safeway. 🍗 If ya missed it, @yummydinobuddies has NEW Certified GF & Dairy Free chicken fries 🍫🧑‍🍳 @missjonesbakes has NEW Gluten Free Peppermint Bark Brownies, Toffee Blondies and Cranberry White Chocolate Blondies. Several can be made Dairy Free, and I tried and enjoyed all of them! 🍕 @pillsbury has NEW Certified GF and Dairy Free Pizza mix for only $1.98! 😳 🤤 @cybelesfreetoeat has new Certified GF and Vegan mini crunchy cookies in 2 flavors. Also oat free and top 9 free! 🌮 NEW crispy @donleefarms Gluten Free Tacos are at Walmart now in 4 flavors. 🥜👩‍🍳 @hersheys now has Cinnamon and Special Dark Chocolate chips 🍓 @eatenlightened has NEW frozen yogurt bark in 3 flavors, and we’ve liked em!! Gluten Free, Low Carb & Low Sugar. 🍞 @bfreefoods has Certified GF & Vegan Sourdough As always, all products included are labeled gluten free but read ingredients to make sure they fit YOUR dietary needs! 🫶 And follow me (@collegeceliackc) for even more new gluten free product alerts, store round ups, gluten free humor and more. 🥰 What’s the best Walmart find you’ve made lately? Or your fave gluten free treat or easy eats lately? 🤤👇 . . . . . #walmartfinds #walmarthaul #dairyfreeglutenfree #glutenfreebread #glutenfreesandwich #glutenfreekids #glutenfreesnacks #glutenfreedinner #nowheat #glutenfreebrownies #celiacfriendly #glutenfreekids #glutenfreetreats #celiacsdisease #glutenfreefoods #glutenfreeeating #glutenfreelife #glutenfreemeals #chickennuggets #glutenfreefinds #glutenfreebreakfast

If you’ve ever been taken less seriously because celiac isn’t anaphylactic or “visible”…you’re not alone. 🙃🫶 And imo, one of the best gifts a celiac or gluten free eater could receive is not being judged for: 👉 What we do and don’t feel safe eating (even if you know someone else with celiac/gluten sensitivity who was “fine” eating it) 👉 What precautions we take /request when eating out — and if we feel comfortable going to a restaurant in the first place 🤷‍♀️ 👉 How we explain our dietary needs to others (ex: saying “gluten allergy” when ordering at a restaurant with celiac cuz allergies are often more widely understood/respected) 👉 Who we feel comfortable trusting to cook for us (or not trusting anyone else at all 🤷‍♀️) And cuz I know some are going to say celiacs shouldn’t eat out if they can’t trust workers to not make them sick…we don’t just walk into any restaurant and demand gf options. 🙄 We often spend hours researching safe places, or are put in situations where we don’t choose the restaurant and need to make the best of it. 🤷‍♀️ And we have the right to ask for simple accommodations like changing gloves or getting fresh ingredients from the back that allow us to eat safely at restaurants (especially if this restaurant promotes gf options in the first place)‼️ Because we are also humans with busy lives…and sometimes we just don’t have time or energy to prep every single thing we eat. 🤷‍♀️ What would you add to your gluten free 2024 wishlist? Or have you ever been judged for the precautions you need to take to eat safely? 🤔👇 Video inspired by real events (AKA, an ex’s toxic mom who said I was being “extra” when asking for a dedicated fryer, separate prep area, etc for my gluten free order at the restaurant dinner she wanted 🙄🤦‍♀️). . . . . . #glutenfree #glutenfreegirl #celiacdisease #celiac #celiacdiseaseawareness #celiacdiet #glutenfreelifestyle #glutenallergy #glutenintolerance #glutenfreedinner #glutenfreemeals #glutenanddairyfree #celiaclife #glutenfreefamily #foodallergyawareness #nogluten #foodallergylife #glutensensitivity #coeliacawareness #celiachia #glutenfreerestaurants

