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Global home bartending competition on Instagram. Since launching in 2018, we've:

  • Grown social following to over 40,000
  • Generated 13,000 posts on our #homebarawards hashtag
  • Partnered with brands like Luxardo, WhistlePig Whiskey, Fortessa Barware, Cocktail Kingdom, Reclamation Etchworks, Sertodo Copper, and Jet Chill Systems
  • Partnered with industry influencers like Sother Teague (Amor y Amargo), Jack McGarry (Dead Rabbit), Charles Joly (Aviary), Amanda Colom (Bad Birdy)
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Rosita Blanca (📸: @sheepishjen) • I have about three minutes to write this up and post it - my @homebarawards April entry! . . The idea is to highlight the wonderful bartenders who amaze and inspire us, especially during this time of The Great Pause when so many bars and their employees are in a very precarious situation. . . . So. Not having a local bar near me, I turned to a mixologist and managing partner at Kester Thomas in Copenhagen. My friend Sarah @gin_loving_ginger often posts cocktails and experiences from this amazing bar and it is my dream to go there one day. .. . . Erwan Le Bonniec kindly provided me the recipe for his Rosita Blanca, a clean and lean serve that he created as his interpretation of the “Ice Flower” painting on display at the bar’s art exhibition. . . With just a couple of days to spare, I even managed to source the exact tequila that he recommended. . . . It’s true that I often stir up dark and boozy numbers, but this light and yet complex serve has stolen my heart. Thank goodness for Drinkstagram and the inspiration we get from each other all across the globe! . . . ROSITA BLANCA by @its_all_about_the_grape 🐑40 ml Tequila Ocho 🐑30 ml Lillet Blanc 🐑10 ml Suze 🐑Build in an Old Fashioned glass, add ice and stir. Garnish with an orange slice. • #cocktailporn #spirits #mixologist #craftcocktails #imbibegram #tequila

Black Treasure (📸: @pep_bar1) • For the April 2020 @homebarawards challenge, Bartender’s Choice, I DM @elvisjrosario (from @misterfrenchnyc and @laslapnyc ) and said,"let me get a stirred savory cocktail," and he quickly responded, “Let me think about it” and in less than a min he sent me the ingredients and super easy instructions to make the delectable cocktail that @jdtmmm8 named Black Treasure. - ** Black Treasure ** - 2 Oz Blended Scotch - 3/4 Oz Dolin Rouge - 1/2 Oz Punt e mes - 1/2 Oz Luxardo Maraschino 2 Dashes Orange bitters Black Molasses - Stir all ingredients except the molasses. Pour Molasses to the bottom of the glass, add the rest. If you like, all tips go to @elvisjrosario, Cheers! #homebarawards • #cocktailgram #imbibegram #cocktails #spirits #bartender #scotch

Breakfast Boulevardier (📸: @bespokebitters) • This is our first time submitting a cocktail to @homebarawards. This month’s challenge is “Bartender’s Choice”: reach out to a local bartender, tell them what you like, and then THEY create a delicious mouth-watering cocktail that you recreate. We reached out to @stuart.jensen for help with our submission. Stuart is a bartender/owner of @brasstacksbar, @curiobar, and @rogersliquidoasis in the Denver area. Stuart was the perfect person to collaborate with. He took the time to listen to what we like and was thoughtful regarding choosing ingredients that we already had in our house so we wouldn’t have to go out while Denver is still sheltering in place. . BREAKFAST BOULEVARDIER . 1.5 oz @elijahcraig bourbon .75 oz coconut @campariofficial muddled with toasted coconut .5 oz sweet vermouth .5 oz cold brew concentrate 1 dash @bespokebitters Root Beer Bitters 1 dash saline . Stir with ice and serve over a large cube with an expressed orange garnish. . . If you like the drink, please consider visiting Brass Tacks, Curio, or Roger’s Liquid Oasis. Cheers! • #cocktails #drinkstagram #liqpic #craftcocktails #homebartender #bourbon #whiskey

