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It’s been over 30 days now of protest in NYC and around the world and I’ve spent a lot of time out on the streets, writing letters, and learning all I can. Protests are not going to be enough; we need much more to see some serious change. Time to get to work!

5 Apps to Delete to Save Time & Money

Every update to the Instagram app seems to move further and further away from the app as a useful and meaningful place for connections, and closer to just yet another shopping app. Personally, I’ve found it’s important and useful to keep at least one food delivery app because it is helpful during the pandemic, but having more than one is unnecessary and often just makes you more willing to spend o delivery when you don’t really have to. Deleting any food delivery app immediately helps you save some money because it makes it one step more difficult to buy food delivery. Deleting apps from your phone isn’t a surefire way to save money, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

I always sleep with a bottle of water in bed. Helps with the hangovers. 💦

The Joy of Jewelry: Wear Handmade Jewelry to Add Style & Make Bold Statements

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer; it’s when stores usually run all their fashion summer sales. Through advanced 3D printing technology, each piece is personalized with unique handwriting, the sound wave pattern of a voice, or an engraving/roman numerals of a name, special date, or place. With African jewelry designs and home accessories, the online shop makes it easy to access beautiful works from African designers—with everything from Zimbabwean ceramics to Jamaican ceramics and Haitian table linens. The Etsy jewelry selection is pretty impressive and you can find all sorts of handmade and custom jewelry designs online. bedroom? . Honestly, besides emergency travel and to see friends & family, I’m not planning to go very far this year. I’ve been lucky to travel the world (some 50ish countries) for the past 10 years as a writer, blogger, and influencer, but right now, in this moment, this year, I think my time and resources are better spent elsewhere. . Travel is something I strongly believe in and think it’s something we all should have the ability to experience, but while our world and my country hurts, I’m putting my energy into new endeavors right now. There will be a future in travel, and I can’t wait to be a part of it, but not now, not yet.

Taking Melatonin as a Sleep Aid: My Experience Trying to Sleep Better

Naturally produced by the body, usually at night in a process driven by ambient light, I’ve found it personally helpful to take melatonin tablets or gummies to help better regulate my sleep. Two of the gummies provide approximately 3mg of melatonin, and I found taking them to sleep at night are much more of what I need: enough to make me sleepy after getting into bed, but not enough to affect my dreams or waking habits. It’s easier to regulate the melatonin intake with a smaller dosage, and on those really rough nights when I just want to fall asleep, the 10mg tablets are a great alternative. On nights when I’m feeling extra anxious or struggling to find a way to fall asleep, there are some other sleep tricks I’ve been trying, but right now: taking a small amount of melatonin has been really helpful.

still on the streets 📢

Where to Shop for Home Apartment Furniture on a Budget

Originally looking to decorate my home apartment in a mid-century modern style, I found a pretty decent variety of furniture products all within my general budget at each of the biggest home decorating websites. From, you can buy all the usual things from the mega-retailer, but there’s also a pretty big selection of furniture and home decor. In my experience shopping furniture online, every time I found a piece of furniture on another site, I’d search the same item on the Walmart site and about 3 out of 5 times, it would be significantly cheaper (and available!). The furniture and home decor sections of the e-commerce site offer pretty much everything, including many Amazon-branded products.

wait, for how many years can i still claim “new to nyc” on my dating profile??? 🤔

hello, it’s sunday! and this is your weekly reminder to change your pillowcases and donate to @glits_inc to support #BlackTransLivesMatter 💫 Click the link in my story and bio to donate and if you’re in #Brooklyn, see you at the rally later today.

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