The Calorie Corridor

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‘Cause it’s all about food 🍔 and miles ✈️ 📍Toronto DM for invites, meets, reviews & promo or Reach me at:

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It’s burger’o clock🍔 Do you like massive burgers? 🍔 Do you want burgers that are dripping with cheese? 🧀 This is your sign that you should go check out @thebullger 🥰 In the picture: Picture 1: I ordered BUFFALO CHICKEN BURGER & BEYOND MEAT Picture 2: Buffalo Chicken - This burger had 4 pieces of chicken strips, coleslaw, lettuce, tomato and their special bullger sauce. Picture 3: Beyond Meat Veggie - This had a vegan burger patty, sautéed mushrooms and onions, guacamole, lettuce, tomato and pickles Picture 4: Their amazing panting Picture 5: They have two branches(Danforth & Queen) - I visited the Danforth Branch. Picture 6: The cute harry potter neon sign which I soooo wanted to steal 😂

Who doesn’t love the days when you don’t have to cook anything and you get home-made meals right at your doorstep? 🚪 @goodtiffinca provides healthy, affordable, vegetarian meals 🥬which are full of flavours, an amazing choice for everyone who are super busy 🧑‍💻on the weekdays and relaxing 🛌 on the weekends! They provide 3 meals each day(one homestyle, one restaurant style and one continental) and each box includes: 12oz Sauce, curry or dry item | Bread, roti or pasta | A side salad, yogurt or toast. . I ordered Alfredo pasta from them. The pasta sauce was given in a separate box so you can decide the amount of cream you’d like in your pasta with 2 garlic bread slices & Maa ki Dal which had buttery flavour, came with 3 rotis and salad. . . Verdict: I literally texted them just after having one bite that this was the best Tiffin I have had. Everything was flavourful and delicious. I will definitely order more from them and you should too!! 💕

Took a break with posting food pictures ‘cause this is just as important! Hand sanitizers are super important in these crazy times when the pandemic is at its peak! 🦠🥺 . is a medically directed, proudly Canadian🇨🇦, health and wellness brand that uses problem-solution based formulations. Excessive use of hand sanitizers tends to make your skin dry, however, Kalaya’s sanitizers are designed with hyaluronic acid to hydrate the hands and prevent dry skin with 70% USP Grade Ethyl alcohol for personal hand hygiene to prevent the spread of the bacteria. 🦠 💕Their products are gluten-free, cruelty-free and safe for sensitive skin! ✨Use code: NODE15 to get 15% discount on the items you purchase! ✨

💕Dear Desserts, I can never desert you!!💕 Since you can’t go out ‘cause of the restrictions I got this cute little box of goodies delivered at my doorstep! @cakeitupanotch_to freshly made desserts can make you go crazy with their amazing taste🥰 . . A little info about the box: The box’s name is ‘Tea Time to go’☕️ 🌸2 French macarons (strawberry moscato & lemon) 🌸2 slices banana bread 🌸2 cranberry orange scones 🌸2 chocolate dipped strawberries 🌸2 blueberry financiers (French almond cake) 🌸2 sloane tea sachets . . All of that for just $35? Isn’t that awesome!!! @cakeitupanotch_to is also running a promotion with @esperantogallery where if you spend $50 at the gallery you receive $5 off the Tea time box. . . Did these desserts made you drool? What are you waiting for? Go get yours at @cakeitupanotch_to ❤️

Being a vegan is not a big mis(sed)steak anymore!!! Who needs meat when your food can taste just like it?! Globally Local is Canada’s first 🍃Vegan 🍃 fast food chain that disrupts the fast-food industry by offering delicious food made from scratch using plant-based, minimally processed and sustainable ingredients that are good for people and planet. 🌍 . . In the picture: House-made Seitan Wings coated in ‘buttermilk’ batter served with their three signature sauces Onion rings coated in extra crunchy tempura batter and a peppery seasoning blend Thick cut fries with a fluffy inside and crispy battered coating on the outside with a hint of cracked black pepper, garlic and sea salt for perfect bite every time. Did this post make you hungry? What are you waiting for? Go hit up this restaurant (I bet you cant resist the temptation!) 💕💕

😍 I have always got a soft spot for a soft serve 😍 The weather is getting warmer ☀️each day and what’s better way to cool yourself down with an ice-cream? 🍦 La diperie offers over 30 different dips made with real chocolate and 25 toppings to choose from! You just have to follow 3 steps: STEP 1: Choose b/w a cone or a cup STEP 2: Choose your dip STEP 3: Choose your toppings . . Pictured: 💕Chocolate & Birthday Cake dipped ice-cream topped with Coconut and Cotton Candy(Left) 💕Cheesecake dipped ice-cream cone topped with lucky charms and sprinkles(Right) . Thank you @ladiperie for these delicious treats✨❤️

This restaurant is Naan-Profit! 🥲 Finally got a chance to visit this place and it blew my mind 🤯 This place specializes in a variety of stuffed naans varying from savoury, sweet and fusion flavours. Trust me, these naans are worth the hype!!!✨ Featuring: 🍗Chicken Malai Boti Naan: Naan stuffed with grilled chicken marinated with cream & mild spices. 🧀Paneer Makhani Naan: Naan stuffed with Fresh cottage cheese and tomato cream sauce. Served with smoky garlic dip. ☕️ Kashmiri Chai Tea and Saffron Karak Chai Tea ✨ Gulab Jamun: Dessert made of home-made fresh cottage cheese, steeped in rose fragrant sugar syrup . . This place is a hidden gem ready to be discovered in Toronto(Queen Street W) & Mississauga(Kingsbridge Garden Cir)

✨It’s horoscope time✨ What a beautiful day to grab some of Ten Ren’s refreshing drinks. They recently launched their horoscope series and it was refreshing. Both the drinks are served with tapioca and crystal Boba. The tapioca was really soft and the crystal boba added some fun to the drink. In the picture: ♉️Taurus(Left) : Strawberry Banana Slush 🍌🍓 ♈️Aries(Right) : Peach Pineapple Slush 🍍🍑 Here are all the flavours: ♑️Capricorn: Taro Red Bean 🍠🍠 ♒️Aquarius: Coconut Banana 🥥🍌 ♓️Pisces: Strawberry Peach 🍓🍑 ♈️Aries: Pineapple Peach 🍍🍑 ♉️Taurus: Strawberry Banana 🍓🍌 ♊️Gemini: Mango Coconut 🥭🥥 ♋️Cancer: Chocolate Banana 🍫🍌 ♌️Leo: Hibiscus Litchi ♍️Virgo: Passion Fruit Mango 🥭🥭 ♎️Libra: Red Bean Coconut 🥥🥥 ♏️Scorpio: Strawberry Grapes 🍓🍇 ♐️Sagittarius: Passion Fruit Pineapple 🍍🍍 🔮 What is your horoscope drink? 🔮

I am falafel-ing in love with this platter ❤️ In the picture: Classic Falafel Platter(served with fries, salad, rice or mashed potatoes) 📍: @fusionloungeca #globaleats

Celebrating the long weekend with the thing I love the most! 💚This Martabak💚 . . I tried their red velvet & chocolate martabak almost a month ago and loved it so much that I had to try all their flavours. So, this was the third one I ordered from them! The martabak is so scrumptious that it really gets hard for you to share with others. P.S. it happened in my case! ~ Pandan Martabak - topped with cream cheese & chocolate ~ 📍: @delishmartabak

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