Mayur Bhatia

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My adventures with #whisky. Must be 21 to follow. Drink responsibly 🥃 contact for collabs 🐶: @zoyathepwd 📍#sf

Location San Francisco, CA
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We're on Christmas day! For me, whisky on Christmas is always a memory from 2019 when I first tried the Paul John 2018 Christmas edition. I always look forward to what this year may bring. The 2018 bottling, in my opinion, was one of the best Christmas Editions so far. I say so far because the 2022 release is something extraordinary and brings a lot of fond memories. This year’s edition is complex. A blend of three different barrels - Ex-Bourbon barrels, ex-Paul John XO barrels and Oloroso Peated barrels! On the nose, I get hints of baking spice, peaches and honey. Palate brings forward the creamy texture along with milk chocolate, oak and nuts with a slight hint of peat. The finish is long with wine-forward tannic. This is an amazing bottle, and thank you @whiskymonster for sharing this with me. 📸: @whiskymonster . . . #pauljohn #pauljohnwhisky #thegreatindiansinglemalt #indiansinglemalt #indiansinglemaltwhisky #goa #christmasdram #christmas #xmas #christmas2022

Advent Calendar - Day 24 Can’t believe we’ve been through 24 different whisky expressions (and spirits) by now. I had to end the official 24 days of the advent calendar with one of my favorites. Compass Box Tobias & the Angel. A blend of my two favorite distilleries, so simple, yet so complex. The waxy notes of a 24 year-old Clynelish perfectly married to a 30+ year Caol Ila is bound to create a whisky that cannot be recreated or repeated. Mainly due to never finding the same parcels of whisky again, but partly also due to what it means to the whisky world. The art work chosen was produced at the studio of Andrea del Verrocchio in the 15th century, with the little fish being supposedly painted by none other than Leonardo da Vinci. Everyone knows John loves Clynelish since his working days with Jonnie Walker & Diageo in the late 90’s / early 2000’s before forming Compass Box, so having these two parcels blended for almost 20 years of whisky making makes complete sense. This whisky means a lot to me. The first time that I met John Glaser, I showed up with 6+ bottles of Tobias and the Angel for him to sign in Berkeley. That was a little over three years ago. Who knew about two years later, I would be pouring one of the signed bottles at my bar in the basement. This was an epic night of sharing drams, that as always starts in the backyard and continues through the night in the basement. This photo inspired our local whisky group to dedicate a marrying cask select of The Artist Blend with a depiction of a photo of me. Here’s to you, friend, here’s to trusting me with pouring you a few drams. I hope you enjoyed the journey. . . . #compassbox #compassboxwhisky #tobiasandtheangel #johnglaser #sfwbss #friends #clynelish #caolila #diageo #friendship #missmyfriend #blendedwhisky #blendedscotch #scotch #whisky #peated #compassboxsunday

Advent Calendar - Day 23 “A moment of salinity” – What a name, what a dram to sit back and remember the journey of different whiskies you’ve had so far in the advent calendar. The Bowmore was bottled exclusively for the U.S chapter of Scotch Malt Whisky Society in 2020, selected by its members. Aged for 16 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, you’ll get notes of freshly cut grass, licorice, medicine cabinet followed by seaweed, brine, light smoke and maybe some wasabi too. Country: Scotland Region: Islay Alc/vol: 56.5% Number of Bottles released: 261 . . . #smws #smwsuk #smwsamerica #bowmore #salinity #adventcalendar #adventcalendar2022 #islay #scotch #singlemalt #singlemaltwhisky #whisky #whiskey #classicbowmore #moment #xmasday #xmas #briney #brine #wasabi #licorice #exbourbon #usexclusive

Advent Calendar - Day 22 Released to celebrate Fèis Ìle 2022, this Bunnahabhain has been matured in ex-bourbon and PX sherry octave casks to create an unpeated sherried, but bold and full dram. The velvety texture reminds me of the first bite into a dark and creamy chocolate with raisins and dry fruits. Through the tasting you’ll get macadamia nuts, umami and a slight savory pull. The finish is long with spices and cinnamon. Country: Scotland Region: Islay Alc/vol: 50.8% . . . #islay #scotland #feis #feisile #bunna #bunnahabhain #adventcalendar #adventcalendar2022 #peat #peatedwhisky #whisky #abhainnaraig #whiskey #scotch #scotchwhisky #delicious #sherry #pxsherry #px #sherriedwhisky

