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Trespass provides outdoor clothing for skiers, snowboarders, hikers, campers and all those who love an adventure.

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The Trespass Blog

Many Trespass products feature a range of fabric technologies that give them the fantastic protective properties they have. Here… Read More


Walking is the easiest form of exercise you can do, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do with some pointers that help you make the best out of this leisurely pursuit. Whether you’re just out for a casual stroll, a long hike or a hillwalking expedition, here you’ll find advice for powering through rainy days, difficult conditions and anything else you might come across. Read through our articles to familiarise yourself with the resources and equipment available to make all your walking an enjoyable, relaxing experience. This is your one stop for all things outdoors, from lifestyle picks to health and safety advice.

The Beginner’s Guide to Walking and Hiking

Look for a good waterproofness level combined with significant breathable properties, as this will help you stay fresh when you’re on the move – ideal for brisk treks and mountain climbs. A base layer will complete your gear for your upper half, wicking away moisture when you’re getting hot and sweaty from exerting yourself, yet still insulating your body heat when you’re cooler. Add a pair of quality walking boots to your outfit to make sure that your feet are able to tolerate the strains and stresses of walking long distances across diverse terrain. Always make sure that you tackle a peak or route you can handle with your current skill level – if you haven’t been hiking before, it isn’t a good idea to start with Ben Nevis or Snowdon.

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