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Fun Loving Family Of 6 Our Motto: 🌟 Always Have Fun & Be Yourself 🌟 Business Inquiries: Youngwildme3@gmail.com Tik Tok 🤩 @young.wild.me

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One of our Thanksgiving traditions is to watch Christmas movies after Thanksgiving dinner. 🎄 🎥 This year we'll be watching @8bitchristmas streaming exclusively on @hbomax starting tomorrow 11/24. We had the opportunity to check out a special screening of #8bitxmas at the #peninsulahotel in Chicago and let me tell you, this was such a cute movie! It officially made the cut and will be on our list of Christmas classics! 🎅 Whatever your holiday plans make sure to include #8bitxmas! Thank you to @hbomax and @wbpictures for hosting us for this event! We'll be sharing video footage on IG Reels later today! #christmasmovies #christmasinchicago #holidaymovies #chicagofamily #momblogger #holidaytraditions #christmasfun #turkeyday #thanksgiving2021 #newmovies

#ad Having grapes from California on hand during the holidays is a must in our house! I use California grapes in some of my favorite recipes, and they are perfect for this festive holiday platter! @grapesfromca are a healthy option and taste so good! It helps to avoid the temptation of so many holiday sweets when I have something simple and fresh to snack on, like California Grapes. 🍇 With 82 different varieties of California grapes in 3 colors, there’s a perfect grape for whatever you're preparing this holiday season! It’s no wonder they taste delicious, Californians have been cultivating grapes for more than two centuries! Shop NOW and add grapes from California to your cart today! #grapesfromca #californiagrapes #holidayrecipes #holidayfood #foodie #grapes #eatfresh #momblogger #yum #funholidayideas #fruitplatter #fruitandcheese #grapesfromcalifornia

To say that Frozen The Musical was good would be a complete understatement! ❄️ 🎶 #sponsored The @frozenbroadway show was simply spectacular! #FrozenTheMusical It truly was beyond my expectations and truthfully they were pretty high. 😆 From the gorgeous set, to the special effects and talented performers everything was simple magical! ✨ Of course, all of our favorite songs from the @disney Frozen movie were in it, along with new ones sure to become favorites! With the holidays around the corner, this would such an amazing event to attend with friends and family or such a special gift to give. You can catch the show in Chicago through January 22, 2022. Click the link in our Insta bio to purchase tickets now! Thank you so much @disney for hosting us! #disneyfrozen #broadwayinchicago #disneyfamily #dsmmc #disneycreators #ilovedisney #disneyshows #cadillacpalacetheatre #chicagofamily #annaandelsa #disneyprincess #disney #frozen

Just call me Mrs. Claus! 🤶 #ad I've made a huge dent in my holiday shopping this year already thanks to @incommpayments! Gift cards definitely make those hard to shop for people on your list a little bit easier. My local #walmart had an awesome selection! This Darden gift card let's you choose from some yummy restaurants like Bahama Breeze or Olive Garden! Who doesn't like options?! I'm definitely planning on picking up more Incomm gift cards from Walmart to have on hand for the holidays! 🎄 🎁 We still need to shop for teachers and with so many cards to choose from these are perfect! Do yourself a favor this holiday season, and check out Incomm gift cards. Bonus points, less wrapping!! Anyone else getting tired of wrapping already?! 😆 #savemoneygiftbetter2021 #tistheseason #holidayshopping #holidayhack #giftcards #momblogger #mrsclaus #christmasspirit #christmaspresents

Nothing tastes better with freshly baked holiday cookies 🎄 than a cold glass of milk! 🥛 #ad @a2milkusa is our milk of choice. The quality is uncompromising and the silky smooth taste is like no other! #UpgradeYourHolidays Regular milk contains a mix of A1 and A2 proteins, but a2 Milk comes from cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein which leads to that velvety smooth taste. You really will feel the difference with that natural A2 protein! Plus, I love that a2 Milk sources milk from local farms in the US and they don't treat any of the cows with the growth hormone rBST. Here's the best part, when you buy a2 Milk this holiday season, your purchase will directly support Toys for Tots! 🧸 🎁 Grab some at your local @walmart today! #a2Milk #milkandcookies #drinkmilk #holidaybaking #chicagomom #momblogger #milk #christmascookies #walmart

