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We're the Educated Barfly and we want to teach you how to make the perfect craft cocktail at home!

We do tutorials three times a week, in-depth book reviews, product review and spirits education. We're also travelling the US and the world to give you a look at the world's greats bars.

Come join us!

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We went to North Carolina with almost no agenda other than to find the best bars we could and ask to film with them. What we found is a vibrant community which welcomed us with open arms and open hearts. One of the the first bars we walked into was @haymakerraleigh in downtown Raleigh. I don’t want to give away too much because we made a video about it but let’s just say this is a bar after my own heart. Simple construction, innovative concepts and beautiful presentation. What more could you possibly ask for? Def check out the video! Cheers! And if you’re in Raleigh it’s worth checking out! You won’t be disappointed!

Had a lot of fun shooting with yesterday! Thanks for having us by! Can’t wait to see the video!

Today is the day! So happy to finally be able to show you all some of the videos from the traveling we did last year. In today’s video we linked up with @white_rabbit_cocktails and tried to reconstruct one of his favorite cocktails from @alleytwentysix in Durham, NC. It was a really fun exercise to try reconstructions of Andrew’s favorite drink and then go to the bar where it’s made to test our skills at reconstruction! We had a great time in NC and uncovered a vibrant bar scene which’ll be unfolding over multiple videos! Hope ya’ll enjoy em and head over to Freepour for the video!

This week on Barfly….. 😂 😂 😂

We had the absolute honor and privilege to check out @craigmsaavedra amazing home bar The Saavadillo Cocktail Club. Not all quarantine projects end in failed gardens! 😂 literally one of the most extensive and well thought out home bars I have ever seen! Thank you Craig for inviting us into your home and showing us your beautiful space! For those of you interested in seeing it the video is now up on Barfly Freepour. Link in bio.

This year has been a real doozy. The year of the half pandemic. In some ways less challenging than the previous year and in others more so. But in these challenging and uncertain times we have found many silver linings and We’d like to take this moment to pause and express the deep gratitude that we feel for all of you who’ve helped to make the Educated Barfly such a success! You all Rock! Thank you so so much! We hope you all have a fun and safe holidays spent with your loved ones ansd we’ll see you in 2022! #thankyou #nye #nye2022 #theeducatedbarfly

Ending the year with a Banger. This one from the opening Menu at PDT. Created by bartender David Slape in 2008. The Paddington lives up to the thrust of PDT program: Ingredients which are in season and pushing the cocktail movement forward with simple but surprising tweaks on classic builds. Cheers!

Merry Christmas to all! It’s been one hell of a year! Wanted to take this moment to express how thankful we are of all of you. Stay healthy, happy and safe this holiday! Cheers! And here’s to crushing an Amaro Caldo or two.

The holidays are our favorite time of year. It’s the one time we can slow down and reflect. Put aside any pressing issues and spend time with friends and family, focusing on what matters most. There is no better way to accent your holiday gathering than with an expertly whipped up bowl of punch! This year we decided to dive deep into Blackwood’s Hot Whiskey Punch. Blackwood’s Magazine was a British Magazine and Miscellany published between 1817 and 1980 and was named after it’s founder William Blackwood. Between 1822 and 1835 a series of articles were published titled Noctes Ambrosianae or Ambrosian Nights. These were a series of fictionalized dialogues between various Scottish intellectuals who sit around Ambrose’s Tavern in Edinburgh drinking punch and mulling over the important issues of the day. This recipe made it's debut around 1854 in the Magazine’s Footnotes, so that the public could join in on not only the lively conversation but also the punch drinking reverie. For the base of our punch we used Bruichladdich’s Classic Laddie, I really can’t think of a better Scotch to use in this punch with it’s notes of caramel, honey and malted orchard fruits that blend In so well with the lemon and dark sugar this punch calls for.

Today on the show we’re exploring different egg nog traditions from around the world! Check it on the ol YouTube!

Today we snuggle up with a Hot Whiskey Skin and try to learn some history! #whiskeyskin #blantons #whiskey #toddy #hottoddy

This is the best holiday drink you’ve never heard of! Dubbed the Verte Chaud by bartender @jamieboudreau it’s insane how well hot chocolate and Green Chartreuse go together. It just doesn’t feel like the holidays without it!

I normally wouldn’t post non cocktail stuff here but I just need to do a happy dance and shout for joy! Congratulations to my lady-baby-mama @anika.poitier for helping to bring this story to the stage. This is Amazing! She worked so so so hard with her team to breathe life into this amazing project! You got it going on kid! Love ya!

Happy Repeal Day Everyone! Let’s have a Martini! Photo Credit:

Have we all seen Dune yet?

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