Ad: Watch to the end for 7 New & Seasonal Gluten Free treats at @sprouts now — including @goodflourco’s Gluten Free & Allergy-Friendly mixes! 😍😋 More deets 👇 @goodflourco’s Artisan Fried Chicken & Artisan Fried Fish is now at @sprouts, and I love that they’re not only gluten free, but also allergy friendly and super easy to use! 👏 (They are also Certified Gluten Free, Top 10 Allergen Free & Oat Free — lookout for the certification label on new bags in 2024! 🥳) And you can find many other Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly @goodflourco mixes — from tempura to pancakes to cake — on their website. 😍 And while you’re at Sprouts, also look out for: 🍩 @katzglutenfree seasonal peppermint creme cakes — Certified Gluten Free & Dairy Free 🧀 @feelgoodfoods Certified GF mozzarella sticks with a new recipe and packaging design 🍪 NEW @scharglutenfree Certified Gluten Free cookies 🥨 @quinnsnacks NEW almond butter and pizza filled pretzels — Certified Gluten Free & Vegan 🍎🍩 @freedomglutenfree seasonal apple cider donuts — Certified Gluten Free & Dairy Free 🍫 Certified Gluten Free Butter Toffee from the @sprouts brand As always, all products are labeled gluten free but please read ingredients to ensure they meet your dietary needs. 🫶 And find even more gluten free reviews, round ups and celiac humor at @collegeceliackc — including a fried chicken sandwich recipe using @goodflourco! Would you be more excited to make gluten free fried chicken or battered fish? Or which of these gluten free finds would make it into your cart? 🤔👇 . . . . . #sproutsfarmersmarket #groceryhaul #glutenfreedonuts #glutenfreefriedchicken #glutenfreedairyfree #glutenfreepretzels #glutenfreesandwich #celiackids #glutenfreefollowme #celiacfriendly #glutenfreecookies #glutenfreedesserts #glutenfreesweets #glutenfreechocolate #glutenfreechristmas #celiac #glutenfreesnacks #glutenfreefinds #glutenfreefamily #glutenfreecake #mozzarellasticks

Did you know that in the US, foods with barley malt contain gluten but NOT wheat — so they won’t have a “contains wheat” warning⁉️ Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. 🫶 And friendly reminder to double check any candy/drinks/etc you may receive over the holidays for 👉 wheat, barley, rye, spelt (and oats generally unless certified GF / purity protocol)! 👈 Some examples of foods that appear gluten free but actually aren’t because of malt 👇 🍫 Truffles, Milky Way, Crunch Chocolate, etc. “Crispy rice” often indicates malted rice as an FYI. 🍋🍸 Malt beverages like this Smirnoff Iced Pink Lemonade. It’s GF in other countries but contains malt in the US & France. Smirnoff’s website only states Smirnoff Vodka is gluten free in the US 😋 Rice Crispy Treats 🚨 Please share this post if you know someone gluten free who may make this easy mistake. 🙏 And you can find tons of gluten free product reviews & round ups on my page @collegeceliackc! 🥰 Including swaps for ALL these like @scharglutenfree Certified GF truffles, Certified GF rice crispy treats from @blakesseedbased or @walmart’s great value brand, etc! 😋 I hope you have an amazing Christmas with plenty of yummy gf treats. 🫶 I’m so grateful for every one of you, and so appreciate the sweet holiday DMs I’ve gotten over the last few days. 🥹 . . . . . #glutenfreefoods #glutened #celiacs #glutenfreekids #glutenfreeliving #glutenintolerant #glutenallergy #glutenfreeproblems #celiacliving #celiacfood #gluten #celiacdiseasewarrior #glutenfreediet #celiacawareness #celiacdiet #glutenfreeproblems #celiac #maltbeverage #glutenfreeblog #glutenfreeeats #glutenfreedessert #gfdiet #glutenfreechocolate

Jokes aside, who honestly would be down to just receive all their fave gluten free products — or just some $$ for gluten free groceries in general — for the holidays? 😅🙋‍♀️ Prices legit be wild these days, especially for gluten free. 😭 But you can find some of my fave cheaper swaps at my story highlights at @collegeceliackc — plus tons of gluten free last-minute holiday food recc’s. If you could win a YEAR’S WORTH of one gluten free product, what would you want it to be??? A couple of mine would @LiveOwyn cookies & cream protein shakes, @scharglutenfree ciabatta, @canyonglutenfree mountain white bread and @katzglutenfree poptarts. 😋 . . . . . #glutenfree #glutenfreememes #glutenfreelife #celiacawareness #glutenfreegroceries #celiac #celiacdiseasestruggles #celiacs #coeliac #glutenfreechristmas #glutenfreefoodie #celiaclife #celiacdiet #glutenfreeeats #glutenfreedairyfree #foodallergy #ryangosling #ryangoslingedit

If you have celiac or need to eat gluten free and can get sick from cross contamination — and especially if you’re going to any holiday parties this weekend 🎄— you can prob relate. 🤣😅🫣 That’s why I’ll honestly load up my plate immediately when food is served (if I’m even eating any of the food at the party anyway 🤷‍♀️) so I don’t have to worry about watching for any cross contact issues that happen later on. 😅 And if you are doing any gluten & gluten free Christmas meals, highly recommend serving yourself FIRST so if anyone puts a gluteny spoon into a gluten free dish, you already got your fill! 👌 Do you usually bring your own food, eat before/after or serve yourself first at any social events or parties with food?? 🤔 Or what yummy gf foods are you looking forward to this holiday weekend?? Would love to hear 👇 I brought @wholly_gf’s NEW Certified GF & Vegan cookie skillet in my checked bag so me + my bf’s gluten free sis can enjoy it on Christmas! 😂✈️ Stay tuned for a full review of the cookie skillet at @collegeceliackc. 😉😋 . . . . . #glutenfreelife #glutenfreefoods #glutenfreeblogger #foodallergies #foodallergycheck #glutenfreediet #glutenfreefood #glutenfreesnacks #celiacdiet #celiaclife #celiacs #celiacdisease #noglutennoproblem #celiacsafe #celiacproblems #glutened #foodallergyawareness #celiacsofig #glutenfreefollowme #gffood #glutenfreechristmas

