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Swiping is so 2000s 👀 – instead of texting for weeks, get matched on a phone date and see if you vibe 😘 . Try @theblinkdate 🔥link in bio to join the waitlist. . #cuffingseason #singleinnyc #nycsingles #singleinbrooklyn #singlememes #single #fyp #nycfoodies #sponsored #lovelanguage #attachmentstyles #relationshipadvice

📣COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: We had a great time meeting with @bbbsnyc at their first IRL #Latino bigs meetup! - Their goal is to get more Latino New Yorkers involved in the mentorship of NYC youth as a Big Brother or Big Sister. - Here at @ciaooomag, we’re passionate about making NYC a better place through community efforts. Who else should we feature? Tag them in the comments below! #community #newyorkcity

Cuffing Season is upon us! Steer clear of red flags 🚩and check out our trusty guide to better love, sex, and dating in NYC via the link in bio. 🔥 . Comment a red flag below! . #datinginnyc #datingadvice #datingmemes

Over 1 million unmarked graves. This is Hart Island - you couldn’t PAY us to come close to this place.💀 This is the premise for a great horror movie where HS students come to explore and wind up encountering every sort of zombie possible. . HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! 🎃 . #nychistory #retroaesthetic #retro #retronyc #historylover #historicalsnapshots #newyorkvintage #vintagenewyork #historygram #funfact #dyk #didyouknow #themoreyouknow #learnsomethingnew #StayWellNYC #iLoveNY #humansofnyc #onenewyork 📝 source: the confessionals podcast

🎃Highlights from yesterday’s Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade. Which costume is your fave?! Tag a dog lover! Photo cred: @falcore #Halloween #tompkinssquarehalloweendogparade #dogparade

🐀Mayor Adams announced a new directive for trash pick-ups no earlier than 8 pm starting this Spring! Hell hath no fury like garbage day on a hot summer street…amirite? . #nycsanitation #nyclitter #nycclean #dsny #nyczerowaste #wastemanagement #composting

👀 #didyouknow Last month, @govkathyhochul announced a new executive order to fight climate change! . 🤩 link in bio to read about ✨WHAT IS NEW YORK DOING? ✨WHAT IS HAPPENING IN 2030? ✨AND WHAT ABOUT ACROSS THE NATION? . #ciaooonews #ciaooony #nycnews #govhochul #didyouknow #cleanenergy #pennystocks #renewableenergy #history #recycling #carbonemissions #nycinfluencer

🏃🏽‍♀️💨 The beta online application to apply for Student Loan Forgiveness is up! 🔥 Apply now before it officially launches. If you submit an application during this period, it will be processed when the site officially launches. 🗓Applications close Dec. 31, 2023 . Tag your homie to let them know! 🔗 APPLICATION is in the link in bio. . #studentloan #studentloanforgiveness #studentdebt #fafsa #nycnews #ciaoooupdates

Good news & Bad news 🧐 . Bad news: Here are the unlucky folks who aren't getting pardoned: 🏙 if they're facing state cannabis charges 🧳 individuals who were not lawfully present in the USA at the time of their offense 🤖 this pardon will not have any effect on marijuana possession offenses occurring after October 6, 2022. . Good news: Recently elected Mayor Adams has chosen native #newyorker @dasheedadawson as New York City’s first cannabis director. 🔥 Dasheeda and her team will help shift NYC illegal market into a thriving lawful one. . Drop a 💚 in the comments if you want the scoop on WTF is happening in NYC 🐦 . #cannabisequity #racialequity #nycnews

Now, they’ve promised the court that no #studentloan debt will be discharged under the debt relief plan until at least October 23rd. 🤮 . Click the 🔔 to be notified for #ciaoooupdates via instagram . or sign up for the newsletter for #nycnews straight to your inbox 📰📲 link in bio

Are New Yorkers rich…or just financially irresponsible? . Tap the link in bio to read more 💸

🙄 Oh look, yet another activity you won’t be doing when your friends visit from out of town. . This is the first time the Crown will be reopened to the public after being shut down due to COVID in 2020. . COVID really took a toll on all of us, even badass #ladyliberty took a break!  As we head into Fall, don't forget to be kind to yourself. . love you! 💕 . #ciooonyc #selfcare #nycstrong

A more important season is upon us, even more important than cuffing season..#votingseason ! This is the first election where we’ll only see two candidates, current Democratic governor Kathy Hochul @govkathyhochul versus Republican Lee Zeldin @repleezeldin. 🔗link in bio to read WHAT’S AT RISK? #abortionrights #midtermelections #covidnyc . #ciaoooupdates #ciaooonyc #nyc

😳 update: The Biden administration has agreed to hold off forgiving any federal student loans until at least Oct. 17 . We'll definitely be giving you the deets in the upcoming WTF is happening in NYC newsletter. . 🔗 LINK IN BIO to stay in the loop . #ciaoooupdates #nyc #ciaooonyc

🤦‍♂️ To top it off, if you used covid as a reason to place your ballot in the past they would void the ballot and ask you to reapply IF granted. . 🧐 What are your thoughts on the absentee ballot? . #updatesbyciaooo #ciaooonyc

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