William Guerrero

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Just a kid from Pilsen doing what he loves!

Member Since APRIL 26, 2020
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We love you Melissa💖

I’m so proud of my kids g😭❤️🥺

Why sleep to dream when you can live it? ⚪️⚫️❤️

Pick your pattern…

STOP THE ViOLENCE -As I arose in the morning from my homies crib. I woke up to some disturbing news. -I think we all are aware of the event that happened in Little Village. -I sat on the couch just thinking about it and anger just filled me. Someone careless. I just sat and wondered how I could approach my Sunday morning? -Reflection and Gratitude. -I went to pick up my wife and I made sure to make it extra special that day for no reason. But one might say because it could’ve been my last day.. -So we went somewhere nice and she ordered pasta. I ordered something vegan because I'm trying to be like my homies lol. -We were alone and enjoyed our time together. -What’s messed up during our time together is that I was looking over my shoulders to see any possible “disturbance”, well that’s an everyday thing now ever since 2012. -I kept thinking about that little one. I was also thinking about the killer, although he/she is not known but just know I am thinking about you… I mean who wakes up and says “today is the day that I might do something that can change the course of someone’s life”...obviously you guys know what I mean. -As I kissed my wife goodbye, I texted my dad to see if we needed to get groceries. I arrived at the Ashland Orange Line station, the bus heading northbound was going to arrive within 20 min… I wasn’t going to wait that long. - The lyft driver asked “How is your day man?” and from there the conversation took place, we touched a bit about the event that happened in Little Village and he made a comment “You know back in the days when those people would see mothers or children they would put that thing away, but now with this new generation they are just dumb and stupid” we proceeded to talk more and we said our farewells with “Be Safe”.... Not a goodnight….but “Be safe”... crazy right? -Not quite -I did some grocery shopping and ordered another lyft home because I didn’t feel comfortable walking at night for some reason on Sunday. -I was welcomed home with a smile from my siblings and father and hugged them extra tight. -Tomorrow is not promised so remember to be kind and stay safe. Rest in peace little one Yours Truly -KiD

Sneak peek

khinahs.personas ⚪️⚫️🙏🏽

cafejumpingbean you have a special place in my ❤️

Update on the project more info! Please spread the word!

Laundry -I love doing laundry (My laundry that is of course). You know putting in the necessary ingredients to make sure my clothes smell fresh and when they come out the dryer to come out wrinkle free and then later folding it like that’s the cherry on top right there ma. -You know the song “Foldin Clothes” By Jcole? -This is a song I listen to every single time I do laundry because I think it is dope to have something to listen to while also doing laundry like that’s god right there, you know what i'm saying? -It’s the simple things -Not only that but doing Laundry on a Sunday to make sure you got clothes for the week and maybe even potentially the month? Now that’s setting me up for success. -I was also in a meeting with _tanyalozano towards the end of my laundry curfew. -But also notice I only wear one earphones in one of my ears. The reality of that is because we live in Chicago… Anything can happen… -I pray that we all can live and listen with both earphones in peace soon… -So to be observant and vigilant while also attending the meeting or listening to songs is a whole other level of multi tasking. -At the end of the day I send my flowers and thanks to our creator for a safe travel home. -Remember that self care is revolutionary in this age of challenge and growth. -Keep Creating and Keep Documenting. Yours Truly -KiD

GRATTiTUDE…. - As some of you guys may know it is a dream of mine to take photos for the chicagobulls. - Today I got to take this day to Shadow vashon_photo and fellas let me tell you it’s a whole different ball game. I love the rush. - I learned some new things along the way. -Immense gratitude to vashon_photo and delilah1st for helping me get into this amazing opportunity. I thank you for your vote of confidence and I will not let you guys down. - And to my family I hope you are proud of me. -Photographer in training! - I’ll see you in the next bulls game!

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