Tanya Taylor

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mom, manager, & wonderfully made. former software developer who makes things happen. love tech, meeting people, and a good laugh!

Location Oak Park, IL
Country United States of America
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Travel Life Hack!  When traveling to, from, or between cities, I use that day to restrict food consumption and manage my weight.  FAST BAR is flavorful with healthy nutrients like cocoa nibs, macadamia nuts, pecans, almonds, and almond butter.  They can also be used as a meal replacement. 🙌 #TheFastBar #fastonyourownterms #nutritionbar #fasting #snack #fastination #herfastbar #ambcollab @thefastbar #travelhack #nongmo #glutenfree #GF #healthy #healthylifestyle #nutritionbar #weightmanagement #traveladdict #mytravelhack #fastination #intermittentfasting

Ideas to Organize Space in a College Dorm

I can't believe it's time for our daughter to begin her Freshman year of college. She's already completed orientation and worked with her counselor to create the first semester's schedule. We've planned for her to live in a dorm, but housing has become as unpredictable as a box of chocolates. so we're planning for a hybrid scenario where our student will be on campus for one or two days per week, and the rest of her learning will be remote or online.

The artwork artwork at Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle is spectacular! The craft is very distinguishable. And reminds me of the glass blown art on the island of Murano in Italy. Their works are displayed throughout the world at various hotels and museums. . . . . @chihulygg @chihulystudio @southwestair #Sweepstakes #WannaGetAway

Best Sun-Protection Tips for Men and Women

Every day, look forward to being outdoors and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. However, I don't want to let all those health benefits to be for nothing because the sun can also cause damage to the eyes and skin due to the ultra-violet rays. Whether you are spending a day at the beach during the summer, or on the ski slopes in winter, it's important to protect yourself from the harmful rays in every season of the year. Here are my top five tips for sun protection every day of the year to prevent skin disease and ailments.

I nominate Justice of the Pies Owner - Chef Maya-Camille Broussard . In addition to making phenomenal pies, she really stepped up to support our healthcare workers and the community by providing free meals during covid-19. . 📸: www.justiceofthepies.com . @discover @justiceofthepies #EatItForward #Sweepstakes

15 Things You’ll Want on a Road Trip

With airline travel restrictions and limited border entries, road trips have become a preferred method of travel. Well, you are in the right place because after a weekend getaway with family on an 8-hour drive to Kansas City, Missouri (one-way, I should add), I created this list of things you just should have to make the journey more enjoyable. It’s specifically designed for people (like me) who are short on road trip stamina, and constantly need to know "Are we there yet?"! I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising.

I wish to visit Seattle again. I PLANNED that reflection of the Needle in this photo.  Actually, no.  It was an accident.  Never knew it was there until I found this photo LOL! Sometimes, I can't See-At-All  (see what I did there?) 😂 #garden #Chihuly #visitSeattle #glass #orb #thingstodooutdoors #pacificnorthwest @seattlevisit @southwestair #Sweepstakes #WannaGetAway

The Best Self-Guided Donut Tours in Chicago

Those sweet, cake-like pastries make it plausible for everyone to enjoy dessert for breakfast. It is quite satisfying to start the day with a moist, sweet cake dripping with a hot, medium roast coffee. Since then, doughnuts have been created to offer some incredible flavors and ingredients like pistachios, Oreos, and maple bacon! Downtown Chicago has some of the best neighborhood hot spots to please your sweet tooth.

"A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine." - J. Brillat-Savarin I am so thrilled to have received several splendid styles of wine and casual wear from @boglevineyards. Impressively, they hold a Green Medal Leader award for demonstrating environmentally sound and sustainable practices in winemaking! 🙌🏻 See #linkinbio for more info. . By the way, what wine goes with Cinammon Toast Crunch? 😊 . . #winemaking #sustainablewine #boglevineyards #boglewine #winelovers #drinkoftheday #winetravel #chardonnayallday #moscatowine #moscatomonday #happylaborday #whatiamsipping #winebottles #happylabordayweekend🇺🇸 #whatsinmyglass #smoothandsaucy #keepfit #entertainingtonight #cheninblanc #winewednesday🍷

Have you tasted the wines from @boglevineyards? I count myself fortunate to have enjoyed a delicious array of white wines paired with artisan accoutrements. #ad . The Moscato has a light fruit flavor that is quite pleasing to the taste buds and paired well with a dessert. The sips of Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc were smooth and silky with impressive notes of vanilla and peaches, respectively. . I just have to share my recipe for enjoying the long holiday weekend. 1 charcuterie board 3 to 4 besties 5 bottles of wine from Bogle Vineyards Garnish with love and endless laughter . Thank you @boglevineyards for gifting these wonderful wines! See #linkinbio for more info! . What is your favorite type of wine? . #boglevineyards #boglewine #winelovers #drinkoftheday #winetravel #chardonnayallday #moscatowine #moscatomonday #happylaborday #whatiamsipping #winebottles #happylabordayweekend🇺🇸 #whatsinmyglass #smoothandsaucy #charcuterie #entertainingtonight #cheninblanc . 📸: Chenin Blanc, Moscato, Chardonnay Saves are just as nice as likes!

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