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Can’t get enough of comfies 🙌🏼 Joggers - @manieredevoir Jumper (gifted) - @femmeluxefinery

Advice I'm Glad I Never took or Listened to, 5 pieces you shouldn't either

I know people mean well with these pieces of advice but personally, I don’t agree. This is probably one of the most popular cliche pieces of advice out there and you’ve most likely heard it about 50 billion times, I know I have and for the most part it can be a particularly true statement.. No actually, they don’t always know best. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes what they say can be valuable, but they don’t always know what is best for you even if they think you do.

(gifted) “In a world where you can be anything, be kind” may be a saying you’ve heard floating around a lot this year but it is so so important. Kindness goes a long way, especially with the current global situation, helping someone and being kind to them could do more wonders than you imagine. Top gifted from @femmeluxefinery #luxegal

The Fear Of Rejection

is it hard to get over (especially recently, but I won’t touch on that here, click THIS link to subscribe to my new weekly newsletter where I’ll go into depth on my personal fear of rejection in an email towards the end of next week! ) I feel like I’m failing which leads to feeling like I want to give up and that’s just a big no. There’s nothing you can do to avoid failure or rejection, just make sure you use it to better yourself as a person and to keep going. Take charge of your life and accept that everything’s not always going to go your way, but in the end it’ll all be so so worth it!

How is everyone enjoying the nice weather? ☀️☀️ Skirt - @asos top - @boohoo

Major Life Lessons You Can Learn From Gossip Girl

In life you don’t have to pretend you like people you don’t, as long as you act like a civilised human being and aren’t a complete twat about it You need to admit when you know it’s just not going to work even though it’s going to hurt, because forcing something that you both aren’t in the right place for is just going to end up hurting 50 times more in the long run I’m being a bit of a hypocrite here considering the thought of losing the person I have is the most unbearable thing ever but at the end of the day we will always make it through and we will always survive without the person we never thought we could live without having. This post was originally going to include a few more but after realising how much I was rambling on I thought it would be better to save those for a part 2 in the near future, wouldn’t want to bore you all with a post that’s too long now

Are you even friends if you don’t steal each other’s clothes 🤣 @lizzie.osborne

Blogging, why you should start your own blog today!

I started my blog because I loved to write, I never expected myself to fall in love with photography possibly even more than I love writing, which is a huge thing to overstep and it all happened by pure accident. You never would have guessed it but it really does, so many people tell me how much more confident I seem due to my blog and Youtube, yes I may still be a very shy person but compared to the person I used to be Not everyone may be into inspiring and helping other people, when i first started this blog that was never actually my intention, however over the years my writing style changed and I found a style I finally fit into, and the majority of the posts on this blog now are about making others feel less alone, making people think, giving advice and helping people out. This is slightly more difficult to explain but I’m a lot more open minded now than I was a few years ago all because of having a blog.

Getting the summer florals ready 💐 How great has this weather been lately?! @boohoo #boohoointhehouse

The comfiest loungewear from @manieredevoir 🙌🏼

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