Ziba Lennox

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Cofounder/fitness at @mazidancefitness. Let’s workout ⬇️ Chicago Lifestyle Blogger/Mama TikTok @dancingmamastyle dancingmamastyle@gmail.com

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I’ll take fake Spring any day 🥀For a pre-Spring outfit formula, I love long blazers over a mini hemline,tights and knee high flat boots! My cute little dainty handle handbag is super affordable. Comment LINK for LINKS 💘 #london #harrods #springstyle #classicstyle #fashioninspo #ootd #explore

I met this guy in the wee hours of a snowy morning 10 years ago. This kind soul made me a mom! The wildest ride I have ever been on. It’s almost like before him life was in black and white and I had no idea. And after is all the colors. 😍 As he turns 10, I can’t believe how time has flown and that when ever I have felt that I’m “crushing” being a mom, it’s not because I am but because he’s so easy on me. Always patient, as I figure it out since day one🥹. Happy birthday my sweet, funny dream boy💘! #boymom #momlife #motherhood #momstyle #relatable #explore #mumlife

Pear or ⌛️shape? Do this! If you’re like me and are bottom heavier, it’s easy to look frumpy or wider if you don’t waist your outfits. Use the 100 hair ties around your wrist for good 😊How to ⬇️ 1) hair tie tuck- grab material in back and twist into “ponytail”, tuck into your bra. You can also do this on sides and tuck in there too. 2) style your sleeves to look polished! Use hair ties to roll up and have the sleeves stay so you can show off bracelets and watch, etc. Comment link for outfit! ❤️ #fashionhacks #styling #stylish #stylist #styletips #bodyshape #whattowear #explore

Pony sold separately 😉 For a classic winter to spring look, try this equestrian look! Appropriate for many different occasions, seasons and moods and always elegant. Comment link for outfit🖤 #classicstyle #elegant #london #ralphlauren #styleinspo #pinterest #explore #springstyle

*don’t worry* As I provide emotional support taps on the back. ❤️🙏❤️ PS why does Zara hit different abroad? 😏 #zara #chanel #couples #couplegoals #shopping #london #explore #relatable

Styling viral tee to fix it! Elevate any outfit with this square neck tee by @pumiey.us, currently wearing on repeat 😏 Comment LINK for the links, available in several colors, there’s a long sleeve version as well, wrinkle resistant, super soft! I am wearing an xs here. The square neck looks so elegant and a great way to show off your jewelry😍 #pumieypartner #tshirt #stylish #viral #outfitideas #springfashion #stylist #workwear

Nothing to wear? 😱Keep it simple! For outfit links comment LINKS ❤️ I love wide leg trousers that look dressy but feel like pajamas! 🥰 Black turtlenecks are easily one of my favorite items of clothing, seksi and modest at the same time 😱 My @demellierlondon Montreal is also THE perfect transitional bag that elevates any outfit! 🖤 A trench and teddy coat are also comfort clothes because they feel good, look elegant and never go out of style! #styleinspo #frenchgirl #chic #classicstyle #thisorthat #springfashion #fashiondaily #elegant

Pinterest DUP€ 🤠Is anyone else old enough to remember this campaign? Loved the 90’s Guess girls😍 Since I no longer live in TX, I’m adding a jacket to this look and buttoning my shirt since I don’t live in Miami! 😜 COMMENT Western for more ways to style your western boots! Belt and jacket @ralphlauren Boots @rockiesrebels the ultimate cowgirl boots🤩 Bra @simoneperele_america Jeans not Guess 🥹 Scarf @lostpattern.nyc #pinterest #westernstyle #westernboots #beyoncé #casualoutfit #outfitideas #90s #trending

Don’t ruin your shirt! 😱 Square necklines are very popular this season and if you don’t want to wear a strapless bra or show off your pretty bra, this 5 second fashion hack does the trick! Make straps longer, twist in a loop and bring arms through that’s it!! Comment LINK for links to outfit! PS now I have to figure out how to not get deo stains😂 #fashionhacks #styletips #styling #stylish #stylist #tshirts #chic #explore

Advanced level is ALL together 😘 Comment WESTERN for more ways to style cowboy boots and western aesthetic🤠 1. Jewelry- Think turquoise with silver, Leather bands and ornate gold bronze! 2. Fringe- this is a huge trend in general this year and always a fun way to add texture to an outfit 3. Hat- this is kind of advanced in my opinion! It takes a commitment to wear a western inspired hat or any hat in general. It is functional tho as it keeps UV rays off your pretty face😍 4. Western boots- I wear “cowboy boots” a lot even tho most of my wardrobe is classic and feminine. There’s so much range with these: these are actually I’m wearing here are a great starter pair and on sale! Fun fact: I’m from TX and this aesthetic always feels like home❤️ #westernstyle #cowboyboots #westernboots #outfitinspiration #beyonce #trending #aesthetic #fashiontrends

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