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"phony & boring" - the president of the united states

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Is Trump Above the Law? The Supreme Court Is About to Not Decide

Last week the U.S. Supreme Court rescheduled the oral arguments in three cases that will be heard together—a prelude to rendering a decision that could dramatically impact the future of the Trump presidency and even the Court itself. The third-party doctrine, long embraced by the Supreme Court, says that even the target of grand jury proceedings has no constitutional rights to oppose a governmental demand for records found in the hands of another person, especially when, as here, the records were created by the banks and accountants in the course of their business. In United States v. Nixon, the High Court ruled that President Nixon had to obey a trial subpoena for the White House tapes Nixon had secretly made in the Oval Office, recordings that included his conversations with certain aides then under indictment. The Supreme Court is very good at finding reasons why it doesn’t have to decide a case, and I expect Justice Roberts to do that with the House committees’ cases, forcing them to be returned to a lower court or requiring the subpoenas to be reissued, which will keep the committees from getting the records before November.

The Best Booze to Reignite the Roaring ’20s

From here on out, 2020 is all about drinking better and smarter and, with that in mind, here’s a list of beverages worth indulging in…Ideal for sipping on the rocks or blending into a zingy citrus-based cocktail (think yuzu, pink grapefruit or lemon), Maestro DOBEL Diamante is the world’s first clear, multi-aged tequila. Tantalising aromas of wild strawberries and raspberries with hints of vanilla characterise this unique champagne, which is enriched with eight per cent red wine from a 35-year-old Solera system. Alternatively, impress dinner party guests with a deceptively simple Moonlight Buck cocktail: Lunar, ginger ale and lemon juice, garnished with cucumber and a twist of lemon.£35, available from February 10 for a limited time only, An intense and elegant blend of 70 per cent Cabernet Sauvignon, 25 per cent Merlot and five per cent Petit Verdot, this velvety wine is the ultimate partner to dark chocolate truffles.

Inside Hollywood’s Disney-Fox Freakout

New alliances have been forged out of desperation, none of them bigger than the $71.3 billion acquisition, which was set to close last month, that saw the Walt Disney Company absorb the once indomitable Fox. With the deal closed, the Fox lot will soon become a rental space for Disney’s new film labels and the headquarters for New Fox, which will now include Fox Broadcasting, Fox News, and its TV stations. Other, smaller films initially slated to be part of Fox’s theatrical-release calendar are likely to be shuttled to Disney’s new streaming service, which is set to launch in late 2019. Fox Searchlight, the makers of such Oscar fare as The Favourite and Can You Ever Forgive Me? , will be getting a seat at the Disney table, as will Fox 2000, the home of book-to-film adaptations such as Love, Simon and The Hate U Give, and cable channels like FX Networks (The Americans, Atlanta) and Nat Geo, which just landed a best-documentary Oscar for Free Solo.

The Hollywood Version of Brexit: Why TV Writers and Their Agents Are Spoiling for a Fight

For the last month, Hollywood has percolated with anxiety over a brewing battle between two huge swaths of the entertainment industry: writers and agents. On April 6, the 43-year-old legal agreement that regulates business between TV and movie screenwriters and their talent agencies will terminate unless the two sides can forge a new agreement

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