Over the Banks (📸: @alchemyandatwist) • For April's #homebarawards we were to reach out to a favorite bartender whom would then provide us with a "bartender's choice" cocktail recipe based on our preferences. I don't live in NY but I was fortunate to connect with @creativedrunk and while I haven't been able to get to Amor y Amargo, I've been a fan of his and turn to #IJHFTD often for inspiration and ideas. I consider myself an easy customer and gave a range of guidelines. I wanted something dry that could include any or all of the following: gin, rye, amari, and mezcal. What he sent nailed everything perfectly. I especially love that it combined spirits, which I don't often do myself, but something he said he does often at AyA. The combination of Old Tom, mezcal, amari is this great blend and balance of flavors. It perfectly captures something I would want to order and what he's famous for. For good measure, and science of course, I've had several of these already since getting the recipe. I also appreciate that he provided ingredient alternatives; below is what I used but in parenthesis is what he originally recommended. I made do with what I have and psyched to share this with everyone. Over the Banks - 1 oz Old Tom Gin - I used @vitaespirits - .75 Sfumato (Don Ciccio Rabarbaro) - .5 oz Mezcal - I used @fidencio.spirits - .5 oz Punt e Mes (Mancino Ross) - .25 oz Cassis (Riga Black Currant) - 2 dashes Smoked Fig & Tea Bitters (Figgy Pudding Bitters) - Stir, rocks, and orange twist (tonight I used lemon) For those who can, make sure to support your favorite bars and bartenders. You can tip Sother Teague direct via Venmo, support the entire East Village group via gofundme by looking up Friends & Family of 6th & A. And you can purchase a t-shirt and/or pin set from @cocktailkingdom where proceeds are going direct to the establishments. In particular right now funds will go to support the family of a long-time AyA employee who passed away today due to complications from COVID-19. • #drinkup #mixology #drinkstagram #drinks #mixologist #gin #mezcal

Lychee Symphony (📸: @floating_cocktails) • This month challenge @homebarawards is all about "BARTENDER'S CHOICE". The perfect way to support your favorite brands/bars and bartenders in this difficult situation (Covid-19). . BARTENDER'S CHOICE . 🍹LYCHEE SYMPHONY🍹 *40 ml dry gin @loopuyt_gin *20 ml kwai feh lychee liqueur @dekuypercocktails *20 ml lemon juice *15 ml homemade honey syrup with a herbal touch (thyme) *5 dashes saline solution (100ml water, 8 g salt) . Add all ingredients to shaker and shake well (15 sec), strain in chilled coupe glass and garnish with orange peel 🍊. . Full - bodied @loopuyt_gin with semi - sweet lychee liqueur. Add some thyme at the homemade honey syrup for a herbal touch which goes very well with lychee. Saline solution will boost the lychee flavour! It will reduce bitterness while enhancing the sweet, citrus flavours. . . . Why this reshake (pic 9-10)? It's made by @marielouise_loopuyt (Marie Louise Taal, pic 7-8), brandambassador and bartender @loopuyt_gin. Female power behind the bar during Loopuyt events and awesome speakeasy sessions 😍! It's all cancelled due to Covid-19! But team Loopuyt stay strong 💪🏼 . A couple of weeks ago they had a virtual (livestream) bingo with delicious @loopuyt_gin goodies to win! Awesome virtual event! Love your endless creativity guys! 😘😍! . . Thank you much for your time and cooperation @marielouise_loopuyt 🤗😘❤️! • #gin #cheers #craftcocktails #greatdrink #cocktailgram #cocktailtime