Advent Calendar - Day 21 The Port Charlotte distillery was located on the island of Islay from 1829 to 1929. The Port Charlotte whisky is the epitome of Islay peat. Born on the island, carried on by Bruichladdich with it being in its “Heavily Peated” category. Distilled in 2010, and then aged in a combination of ex-bourbon, Syrah, and vin doux Naturel casks. For the last 18 months, it was transferred to Oloroso hogshead casks. This multi-cask maturation brings out a complex balance of sweet dried fruits, oily nuts while adding a fragrant smoky smell to it. I could nose this all day long. Country: Scotland Region: Islay Alc/vol: 55.1% . . #portcharlotte #bruichladdich #octomore #heavilypeated #peated #OLC #oloroso #olorosocask #islay #islaysinglemalt #singlemalt #whisky #whiskey #barley #adventcalendar #adventcalendar2022 #adamhannett #experimental #syrahcask #syrah #vindouxnaturel

Advent Calendar - Day 20 Situated at the base of the highest mountain in the British Isles, Ben Nevis distillery is the oldest licensed distillery in Scotland. Distilled in 1999 and aged for 20 years in a Hogshead cask, hand selected by Kwek Yi Xian for The Single Cask, the nose imparts notes of fresh lime zest, dry roasted nuts. Palate will give you you the oaky notes with vanilla, spices and a buttery or creamy finish with some more citrus. If you are ever in Singapore, go visit and tell @wetdrams hi! Country: Scotland Region: Highlands Alc/vol: 53% Number of Bottles released: 274 . . . #thesinglecask #singlecask #bennevis #ben #nevis #kwek #limitededition #singlemalt #scotch #whisky #whiskey #singapore #sg #personalseries #singlemaltwhisky #adventcalendar #adventcalendar2022 #scotland #scotlandmountains #scotlandbasecamp

Advent Calendar - Day 19 Benriach’s previous owner, Billy Walker, yes – the same one who now owns Glenallachie, was known to always love experimenting with various Port wine casks. This is an example of a cask that was probably distilled and filled under his administration but masterfully crafted and selected to be bottled at cask strength under the genius Dr. Rachel Barrie after 15 years. The deep red colors of a port wine oak can be seen imparted well to the whisky. Deep red-fruited port characteristics combined with Speyside attributes will easily transport your senses to sipping on a dark port wine and nibbling on prunes. Country: Scotland Region: Speyside Alc/vol: 56.5% . . . #speyside #whisky #whiskey #benriach #glendronach #glenglassaugh #portpipe #port #firstport

Advent Calendar - Day 18 Back to Asia for today. Taiwan has been an up-and-coming whisky distiller for a while with Kavalan being the favorite. Unlike Japan, climate in Taiwan is hot and humid, thus accelerating the aging process. Kavalan’s ex-master blender / distiller of 15 years, Ian Chang is known to produce excellent distillates and spirits. Spending about 6 years in barrel in the tropical climate of Yilan County and bottled at 59.4%, this cask was personally chosen by local whisky friend, @whiskysifu . Color of the bottle, box, and the whisky reminds me of eating a strawberry glazed donut. If you’ve been to Tartine Bakery in San Francisco, a sip of this whisky will remind you of the delicious pasteries combined with a creamy espresso. Country: Taiwan Alc/vol: 59.4% Number of Bottles released: 218

Advent Calendar - Day 17 Back to the regularly scheduled programming of peated Islay whisky. One of my go to distilleries when I want something sweet, but something peated, and at the same time something that will blow my mind, Bunnahabhain it is. Chosen again by K&L Wines, aged for 12 years in a refill hogshead, the palate will impart a rich sweet peat with a peppery touch. Like sipping whisky by a bonfire and smelling the ash rise up. Country: Scotland Region: Islay Alc/vol: 56.3% Number of Bottles released: 262 . . . #bunna #bunnahabhain #bunnaboys #islay #whisky #whiskey #adventcalendar #adventcalendar2022 #whiskyadventcalendar #gift #douglaslaing #oldparticular