If you need some last-minute holiday gluten free foods or treats, I got chu. 😉🤶 More deets on all these NEW + FAVE GLUTEN FREE FINDS 👇 🤯 @wholefoodssnacks just found ready-to-bake gluten free cinnamon rolls by @heavenlycakesbypharez at @wholefoods so keep an eye out! Also soy free, egg free and nut free. 🍪🏠 @littlegfchefs Certified Gluten Free, Vegan and Allergy-Friendly Gingerbread House Kits are still at some @sprouts! If you prefer to order from @littlegfchefs website, use affiliate code CASEY for 10% off. 🥰 😍💯 if you haven’t tried @cappellos ready-to-bake biscuits, they’re life changing. I get at @Sprouts & Whole Foods. 🥧 Certified Gluten Free & Dairy Free PREMADE PASTRY DOUGH is new at @target and part of their Favorite Day line! It’s still rolling into stores so keep an eye out in the refrigerated section of yours. 👀 Shoutout to @kcostello6 for the pic! 🥰 😋 @amylufoods has cranberry jalapeño meatballs at @costco now, perf for the holidays. 👩‍🍳 @missjonesbakes has several new Gluten Free holiday mixes at @walmart now and the cranberry white chocolate blondies were our surprise fave. The toffee blondies & peppermint brownies also good tho. 😋 🍞 @aleiasgf stuffing still at @wholefoods! Certified GF & Dairy Free. 🍒 @katzglutenfree has several Certified GF & Dairy Free pies muffins at @sprouts for the holidays, including cherry, apple and blueberry! Follow @collegeceliackc for even more gluten free new product alerts, store round ups and gluten free humor. 😎 I’d also love to hear about other gluten free products you’re loving lately or what you’re most excited to eat this holiday weekend! 👇👇 . . . . . #groceryhaul #certifiedglutenfree #dairyfreeglutenfree #celiacfood #celiacs #glutenfreepie #glutenallergy #glutenfreesnacks #gingerbreadhouse #glutenfreechristmas #glutenfreebiscuits #glutenfreebread #cinnamonrolls #glutenfreelifestyle #glutenfreebaking #celiac #whatceliacseat #glutenfreefoodshare #glutenfreedessert #glutenfreedinner #celiacfriendly #whatceliacseat

As soon as I’ve packed enough gluten free food to last me a week + researched all the celiac friendly restaurants where we’re going, I’m *very* chill 😇🤣 Who can relate?? But really — if you’re traveling for the holiday weekend, here are some of my fave travel-friendly snacks and hacks 👇 🍗 A lunchbox with my back-up meal of a @bfreefoods wrap filled with chicken, @bitchinsauce and veggies in case I don’t find any good options at the airport 🍫🥨 @nugonutrition certified gf and vegan chocolate pretzel protein bars (affiliate link in bio for 10% off your first variety pack) 😋 @legendaryfoods gluten free protein poptarts, @MunkPack bars and @Chomps turkey sticks ☕️ @bigelowtea (ask for hot water at a coffee shop or on the plane!), @GoUltima electrolytes and @princeofpeacegingerchews for tummy support 🍜 Gluten free oatmeal and soup cups for more eating. Just ask for boiling water to add. 🐟 Tuna, microwave rice packets ajd gluten free rolls/bagels (@canyonglutenfree brioche rolls, @odoughs rolls, @scharglutenfree ciabatta are a few faves) 👉 Pro tip: pack your food in clear plastic bags so TSA can easily see them if needed. 👈 What gluten free foods do you always bring with you when traveling or just leaving the house?? Would love to hear 👇 . . . . . #glutenfree #celiacawareness #celiacproblems #celiaclife #glutenallergy #glutenfreediet #celiacdisease #glutenfreetravel #celiactravel #glutenfreebagels #glutenfreegirl #celiacdisease #celiacsofig #glutenfreelifestyle #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreetreats #glutenfreesnacks #glutenintolerance #glutenfreetips #glutenfreesnacks #celiacdiseaseawareness