Paper(ish) Plane (📸: @theginquest) • Home Bar Awards Submission 🏆 (Ad/Reklame due to brand mentions) @homebarawards The rules for April's Homebar Awards: 1. Reach out to one of your favorite bartenders - local if possible 2. They give you guidelines / recipe based on your drink preferences 3. You recreate that drink and tag the bartender/bar in your submission I reached out to Erwan @its_all_about_the_grape who's definitely my favorite bartender at his own bar "Kester Thomas" - @kesterthomascph A champagne and cocktail bar in inner Copenhagen. We talked back and forth and I sent him pictures of all my mixers, garnish types etc. After a little bit of thinking Erwan wanted me to recreate his Paper Plan(ish) cocktail which is a gin based riff on Sam Ross' M.I.A Paper Plane which has references to Last Word and fits my drink preferences very well! I enjoyed Erwans version at a Last Word cocktail event. His version is with a barrel aged gin, Aperol, Amaro Lucano and lemon. I have a Lot of different aged gins and after a little talk we ended up with the delicious (and sweet) Barr Hill Reserve Tom Cat gin. Beside that Erwan wanted me to use Danish Aperitivo from Nohrlund, Ramazotti and lemon. So here's my riff on a riff on a riff guided by Erwan: Paper(ish) Plane 3 cl Barr Hill Reserve Tom Cat 2,5 cl Aperitivo from Danish Nohrlund 2 cl Ramazotti 2 cl lemon juice Shake everything with lots of ice and double strain into your favorite glassware. Preferably a Nick and Nora glass. Serve with snacks and think back to all the good times at your favorite bar. Gin: @barrhillgin Aperitivo: @nohrlund Amaro: @ramazzotti • #bartender #nowdrinking #cocktailsofinstagram #spirits #homebar #gin #amaro

Got Your Goat (📸: @cocktail_consultant) • Hello Drinksta!! 👋🏻 My entry for this month’s @homebarawards theme! 🔸 G o t Y o u r G o a t - 45ml / 1 1/2oz De Zwarte Man ‘Pure Malt Genever’ - 30ml / 1oz Crème de Mûre - 15ml / 1/2oz Amaro Lucano - 3 drops Vanilla Tincture - 2 dash Orange bitters - 1 dash Cherry bitters 🔸 Stir / strain / up G: Expressed Orange peel & garnished 🔸 Last day for the HomeBarAwards theme for April! ‘Bartender’s Choice’ In these crazy COVID-19 times we show our support by reshaking or in my case re-stirring drinks of a bartender of our choice. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do. I wanted a bartender that fitted my way of thinking 💭 . I chose ‘Sother Teague’ (@creativedrunk) from @amoryamargo because of the culinary way he approaches cocktails. I often try to do that myself, by infusions or using crazy ingredients like ‘Ketjap Manis’ in cocktails. Maybe some herbs 🌿 or tea or any other weird stuff that is more commonly used in the kitchen, rather then in drinks. 🙂 . So I asked Mr. Teague if he could provide me with a recipe, spirit forward with genever (because you all know, I have a thing with genever 😅), complex, bitter, ... After some time, I got tagged in a recipe called ‘Got your goat’. It’s a beautiful mix of bitters, dark forest fruit flavours, pure malt and hints of citrus & cherry. 🤤 . I didn’t have Mirto so I swapped for Crème de Mûre, I went for Cherry 🍒 bitters & a vanilla tincture instead of cherry bark/vanilla bitters & as last I changed the quina by Amaro Lucano. The result was mind blowing 🤯... Thank you Mr. Teague for the inspo! . Drinksta, E n j o y Y o u r D a y. Cheers! And stay safe! • #liquor #mixology #booze #alcohol #greatdrink #bitters #genever