Getting Brooklyn to fall asleep on her own in her crib was quite a challenge. #ad Once I started letting her sleep with her @cry_babies_official Goodnight Starry Sky Jenna doll, things got a lot easier. This adorable doll plays 5 different lullabies 🎶 ⭐️ 🌙 and has a night light star projection feature. The combination of the soft music and dreamy stars to gaze at has been helping Brooklyn fall asleep a lot faster on her own. The doll has the cutest pegasus PJs that are so soft and perfect for cuddling. 💤 😴 When you take out her pacifier she makes 8 different babies noises and even cries! Goodnight Jenna even has little tears that light up by her eyes, but as soon as you put her pacifier back in she stops crying. 💕 We’ve been bringing Goodnight Jenna on trips too! It’s perfect for grandma's house and hotels. I’d love to hear what’s been helping you get your little ones to sleep. Do they have any special rituals or favorite toys? #goodnightjenna #bedtimeroutine #toddlertoys #dolls #momlife #sleeptips #toddlersleep #momhacks #bedtimedoll #lullabies #chicagomom #momblogger

Nothing beats those lazy days when you get to snuggle up together and get cozy! 🥰  #sponsored The temperatures by us have been warm one day and cool the next, but with our @lasko_products All Season High Velocity Hybrid Fan and Heater in One it's no big deal! Basically, we get the best of both worlds with it. We've been enjoying the heater feature, but it's nice that we can just switch to the fan option when temperatures rise. 
There's 4 heat settings and 4 fan speeds for you to choose from, and I love the auto-off feature that allows you to set the unit to run for up to 8 hours. That way we can easily program it to turn off at night.

It's been nice having the perfect room temperature all the time with Lasko. Now, if only my husband agreed with me! 😆 (I like it warmer and he prefers cooler.) You can find the Lasko Hybrid Fan & Heater @walmart. Just click the link in our Insta bio!

#laskoliving #fallweather #snuggletime #midwestfamily #chicagomom #heatingsolutions #fan #temperaturecontrol #walmart #walmartfinds

It's so crazy to think that in about a week we'll be sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner. Um, where did the year go? The past few months have been so busy and I've definitely been stressed. Between the kids, work, and now the holidays, life has been a constant juggling act. No matter how chaotic the day is, I've been trying to take a step back and appreciate the little things in life. It's those little everyday moments that really make add up to something BIG and fulfilling. What are you thankful for? #gratefulthankfulblessed #givethanks #itsthelittlethings #thanksgiving #holidayseason #tooblessedtobestressed #chicagomom #momblogger #midwestfamily #raisingwildthings

Did you know that there's a fun new season of @gabbysdollhouse on @netflix now? #ad With these adorable Gabby's Dollhouse toys from @spinmaster + @dreamworksjr you can bring Gabby's Dollhouse to life right in your own home! Who doesn't love a little bit of magic and lots of surprises! Gabby's Dollhouse, Purrfect Dollhouse is over 2 feet tall and includes music, sound, and phrases from the show! You'll find 15 pieces inside including figures and accessories so you can play right out of the box! There's even an elevator and delivery tower that shoots packages out. One of the packages even has a special QR code inside to unblock an exclusive reward in the free Gabby's Dollhouse App! Add even more magic + fun with additional play sets. Each one comes with a figure, 2 dollhouse deliveries, and 2 surprise accessories! These sets are perfect for fun and exciting pretend play. You'll also find another QR code inside to unlock more exclusive rewards in the app. All of the sets we got are listed below. Gabby’s Dollhouse, Sweet Dreams Bedroom with Pillow Cat Figure Gabby’s Dollhouse, Primp and Pamper Bathroom with MerCat Figure Gabby’s Dollhouse Bakey with Cakey Kitchen Aren't the Magical Musical Cat Ears that Ashley is wearing the cutest?! They light up and have 10 different sounds with 3 modes of play. Find these Gabby's Dollhouse toys at all major retailers! #gabbysdollhouse #spinmaster #pretendplay #dreamworksjr #christmasgifts2021 #dreamworks #newtoys #momblogger #imaginativeplay #topholidaytoys #playislife

