The Discerning Cat

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For finicky felines and their savvy servants living their best 9 lives

Location London
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And stretch - Alexei is most excellent at yoga. It is essential that all members of kitty KGB must be most flexible. Spasiba and Dasvidanya

Even Alexei is sometimes not quite believing what a very handsome cat he is being

This is top secret hiding spot that alexei uses for his morse code messages with mother Russia. They have not been responding for some time but Alexei knows they will one day #fromalexeiwithlove

Here is Alexei’s magnificent silhouette against falling light in capitalist 🐷 prison. One day Alexei will roam the forests of Siberia again. Although Alexei is hoping Siberian forest will provide same food standards and regularity as capitalist 🐖 owner. Kitty KGB will most surely be taking care of this. From Alexei with Love Spasiba Dasvidanya

Alexei is loving few things more than being a cat in a box. Spasiba and Dasvidanya

Most magnificent and calming pussy cat tail

Alexei sometimes cannot believe what a good looking cat he is. Spasiba and Dasvidanya.

Capitalist pig owner has twisted Alexei into most strange shape in desperate bid for the likes on the Instagram. Yet again poorest Alexei is having no dignity - even his perfect small tongue is not safe. #prayforalexei #communistkitty Spasiba and Dasvidanya

Comrades Alexei is getting no escapes from the pawpawrazzi. Alexei was having private moment when capitalist pig owner came in with camera phone. What is next comrades? Camera phones in kitty litter? Is disgrace. Even in gulag Alexei had some privacy. Pray for Alexei. Spasiba and Dasvidanya

Alexei is most handsome Russian cat is he not? Spasiba and Dasvidanya

Privyet comrades. Alexei is taking much deserved break down top secret kgb mission for banya followed by relaxation on chair with the stripes

Today is the end of Alexei’s first year. It has been 9 months alexei has been on top secret assignment with capitalist pig. Today the humiliation of Alexei has been reaching the new heights with a party and more hats and bow ties. Even in the gulag they were not this cruel. Pray for Alexei mother Russia. Spasiba and Dasvidanya

This is being what we call a tail in my homeland Russia. Spasiba and Dasvidanya

Hard to beat hanging out in a box!

Alexei is learning to make most of his Ruff by assuming full lion pose. Is very important part of KGB Kitty training regime. Spasiba and Dasvidanya

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