Sea-Foam Dreams (📸: @wisecraft_mixology) • For this month’s @homebarawards, the goal was - bartenders choice - so we were charged to team up with a professional bartender, learn about his/her favorite creation, and then for us to make and capture it ourselves. I knew immediately the person I wanted to team up with - Matt aka @whiskeyandwags. I met him at @iceplantbar in February while I was in town for business, and I spent nearly three hours talking with him, sampling a few of his creative cocktails, and seeing his passion for excellence within hospitality and mixology. His partner - @a.little.small - worked there as well and she was also a delight to get to know. Matt was kind enough to share with me one of his most treasured recipes, and it is quite the flavorful delight! His description of this cocktail was a ‘mezcal gatorade’ served up, as it has the interplay of the smoke notes of the base spirit, the bright fruit flavors of the juices, and the brackish umami of the nori. And then there is the color - it really is so visually stunning by itself. I chose the black lava sea salt garnish on the glass to make the color even more appealing as the green and black highlight one another. So here is to Matt for his generosity of the recipe, but more importantly, to his desire to be the best at his craft. May all the hospitality workers find favor hope in the future and favor in the meantime. Cheers! __ Sea-Foam Dreams __ 1 1/2 ounces Mezcal @noblecoyote 1/2 ounce Gin @suntory_rokugin 3/4 ounce Pineapple juice 1/2 ounce infused agave 1/2 ounce Lime juice 1/2 ounce Grapefruit juice 2-5 drops Nori “saline” Blue Curacao for color __ For the nori agave: use one sheet of nori to one ounce of water and let it soak for 3 hours, then mix equal parts of the nori solution with agave. For the nori saline: reduce the nori-water solution above by 1/3 to concentrate the flavors. For the drink, add ingredients tougher in a shaker filled with ice and shake well. Double strain into a glass rimmed with black lava salt. Enjoy! • #mezcal #gin #nowdrinking #cocktailoftheday #cocktailculture #imbibegram #cocktails

Give Me My Romeo and When I Shall Die (📸: @shuttergirl5) • Bartenders Choice. I was pretty excited about this months challenge. Bartenders Choice is my favorite way to spend an evening, especially when I go and my first cocktail is in front of me before I am settled on my stool! I reached out to @lensedbycalvin from @suite114.to His response “Well considering you like mezcal, I’d do something fun based on that. So a split base of a joven mezcal and Romeos gin with a funky citrus like yuzu juice and a sweetener.” Not going to lie, I went through the entire bottle of Romeo’s playing with this one, first trying to get the gin/mezcal ratio right and then just playing with different sweetener/bitter combinations. Then just making it over and over again because Calvin was right this is exactly my kind of cocktail. . What I didn’t disclose to Calvin was the part about the tip. So @lensedbycalvin check your DM’s you earned this one hands down. . GIVE ME MY ROMEO AND WHEN I SHALL DIE . 2 oz @romeosgin .25 oz @sombramezcal .5 oz yuzu .5 oz sweet potato and smoked paprika syrup 3 dash @hellabittersandsoda smoked chilli bitter Smoke cinnamon stick for garnish . Shake, double strain into a coup and enjoy! . *** I had never worked with yuzu before and am so glad I did. I love the funky and astringent flavor. I also learned that if you can’t find yuzu, you can just let your lemon juice sit for a couple of days until it starts to go a bit astringent and it is a great substitution. I tired this while I was waiting for my online order to arrive, and definitely something I will go back to. • #drinkporn #cocktailculture #imbibe #homebar #spirits #gin

Bitter Paradise (📸: @gsxbar) • 1oz plantation pineapple rum 0.75oz Campari 0.5oz Sunora bacanora 0.5oz sweet vermouth 0.25oz passionfruit syrup 2 drops saline solution (20%) ............................................................ Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass, add ice, and stir for 25 revolutions. Strain into a rocks glass with a large ice cube. Garnish with an expressed and manicured orange peel. ............................................................ This cocktail is my submission for the @homebarawards April Contests. This month’s theme is bartenders choice, wherein you get some ideas for your recipe from a bartender whom you’d love to sit across a bar from. I hit up my buddy Jonathan Stanyard @thebittergringo, a phenomenal bartender from out in Seattle, and got to talking. After our little check-in we got to talking about what we would love to drink in the moment/in general and landed on a Daiquiri and a Negroni; sip the Negroni and knock back the Daiq. Jonathan was looking for something bitter, boozy, and bright which is where I drew my inspiration for this cocktail. Although we are stuck inside at the moment, I’m content trapped in my...Bitter Paradise • #drinkstagram #bartenderlife #homebartender #cocktailsofinstagram #booze #rum #campari

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