Little by little, we've been pulling out our holiday decor. 🎄 When it comes to holiday outfits, It's easy to keep the kids looking cute with @fabkids! #fabkidspartner. I'm loving all of their holiday styles right now! 🎅 ❤️ Don't forget, new VIP members can score 2 pairs of shoes and free shipping from only $9.95. Go to FabKids.com/deal. 🌟 #myfabkids #fabkids #holidayoutfits #kidsfashion #tweenstyle #momblogger #kidsclothes #fashionforkids #kidsholidayoutfits #holidayclothes

I am so excited to share that we are going to see Frozen The Musical Next Week! ❄️ #sponsored Ever since Disney's Frozen movie came out, we've been waiting for @frozenbroadway and now it's finally here!! #FrozenTheMusical I just told the kids last night and everyone is pumped, we're a total @disney family! The show will be in Chicago from November 19, 2021 to January 22, 2022. If you want to get tickets, you can click the link in our Insta bio. #broadwayinchicago #chicagotheatre #disneyfamily #frozen #disneyfrozen #dsmmc #disneycreators #disney #cadillacpalacetheatre #chicagotheatre #chicagomom #momblogger #chicagofamily #musicaltheatre

Wife, mom, daughter, and sister are just a few of my titles. Women have so many different roles and taking care of ourselves is important. Living in the U.S., I feel fortunate that we have access to life-saving tests like the Pap+HPV Co-test. Every single hour, 1 woman in the U.S. is diagnosed with cervical cancer and these tests are the most successful form of early detection. The scary thing is, new regulations are threatening to endanger access to these life-saving tests. Before these tests, cervical cancer was the number one cause of cancer-related death for women. That number has dropped all the way to 15 and I don't want to see that number move in the wrong direction. That is why I am committed to the Precerv Promise and taking the pledge to protect universal access to the Pap+HPV Co-test. I urge my elected officials @reprobinkelly and @laurenaunderwood to support continued access to the Pap test and Pap+HPV Co-test! Please join me in taking the pledge. Head to https://precerv.org/take-action/ today! #precervpromise #womenshealth #paptest #cervicalcancer #women #healthcareforwomen #chicagoblogger #midwestmom #livehealthy @precervtwotests In Partnership with The Social Good Foundation

Did anyone else wish they could just stay snuggled up in bed this morning? Even with the sun shining this morning, ☀️ the temptation was real! 😆 We took some outdoor pics to celebrate Bennett turning 7. Someone just so happened to have built this little fire in the woods and it ended up being the perfect photo op! Sending some cozy vibes your way on this Monday morning and wishing you all a great week! #cozyvibes #daylightsavings #mondays #newweek #midwestfamily #chicagomom #birthdaypics #outdoorphotography #caseofthemondays #momlife #getoutside #cozyweather

We planned a special outdoor movie night 🎥 🍿 for the kids to celebrate how hard they've been working in school. #sponsored I found this giant inflatable screen on @wish at such a great price! It definitely takes our outdoor movie nights to the next level! Not only was the price great, but I used Wish Express to get my items faster. ⚡️ While I was browsing the Wish app, I found some more really fun, unique stuff. If you've got a celebration coming up, definitely check out the Wish app or head to wish.com! Right now you can save with our code YWMCW20 valid 11/05/21-11/12/21. I'm so happy we found this screen, the kids faces when we surprised them were priceless! #CelebrateWithWish #Wishfluencers #WishShopping #outdoormovienight #movienight #inflatablescreen #celebrate #reasonstocelebrate #chicagomom #itsthelittlethings #momblogger

#ad It's no secret that we are huge Disney fans, which is one of the reasons I was so excited when we found @incogmeatous Disney Mickey Mouse Shaped Chik’n Nuggets!  @MickeyTrueOriginal These plant based nuggets are so fun and look, taste + cook just like the real thing!  Incogmeato™ Mickey Nuggets are such a quick, convenient option and contain 57% less fat and 35% less sodium than white meat chicken nuggets.  I love that I can feel good about serving these to my kids and they love the fun, dunkable Mickey Mouse shape! You can find Incogmeato Disney Mickey Mouse Shaped Chik’n Nuggets in the frozen section of select grocery stores nationwide.  I found them @target!  If you're looking to incorporate more plant-based options into your kids diets, these are such an easy way to get your kids excited! #incogmeato #socialspotters

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