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Appreciate all Spirits, Wine, and Beer. 🥃🍷🍺 Collect Bourbon, Rye, and Rum Let me know if there is something you would like me to taste and review!

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Finally tried this. At 70 proof I don’t know if I would call it a whiskey. It tastes like thick simple syrup and peanut butter. I can see this being used for baking @whiskeycos and for making syrup for some boozy pancakes or waffles. #whiskey #liquer

When you realize you have 7 out of 10 recipes open you blend them all together! 1/2oz each. Missing OBSK, OBSO, OESF. Last time I had all 10 recipes was a few years ago. Now that I’m this close... I may try to track those three down. #whiskey #bourbon @fourrosesbourbon

Why is this so good!? Cheers to the weekend! #whiskey #bourbon

And 2019 LE is gone. 2015 is still my favorite... followed by 2016. You can never go wrong with any year of LE though. #whiskey #bourbon

Well, I stand corrected. @whiskeycos sent me a sample of his 111 Chattanooga to compare to my bottle. His sample is delicious. My bottle, not so much. Similar noses and taste profiles. Finish on my bottle/batch is just very off putting. It has a mineral taste to it. The finish on the sample is clean and sweet. Batch numbers in second picture for reference. Just got a bad bottle or batch apparently. #whiskey #bourbon

Today I am 40. So, drinking a birth year bourbon seemed appropriate. Wild Turkey distilled in 1971 and bottled in 1979. This was decanted and given to me from @whiskeycos. This is so good. 8 year Turkey... thick mouthfeel, floral, sticky sweet, and a finish that goes forever. Cheers to all my whiskey friends out there! #whiskey #bourbon #birthdaypour

I am not crazy! These taste almost identical. Nose and Finish are just barely different. This is insane. The LE drinks softer and has a much richer finish. Other than that... crazy close in taste. #whiskey #bourbon

Oh my this high proofer is delicious. It actually reminds me a lot of the 2019 LE so look for a side by side later to see if that’s even true. #whiskey #bourbon

Anyone ever see a @fourrosesbourbon pick this high in proof? OBSF 64.7% 129.4 Proof! A monster! #whiskey #bourbon

If only I had a Weller 12 year pick this blend would be complete. If only we could do Weller 12 year picks... @buffalotracedistillery Please? #whiskey #bourbon

Happy Repeal Day! While these aren’t Pint bottles, they make me think of the prescription bottles people would have gotten. Yes, I have a prescription for these 😉 Cheers! #whiskey #bourbon #nationalrepealday #prohibition #repealday

Don’t judge me. I just had to blend the 2019 LE. 1/2oz LE to 1 1/2oz OESK. These two come together to make the mouthfeel velvety soft and bump up the sweetness. A totally new taste profile. That’s the fun of blending. It’s like a whole different bottle. #whiskey #bourbon

How about an equal blend of @michterswhiskey Barrel Strength Rye from 2016 and 2019! Plus a little holiday spirit in the background. Cheers! #whiskey #rye Oh man the finish of these combined lasts forever!

@binnysbev knows how to pick these. Tasty. #whiskey #bourbon

Opened the other @newriff Rye Single Barrel. Barrel No. 15-2787. This is not as complex as the other single barrel I got but still really tasty. There is this milk chocolate note that makes this one stand out. #whiskey #rye

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