Did you know all these @reeses cups are labeled gluten free on the back⁉️ Including their NEW Caramel Reese’s now at stores nationwide! 😋 Here’s my breakdown of all 3 👇 🤤🍫 Caramel — lots of caramel (more than I expected!) and good pb to caramel ratio. I like better than regular Reese’s but miss some crunch…would be a 10/10 if gf pretzels or potato chips were added. 8.2/10 now. 🥨🍫 Pretzel — lots of crunchy pretzel pieces throughout, and it gets extra points for being a rare flavor to find gluten free. 8.7/10. 🥣🍫 Reese’s Puffs — love the crunchy puffs throughout and the nostalgia factor. 7.9/10 (Note: the cereal itself has no gluten ingredients but is not labeled gf, compared to the candy. So if you feel comfy eating the cereal on its own is up to you). What’s a food that surprised you by being gluten free — or which @reeses flavor are you most excited to try? 🤔👇 PS — find even more gluten free product recc’s, taste tests, restaurant reviews and more at @collegeceliackc on TikTok & IG. 🥰 . . . . . #glutenfreeeating #glutenfreesweets #glutenfreelife #glutenfreefoodie #glutenfreefinds #glutenfreediet #celiacfood #gffoodie #glutenfreefoods #nowheat #glutenallergy #noglutennoproblem #glutenintolerant #newproductalert #glutenfreepretzels #celiacdiet #celiac #glutenfreechocolate #glutenfree #glutenfreeproducts #gffoodie

Anyone else’s partner/family/friends do this? 🤣 Or would you consider this fun — or low-key torture? 😅 Now that I’ve been gluten free for 10 years, I honestly find pleasure (most times) in watching loved ones enjoy yummy gluteny food cuz if I can’t eat it, at least someone can. 🤷‍♀️😂 BUT I do always make sure I have my own safe treats on hand so I don’t feel totally deprived. And if you are missing baked goods, here are a couple of my fave gluten free baked goods brands in stores nationwide 👇 🍩 @FreedomGlutenFree donuts at @Sprouts — Certified GF, Dairy Free 🧁 @KatzGlutenFree cupcakes, cream cakes, donuts, cinnamon rolls, poptarts & more at Sprouts, @target, @Walmart, @WholeFoods and more. All Certified GF & Dairy Free. 🍪 @betterbites_bakery Certified GF & Top 9 Free cookie dough bites, cakes, cupcakes and more at Sprouts, Super Target, Natural Grocers, Safeway, etc. 🍫 @flax4life has Certified GF, Dairy Free & Nut Free cookies, brownies, muffins and granola at Whole Foods, Safeway, Sprouts and more. And you can find tons more gluten free recc’s, product reviews, celiac humor and more at @collegeceliackc here & on IG. 🥰 What’s the best gluten free treat you’ve eaten this week?? 🤔 Mine was prob @mainepieco’s mini blueberry pie! 😋 . . . . . #glutenfreelife #glutenfreefood #glutenfreedessert #celiac #glutenfreelifestyle #celiacdisease #ibslife #celiacsofig #celiacawareness #glutenfreecake #relationshipgoals #gluten #relationshipmemes #datingmemes #ibsdiet #glutenfreefollowme #foodallergylife #glutenfreegirl #celiaclifestyle #celiacfoodie #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreecookies

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When First Going Gluten Free

When you get a celiac diagnosis and need to go gluten free, changing your entire diet can feel overwhelming - especially if your health is suffering due to celiac disease symptoms. So to help any of celiac newbies or new gluten free eaters, I’m sharing five common mistakes I often hear about when people go gluten free. And if you are still feeling worse after eating gluten free for a few weeks or months, that is definitely a sign to NOT make mistake #4... Going Gluten Free, Many in the gluten free and celiac community advocate for people just going gluten free to stick to naturally gluten free foods, and this does have its benefits.

Gluten Free Vegan Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

So when I had some extra beans on my hands thanks to 8 Track Foods, I decided to finally experiment with using black beans in vegan chocolate chip cookies. How to Make Your Vegan Double Chocolate Chip Cookies with Black Beans Pour the black bean puree in with your vegan egg, and then add all of the other ingredients, including a handful of chocolate chips. To help the cookies bake optimally, use your tablespoon to slightly flatten/spread out the batter of each cookie (compared to leaving the batter as scooped balls in the tray).Finally, pop your trays in the oven for around 18-20 minutes. These cookies will not rise very much because of the lack of egg and flour, but they will spread out and puff up some!Lately, I’ve been loving these gluten free double chocolate chip cookies with yogurt, nut butter and berries as a sweet late-night snack.

Tell Me You Have a Chronic Illness...Without Telling Me You Have a Chronic Illness

And if you're dating someone chronically ill or have chronically ill friends or loved ones, here's the "why" behind some of our stranger behavior! You worry that new friends may think you're flaky since they don't understand why you need to cancel plans last-minute. Your friends and family know "special" terms like "flare up," "glutened," or "low on spoons. Friends or family ask you for medical advice before they ask their doctor.

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