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We're the Educated Barfly and we want to teach you how to make the perfect craft cocktail at home!

We do tutorials three times a week, in-depth book reviews, product review and spirits education. We're also travelling the US and the world to give you a look at the world's greats bars.

Come join us!

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Back together and it feels so good! Had so much fun at the Cole’s (@colesfrenchdip) Alumni Bar at @abtghq Back together after at least 6 years if not longer! Every single one of these people has been killing it In the industry from running brands to bar programs to writing books! Love you guys! @doctorbyday @falcofernet @carisunnie @zxenos @fabian_rodri_87_ Photo by: @eugeneshoots

Really stoked that the Old crew from @colesfrenchdip will be back one more time for @abtghq this year! It’s the tenth anniversary so it only seems right! Get your tickets and come have some classics with us! #classiccocktails #colesfrenchdip #cocktails #theeducatedbarfly

A couple of months ago I was asked to Bartend at an event for @slanewhiskey , Create a Menu and execute behind the bar for the first time since I was furloughed during COVID. I was a little nervous but after setting up and greeting guests, it was great to be back in the saddle after two years. And you know what? I really miss it! Here’s to hoping for more opportunities behind the stick in the future! Photo Credit: @eugeneshoots

They say not all heroes wear capes…

Today we take a slight departure and look at a way to make Creme De Mûre blackberry Liqueur. This is one of the most requested recipes I think we’ve ever had and we’ve finally made an official episode on it. Cheers!

Happy World Cocktail Day! What are you putting in your glass? #cocktail #worldcocktailday #favoritecocktail #bestdrink

Today on the show we dive into Beta Cocktails one of the most influential books with cocktails so out there they come with a Manifesto! Really this book has been kicking around for years, I finally got my hands on it and I’m stoked to do a video. These cocktails aren’t for everyone but I promise for those who try them, for better or worse, they’ll change your life!

I lovingly refer to the The Last Word as the cocktail that Launched a thousand riffs. It is a Prohibition Era cocktail that has been the most popular in Modern times. Today on the show we take a look at the original, and three riffs which built on this template to introduce some really great (and popular) Cocktails becoming (Modern) Classics in their own right. So if you’re into it…you know what to do! Cheers!

Thanks to @wellnest_la and @rotaryla5 for entrusting us with the cocktails the other night! And thanks to @nathanhowardishere for knocking out some beautiful drinks with me! Epic night all around and great to be back in the saddle again In person!

Today we dive back Into the world of Don The Beachcomber & Trader Vic and ask ourselves: are these Tiki’s WORST cocktails? One way to find out! Come on this journey with us! Shout out to @tikiti1961 for the amazing mug and @kontigotikibar for the Tropical umbrella lantern and @thehulagirls for turning us on to it! Cheers!

What’s up guys! Check our recent video on Cantera Negra just in time for cinco de Mayo. Why stick to Margarita when you can have a Spicy Añejo Sour? Cantera Negra Añejo Tequila is aged for no less than 30 months and boasts flavors of Cinnamon, Vanilla, Caramel and Smoke. It is artfully blended with a mix of bourbon and cognac cask aged Tequila for truly exceptional flavor and balance. If you’re interested and want to learn more just go to @canteranegratequila or if you want to pick up a bottle follow the link in our bio! #DrinkCanteraNegra #CanteraNegraTequila #CanteraNegraPartner #CanteraNegra #tequila #tequilatime #tequilacocktails

What does the church and these cocktails have in common? Tune in to today’s video to find out!

What do you get when you mix an enterprising competitive fisherman and a venerated tequila making family? Give up? You get some of the best tequila on the market that’s what you get! Surprised? Me either! In Today’s video we explore three easy-to-make Tequila cocktails with a few different expressions of Cantera Negra Tequila. Cantera Negra is an award-winning tequila that has been produced for over 40 years by the Becherano Family. The founder, Alberto Becherano spent over a decade perfecting his method for making some of the best tequila in the world. These are very versatile premium tequilas that go a long way to making a truly incomparable experience whether drinking neat or in a cocktail. So head on over to our YouTube for the videos if you’re into it, and c’mon, it’s a new tequila why wouldn’t you be into it? amiright? If you'd like to learn more about Cantera Negra check 'em out on insta @canteranegratequila #DrinkCanteraNegra #CanteraNegraTequila #CanteraNegraPartner #CanteraNegra #tequila #tequilatime #tequilacocktails

Today’s cocktail is the Fay Wray from @donnabklyn The bar may be closed but that doesn’t mean their drinks can’t live on! We were so fortunate to be able to visit on our last trip to NYC and here’s to hoping that the bar will live again in some form or another!

Happy Friday you glorious people you! #tgif #drinks #stirred #mezcal #oldfashioned #cocktails #classiccocktails #classicdrink

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