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Moonflower is a zero-waste traveling shop featuring an ever-evolving, consciously-curated collection of handcrafted jewelry. Supporting the preservation of traditional craftsmanship and celebrating the talents of artisans far and wide, we collect our pieces and form relationships with their makers as we travel around the world.

In early 2017, on travels through Thailand, India, and Nepal, we were struck with awe of the talents of craftspeople and the allure of their wearable masterpieces and began collecting those that called to us. From there we made our way around the world, stopping off along the way to showcase our ensemble at festivals and markets. In the years since, we have continued to explore and hand-select additions to our collection, establishing Moonflower as a source of high-quality goods with stories of their own. Thank you so much for accompanying us on this journey!

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Reminiscent of jewelry uncovered from some ancient tomb after having spent thousands of years in the dark and damp, silently waiting to be rediscovered, polished, and brought back to their former glory, anticipating the moment when they can once again gleam in the sunshine as they dangle from only the most worthy of lobes and beckon the eyes of passerby, the Petra Earrings command attention and bask in adoration, which always seems to be given to them in abundance.

I asked and you answered: the newly-dubbed The Oak’s Eye earrings have made their way online! These things are large and glorious and I love looking at them and, apparently, they look back at me too. Thank you all so much for helping me name these! I had a lot of fun with that and you saved these earrings from a potentially desolate life, doomed at birth by an ill-fitted name. I have to say that ‘The Oak’s Eye’ was my top pick (though Firelight was a close second - that one’s going in my back pocket for another day) and I’m delighted that it’s what we as a collective selected. Stick around for another naming session sometime soon; there are more earrings to add to the shop, and therefore more to be christened!

At least twenty-eight triangles have found their way onto our website, and they’re all contained in this one pair of earrings. Feels good to freshen up our site a bit!

“Moonflower earrings get noticed like a beautiful newborn baby” has to be my favorite snippet of a recent review. “I wore these the other day,” the author wrote, “and three different strangers complimented, ‘I love your earrings.’” Thanks for sharing the kind words and making me giggle (also sorta like a baby), M.E.!

I just submitted our application for this winter’s holiday market(s!), which was means I finally got around to processing these photos from last year! What a grand time that was. I’ve been enjoying the warmth of May, but Christmas in New York always sounds like a plan.

Hello from the other half of 2021! Though the year’s not quite over, this morning I found myself ruminating on what a wonderful one it’s been, feeling so grateful for all of the moments, big and small, that we were able to spend with you. Here’s a shot from one of those Big Moments, when we had the opportunity to vend at Firefly Music Festival and brought along some of our dearest friends for the ride. Looking forward to continuing to share with you all!

Phew, it’s been a while! I might not be so great at posting, but know that I’m still here, just a click away. Just thought I’d drop in to update you on the newest arrival in our shop, the lovely Deco Earrings! Inspired by the Roaring Twenties and hailing from one of India’s oldest cities, these minimalist brushed brass posts evoke a timeless beauty sure to set your heart aflappin’.

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