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Love roasted US grown sunflower seeds? You'll love SunButter. We make delicious sunflower butter top 8 food allergen free in a dedicated facility.

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SunButter No Bake Protein Bars

These No Bake Protein Bars are one my new favorite recipes that can be thrown together in just minutes, plus, it only uses your microwave and refrigerator! (sunflower kernels, pumpkin seeds, raisin, dried apple, chocolate chips and dried cranberries) – Chocolate drizzle Directions: 1. Elizabeth DiBurro is a food allergy mom and is the author of EBL Food Allergies. She shares allergy friendly recipes, parenting inspiration, and tips for living with food allergies and eosinophilic esophagitis – EoE.

Living an Active Lifestyle with Food Allergies

In fact, until I met my peanut butter and chocolate loving husband, I didn’t even eat a peanut filled candy bar. Now while I was running the Half Marathon and training for them, I could eat a bar or a banana before the race and have plenty of fuel to see me through. I made SunButter Cups (recipe coming soon), SunButter Pad Thai, SunButter smoothies and so much more. Smitha Arons, author of the blog, Running with SD Mom, is an active mom who shares her love for running and loving in San Diego, while managing numerous food allergies.

How My Daughter’s Peanut Allergy Helped Us Discover a Cleaner, Greener Lifestyle

The discovery of my daughter’s peanut allergy over eight years ago kicked me into immediate obsessive label reading mode. I am no longer able to just grab something on-the-go for my daughter to eat without researching first whether she is able to eat there or not, and trips to the grocery store have become much more intense as I literally put on my reading glasses and read every single label, checking for ingredient and allergen warning updates, and looking for new products that she may be able to try. I never mind the extra research and planning that it takes to feed my daughter, and here’s why… Being an allergy mom has taught me an enormous, invaluable amount of information about what it takes to keep my family healthy. But then I became pregnant with my first born (my daughter who has the severe peanut allergy) and things started to shift slightly.

5 Kid-Friendly SunButter Sandwiches

All of these sandwiches are nut-free, egg-free, dairy-free and sesame-free, and they can easily be made gluten-free. You can easily cut a waffle sandwich in halves or quarters and stick it in a lunchbox with other healthy sides for a great school lunch. Just add your favorite fillings like jelly, jam or fruit and use cookies cutters to make fun shapes with your sandwich bread. Even though the traditional SunButter and jelly sandwich is a great option, I like to add unique ingredients to my sandwiches.

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