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Fun Loving Family Of 6 Our Motto: 🌟 Always Have Fun & Be Yourself 🌟 Business Inquiries: Youngwildme3@gmail.com Tik Tok 🤩 @young.wild.me

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Enjoying the cooler weather and keeping it cozy with @fabkids! #fabkidspartner We found the cutest outfits this month, perfect for for fall fun! Swipe through to get closer looks at how cute the shoes are. The kitty boots are adorable & Bennett's skull 💀 slip ons glow in the dark + light up! New VIP's can score 2 pairs of shoes and free shipping from $9.95! Check out all the cute styles for yourself. #myfabkids #falldays #kidsfashion #cutekidsclothes

Help us protect the current cervical cancer screening guidelines. IT CAN SAVE LIVES! Head to precerv.org/take-action to sign the Precerv Pledge or click the link in my bio! I've been thinking a lot lately about how easy it is to overlook our own health, especially when we are busy caring for others. I recently discovered that 1 in 5 cervical cancer cases are missed due to screening with HPV tests alone, but by choosing 2 tests - the Pap and the HPV co-test - instead of the HPV test alone, all those with a cervix have the best possible chance of catching cervical cancer early. Cervical cancer was once the number one cancer-related killer among women, but since the introduction of the Pap test, it has dropped to number fifteen on the list. Make sure you are getting screened regularly with the Pap + HPV co-test, so you have the best chance of protecting yourself from cervical cancer. Join me in taking the Precerv Pledge to protect access to the Pap + HPV co-test, by heading to the link in my bio and signing the pledge! I am also encouraging @senduckworth and @durbincampaign to make sure the Pap + HPV co-test is accessible to everyone with a cervix. In Partnership with The Social Good Foundation. #precerv @precertwotests #precervtwotests #womenshealth

Anyone else obsessed with Halloween?! 🎃 👻 I'll be sharing fun holiday content all season long, so make sure to follow along! #halloweenobsessed #halloweentown #spookyseason #halloweeninspo #halloweenideas

Even as a mom of 4, it still amazes me how one minute our little ones can feel fine, and the next moment they may be experiencing great discomfort. That is why I always have @genexa Kids' Pain & Fever on hand! #GenexaPartner Last week Brooklyn appeared to be feeling fine, but when I put her down for a nap she suddenly woke 10 minutes later screeching in agony. Turns out she had a bad ear infection. We had to wait several hours before we could see a doctor. So, I immediately went to our medicine cabinet to give her a dose of Genexa Kids' Pain & Fever. Thankfully, before we made it to the doctor, the pain from the ear infection subsided. Genexa is clean medicine that I know I can rely on. You might be wondering what exactly is clean medicine anyway?... It is the same effective medicine but made without artificial dyes, sweeteners, or preservatives. I feel good knowing that my kids are getting the important active ingredients they need without all of the artificial inactive ones they don't. That is definitely a win in my book! #igaf #momlife #momsofinstagram

Maybe I should switch to tea.... Sometimes that extra cup isn't worth it no matter how bad you want it. 😝 #coffee #overcaffeinated #coffeeaddict #coffeelover

Usually the sight of me and power tools would be enough to scare him! 😂 #couples #marriagehumor #marriedlife #couplescomedy #marriedcouple

Tell me I'm not alone on this.... 😝 #halloweenorchristmas #areyouinsanelikeme #isitchristmasyet #christmasalready #comedy

Easy DIY Troll Hair! Make your own Troll's headband! — Young Wild Me Family Blog

You can make a Troll hair headband inspired by your favorite Trolls movie character like Poppy or Branch or just let your creativity shine through. This would be a really fun activity at a Trolls themed birthday party or a fun movie themed day! To do this you’ll need to wrap the tulle around 10 times with your first roll and 8 times with your second resulting in 18 pieces of tulle in total. You’ll also want to measure out on extra piece of tulle that will serve as your bow to tie up the Troll hair.2.)

Caramel Apple Nachos — Young Wild Me Family Blog

If you don’t mind a little mess, this is a really fun recipe to make with kids! If you’re making this with kids, parents will want to do this step as the mixture needs to be drizzled over the apples while it is still quite warm. If you don’t work quickly enough the mixture will thicken and won’t work as well. Now for the fun, it’s time to enjoy your yummy caramel apple nachos!

Keepsake Halloween Ghost Footprints Craft — Young Wild Me Family Blog

I just made these little ghost footprints with all 4 of my children ranging from 5 months old to 8 years old. As soon as one foot is painted press it down in the middle of your construction paper. Tip - Make sure their toes are firmly pushed down; you may need to help a bit to ensure you get a nice imprint. You can do this step yourself or let your kids have some fun and decorate the ghost footprints any way they want.

Earn Free Money With The Shopkick App! — Young Wild Me Family Blog

I’ll be sharing how I used the Shopkick app and was able to earn over $10 in rewards by buying just 2 things at Target! When I’m out shopping I always make sure to have my Shopkick app open to see where I can earn some extra money to spend at some of my favorite stores. If you are a new user make sure to enter the code YOUNGWILDME to score 1250 kicks, enough to redeem your first $5 gift card, just making sure to earn at least 25 more kicks within 7 days of downloading the app. By taking advantage of this offer and finding some more in the Shopkick app, you’ll be able to easily redeem your first reward!3 simple ways to earn with the Shopkick app.

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