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Fun Loving Family Of 6 Our Motto: 🌟 Always Have Fun & Be Yourself 🌟 Business Inquiries: Youngwildme3@gmail.com Tik Tok 🤩 @young.wild.me

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There are days when I feel like all I am doing is laundry! A family of 6 will do that to you 😆 #sponsored But, thanks to @officialfunkaway this mama is #livingfunkfree 😃 FunkAway keeps our shoes and clothes smelling nice and fresh. Instead of covering up odors, FunkAway actually eliminates them with it’s exclusive OM Complex that goes straight to the source of odors to fight them. With four kids in the house, we’ve got some pretty funky smelling stuff from shoes to sports gear and let me tell you, FunkAway works! I’ve been using the FunkAway Aerospray on the kids shoes when they come in from playing and it’s made such a difference. I also like to wear shoes without socks which doesn’t always lead to the best smelling shoes. Luckily, with FunkAway, I don’t have to worry about any nasty orders. To keep our clothes smelling fresh too I add some FunkAway Laundry Booster with our regular detergent and it does the trick. I’m really happy I discovered FunkAway. If I have to be in the laundry room so much, at least I’m using something that’s guaranteed to work! #laundryagain #funkaway #freshsmells #laundrybooster #stinkyshoes #freshsmellingclothes #laundry #momlife #busymom #chicagoblogger #chicagomom #odorfree #momhacks #odoreliminator #freshsmell #thestruggleisreal

Easy DIY Troll Hair! Make your own Troll's headband! — Young Wild Me Family Blog

You can make a Troll hair headband inspired by your favorite Trolls movie character like Poppy or Branch or just let your creativity shine through. This would be a really fun activity at a Trolls themed birthday party or a fun movie themed day! To do this you’ll need to wrap the tulle around 10 times with your first roll and 8 times with your second resulting in 18 pieces of tulle in total. You’ll also want to measure out on extra piece of tulle that will serve as your bow to tie up the Troll hair.2.)

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with recipes that incorporate dragon fruit. I love the gorgeous hot pink color of it! This smoothie bowl has been one of my breakfast go-to’s. It’s so yummy and guilt free. Check out the recipe on Tik Tok, the link is in our Insta bio. #smoothiebowl #dragonfruit #smoothiebowlaesthetic #eathealthy #granola #heathylifestyle #midwestblogger #foodie #breakfast #smoothiebowls #simplebreakfast #breakfastideas #coconut #tropicalfruit #tropicalsmoothiebowl #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #smoothiebowlrecipes

Caramel Apple Nachos — Young Wild Me Family Blog

If you don’t mind a little mess, this is a really fun recipe to make with kids! If you’re making this with kids, parents will want to do this step as the mixture needs to be drizzled over the apples while it is still quite warm. If you don’t work quickly enough the mixture will thicken and won’t work as well. Now for the fun, it’s time to enjoy your yummy caramel apple nachos!

Why does ice cream always seem to taste better when it’s in a cone? #sponsored When I was little, I’d get so excited when my mom pulled out the Joy Cone box and now my kids do too! The kids have all been working so hard at remote learning and to celebrate some major achievements we had a little ice cream party with @joyconeco! These Joy Cones were extra special, because you can now find Joy Sugar Cones made with OREO cookie pieces! We paired ours with mint chocolate chip ice cream and it was so good! #JoyConeOREO #BringJoyHome #JoyCone #icecreamparty #sugarcones #Oreo #icecreamcones #celebratethelittlethings #happyfamily #proudmama #chicagomom #momblogger #celebrate #findjoy #foodie #yum

Keepsake Halloween Ghost Footprints Craft — Young Wild Me Family Blog

I just made these little ghost footprints with all 4 of my children ranging from 5 months old to 8 years old. As soon as one foot is painted press it down in the middle of your construction paper. Tip - Make sure their toes are firmly pushed down; you may need to help a bit to ensure you get a nice imprint. You can do this step yourself or let your kids have some fun and decorate the ghost footprints any way they want.

When I think of date night, a blindfolded baking challenge isn’t exactly what comes to mind! 😂 #sponsored But, that is exactly what my husband and I did when we tried out @theadventurechallenge.  Things got a little messy on this non-traditional date but, it was super fun and definitely a memory we won’t forget! The Adventure Challenge is a scratch off adventure book that encourages you to dive a little deeper into your relationship and try new experiences together.  We did the couples challenge but there is also one for family and friends too.  It’s really fun because whatever challenge you scratch off you have to do it. It definitely keeps things interesting! I can’t wait for my husband and I to try our next adventure! Right now you can save 20% with code HOTMAMA. #theadventurechallenge #couples #datenight #marriage #couplegoals #dateideas #coupleschallenge #chicagocouple #theadventurechallengecouplesedition #datenightideas #cookingtogether

Earn Free Money With The Shopkick App! — Young Wild Me Family Blog

I’ll be sharing how I used the Shopkick app and was able to earn over $10 in rewards by buying just 2 things at Target! When I’m out shopping I always make sure to have my Shopkick app open to see where I can earn some extra money to spend at some of my favorite stores. If you are a new user make sure to enter the code YOUNGWILDME to score 1250 kicks, enough to redeem your first $5 gift card, just making sure to earn at least 25 more kicks within 7 days of downloading the app. By taking advantage of this offer and finding some more in the Shopkick app, you’ll be able to easily redeem your first reward!3 simple ways to earn with the Shopkick app.

What do you do when you actually capture a picture of the entire family? Post it on Instagram of course 😂 Family pics of us all in it are such a rarity, the struggle is real. I think we got lucky and got this golden hour thing going on here too. The suns rays added a cool effect to the bottom, it looks kind of magical to me. #familyiseverything #goldenhour #myworld #chicagofamily #midwestfamily #familypics #familyof6 #beautifulchaos #perfectlyimperfect #momwin #chicagoblogger #chicagomom #love

Any other pasta lovers out there? This honeycomb pasta dish is kind of like pasta in pie form! It is stuffed with basil 🌿 and mozzarella cheese and so yummy! Check out the full recipe on Tik Tok, just click the link in our bio. #pasta #honeycombpasta #basil #mozzarella #pastapie #foodie #yummy #italianfood #pastarecipe #noodles #chicagoblogger #recipes #lovetocook #rigatoni #bakedpasta #foodstagram #chicagofamily #foodlover #rigatonipasta

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