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One Step Forward, Too Many Steps Backward: Asia Struggles with Equality

Straight people in Asia, of course use dating apps as well, but if you’re in a repressive nation such as the People’s Republic of China, having apps that are specifically tailored to the gay community are a godsend. Setting aside the more religious nations of say, Indonesia or Brunei, where a strict interpretation of Islam forbids homosexuality to a rather severe degree, dating apps and sites are bringing an increasing degree of freedom to millions of LGBTQ people in East Asia. On May 24th, 2019 marriage equality became reality, as Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen congratulated same-sex couples and lauded the fact her nation had become the first in Asia (outside of Australia and New Zealand) to take the leap forward. Give marriage equality the same length of time as the Dutch have, and it’s more than likely divorce rates between straight and same-sex Taiwanese couples will stabilize – as they have in Holland where gay people have legally been allowed to web since 2001.

5 Romantic Trip Ideas to Look Forward To

To ensure that your trip to the Eternal City goes smoothly, get comprehensive travel insurance that has coverage of delayed flights of more than 3 hours, you want to be get on bed, not getting on the phone to the flight provider. Ramble around the gardens and museums in Ueno Park, witness the spectacular city landscape from the top of the Skytree Tower, or enjoy the adrenalin-pumping rides at Fuji-Q Highland. To fully experience old-world Japanese charm and hospitality, stay at a ryokan, a traditional inn that features communal baths, tatami-matted rooms, and authentic local cuisine. Here, you can marvel at the elegant architecture of the Ferrer Palace, people-watch in Parque Jose, dance rumba at Casa-Taller Santiago Hermes, sip wine from the patio in Palacio de Valle, and take a leisurely walk along the Cienfuegos Malecón.

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