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Fun Loving Family Of 6 Our Motto: 🌟 Always Have Fun & Be Yourself 🌟 Business Inquiries: Youngwildme3@gmail.com Tik Tok 🤩 @young.wild.me

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Get ready to laugh with this seriously silly family-friendly game! 🦘😆Meet Doo-Doo The Kangaroo from @supermoosetoys, he does exactly what you think he does! 🤪Spin the spinner to find out how many donuts you get to feed him, flush the potty after each one, and when it’s time to go he’ll dance and shimmy around! This is when the fun starts! Grab as many donuts as you can, 🍩 🍩 🍩 (one at a time, making sure to avoid the doo-doo!) and the first player to five donuts wins. This game is truly fun, and I love that it’s simple to play. You can pull it out when you’ve only got a few minutes to play or when you’re ready for non-stop action and fun. #DooDooKangaroo #MooseGames #fungames #familyfun #newgames

Save this now and make some Football Shaped Flatbread Pizzas! 🏈 #sponsored The combination of @grapesfromca with rosemary along with 3 cheeses drizzled in olive oil will blow your mind! 🍇 😋 Plus, red California Grapes give these football pizzas the perfect pop of color. Pro-Tip: if you like your pizza a bit crunchier your string cheese laces might disappear in the oven. If that happens, just add more string cheese when you remove from the oven the heat from the warm pizzas will allow them to easily adhere. Grapes from California are in season now, make sure to grab some today! Not only are grapes 🍇 yummy on pizza, but a simple hack is to freeze some to use in place of ice-cubes. They look pretty and no more watered down drinks! 🙌 Of course they are delicious to snack on too and add a nice pop of color with red, green, and black varieties. #gamedayrecipes #gowithgrapes #grapesfromca #footballpizza #gamedayideas #fallsnacks

This Halloween DIY is simple and inexpensive, save this now! 👻🧙‍♀️ It's amazing the difference a little twine and some LED lights can make! Follow for more ideas. 😀 #halloweendiy #halloween2023 #halloweencrafts #halloweenideas #witchhats #dollarstorecrafts

#AD I guess dreams really do come true (it's the little things in life 😃) because my favorites @twogood, @lightandfit, + @activiaus are now drinkable!  Last time I was @target I picked up a bunch and have been enjoying them throughout the day. No matter what you are looking for, there are a variety of options available.  Two Good has 3g sugar and 10g protein per bottle. You'll find it in Strawberry Banana 🍓 🍌, Mixed Berry, and Peach 🍑 flavors.  If you prefer zero sugar, Light + Fit Zero Sugar* has you covered and has 0g sugar and 0g fat.  Look for Strawberry Banana, Mango Pineapple, + Vanilla flavors. When I'm looking to add probiotics, Activia is my choice with billions per serving and yummy Strawberry 🍓 or Blueberry 🫐 flavor. *Not a low calorie food Have you tried any of these yet? Right now save 20% on select drinks from Two Good, Light + Fit, and Activia with the Target Circle app Sept. 3 - Sept. 16th #twogood #twogoodtarget #lightandfit #lightandfittarget #activia #activiatarget https://lnks.co/vIvZvVf *not a low calorie food

If your kids get bored easily, here's a little mom hack to try! #ad Tactile sensory play with @kineticsand keeps my kids busy for big time chunks of independent play while they practice fine motor skills! 🙌 The Kinetic Sand Beach Castle Deluxe Playset is perfect to pull out after school. Bonus, it's one toy that I've been having fun playing with too. 😆 It comes with 2.5 pounds of Kinetic Beach Sand, fun molds + tools to cut, dig, rake, and shovel with! The tiered tray provides a nice play space to keep everything contained, and the enclosed lid makes storing everything neat and tidy. Look for this Kinetic Beach Sand kit and more fun sensory play ones like it @walmart! #KineticSand #BeachCastle #momhack #sensoryplay #tactileplay #afterschoolactivities

This DIY Tiered Halloween Serving Tray cost me less than $7 to make! 🎃 👻 🦇 It's amazing what a little hot glue can do. I added some fruit to mine, but you could do candy, fun treats, decor etc.! Save this and share with a friend. 😃 🕷️ Make sure to follow for more DIY's, recipes, + life hacks! #halloweendiy #dollarstorecrafts #halloween2023 #diyhalloweendecor #halloweendecor #spookyszn2023

This may be the easiest Halloween treat to make! 🧙‍♀️ 🧹 SAVE these adorable Witch Broom Treats now! Follow for more fun ideas. 😃 #halloween2023 #halloweentreats #halloweenideas #halloweenparty #spookyszn

Easy DIY Troll Hair! Make your own Troll's headband! — Young Wild Me Family Blog

You can make a Troll hair headband inspired by your favorite Trolls movie character like Poppy or Branch or just let your creativity shine through. This would be a really fun activity at a Trolls themed birthday party or a fun movie themed day! To do this you’ll need to wrap the tulle around 10 times with your first roll and 8 times with your second resulting in 18 pieces of tulle in total. You’ll also want to measure out on extra piece of tulle that will serve as your bow to tie up the Troll hair.2.)

Caramel Apple Nachos — Young Wild Me Family Blog

If you don’t mind a little mess, this is a really fun recipe to make with kids! If you’re making this with kids, parents will want to do this step as the mixture needs to be drizzled over the apples while it is still quite warm. If you don’t work quickly enough the mixture will thicken and won’t work as well. Now for the fun, it’s time to enjoy your yummy caramel apple nachos!

Keepsake Halloween Ghost Footprints Craft — Young Wild Me Family Blog

I just made these little ghost footprints with all 4 of my children ranging from 5 months old to 8 years old. As soon as one foot is painted press it down in the middle of your construction paper. Tip - Make sure their toes are firmly pushed down; you may need to help a bit to ensure you get a nice imprint. You can do this step yourself or let your kids have some fun and decorate the ghost footprints any way they want.

Earn Free Money With The Shopkick App! — Young Wild Me Family Blog

I’ll be sharing how I used the Shopkick app and was able to earn over $10 in rewards by buying just 2 things at Target! When I’m out shopping I always make sure to have my Shopkick app open to see where I can earn some extra money to spend at some of my favorite stores. If you are a new user make sure to enter the code YOUNGWILDME to score 1250 kicks, enough to redeem your first $5 gift card, just making sure to earn at least 25 more kicks within 7 days of downloading the app. By taking advantage of this offer and finding some more in the Shopkick app, you’ll be able to easily redeem your first reward!3 simple ways to earn with the Shopkick app.

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