Advent Calendar - Day 16 For today’s pour, I went back to the classic, the basics. But wait, its Japanese? Japanese make peated whisky? Is it really Japanese? Yes, it is! There’s a few Japanese whiskies that I would say are good value for money and not over hyped or bloated, the Hakushu is one of them. With peat levels of only 25 ppm, I would consider it lightly peated and a great introduction to Japanese peat. Not only does it taste great neat, its amazing as a highball with a slice of Orange in the summer. Country: Japan Region: Yamanashi Prefecture Alc/vol: 43% . . . #suntory #itssuntorytime #suntorytime #hibiki12 #hibiki #hakushu #hakushu12 #yamazaki #japanesewhisky #whisky #japanese #peat #adventcalendar #advent #whiskyadventcalendar #beamsuntory #singlemalt #whiskey #prefecture #japan #highball

Moving back to Speyside, a few miles south of Benriach, or a quick 5-minute drive from Glenfarclas (ask me about my experience at Glenfarclas 😀 ), Billy Walker acquired this distillery in 2017 after spending years at Glendronach. Billy has a unique palate and a renown fame for his excellent taste in sherry casks. Stumbling upon a sherry cask Glenallachie, specially at cask strength, will never disappoint you if you love a sherry bomb. Chosen by the SherryBomb Whisky Appreciation Society for its, well, sherry characteristics is a fine example of what Billy can create. Aged for 15 years in an Oloroso Puncheon cask, this Deployment-2 produced 680 bottles which surprisingly not, sold out within a few minutes of release. If you love a sherry bomb, you are in for a treat. Country: Scotland Region: Speyside Alc/vol: 59.1% Number of Bottles released: 680 . . #sherrybombwhiskyappreciationsociety #theglenallachie #glenallachie #sherrycask #pxcask #oloroso #olorosopuncheon #limitededition #sherriedwhisky #whisky #speyside #speysidewhisky #singlecask #whiskey #adventcalendar #whiskyadventcalendar

Advent Calendar, Day 14 Highland Park distillery is the second-northernmost single malt distillery in Scotland located on the island of Orkney. When you sip on a Highland Park, you know you are sipping on a Highland Park. This is one of those distilleries that can easily be distinguished, whether it be as a single malt or as when used in a blend (Hello Compass Box Vellichor!). But this is about another amazing single cask selected specifically for Munich airport. Aged for 12 years in a first fill European Oak Sherry Hogshead imparts notes of prunes, plums, dates with a little bit of blue cheese saltiness. Highland Park is unique as in it uses local peat rather than Islay peat. How did I get this bottle? I have a love for Munich. Outside of the U.S and India, it is the most visited place for me. A friend of mine, @yayrheaaa called me at 11 pm on my birthday while passing through Munich. Being my birthday, I was probably not in the right mindset, but was asked to choose a few whiskies to bring back. Finding an extremely reasonably priced single cask Highland Park, at cask strength was a no-brainer. So thank you Rhéa for bringing this back from Munich. Country: Scotland Region: Orkney Alc/vol: 65.1% Number of Bottles released: 335 . . #highlandpark #hp #munich #munchen #munichairportexclusive #munichairport #singlemalt #scotch #whisky #whiskey #orkney #singlecaskseries #singlecask #singlemaltscotch #12yearsoldwhisky #adventcalendar #whiskyadventcalendar

Advent Calendar - Day 13 I wanted to throw in a curveball in the Whisky Advent samples! What we have here is rum. Yes, rum! But it is not just any rum. Subtle Spirits, an independent bottler based out of San Francisco was given early access to single casks from Saint Lucia Distillers. Unlike many rums, this rum is distilled from 100% fermented sugar cane juice rather than molasses. Joshua at Subtle Spirits also likes to introduce artwork by different artists as part of the label design. Art for this Chairman’s Reserve rum was commissioned from @montyguy . Read more about The Tempest on their blog: Country: Saint Lucia Alc/vol: 62.7% Age: 9 Years! . . . #rum #montyguy #singlecaskrum #saintlucia #saintluciadistillers #subtlespirits #independentbottler #sanfrancisco #sf #artist #thetempest #singlecask #barrelaged #molasses #adventcalendar #notwhisky #adventcalendar2022

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