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Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger - Contact me:

Location Rotherham, South Yorkshire South Yorkshire
Country United Kingdom
Member Since JANUARY 20, 2019
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(previously gifted) I’m loving today’s summer vibes ☀️ I already can’t wait for more sun ☀️ What’s your favourite season? 🌈 Top: @femmeluxefinery 🦋 Jeans: @urbanic_official (gifted)

Sunset Desires: 4 Ways to Make Your Money Work for You

Money doesn’t just grow on trees, and if you want more of it to buy the latest fashions or have more great holidays, you need to find ways to make more of it. You need to think about plenty of things when you are going to buy a holiday rental property. This means that if you want to make sure that your money works for you, you will need to take the time to learn how to invest. Money is something that you need in your life, but it is something that you also need to learn to make it work for you.

(previously gifted) I’m sick of wearing black jeans and a jumper for my everyday outfits, so now I’m trying to branch out, starting with this look. Let me know what you think. 🤍 Dress: @dresslily (gifted) 🖤 Cardigan: @boohoo

Sunset Desires: 10 Lockdown Activities to Inspire Creativity

Colouring and drawing have been known to have therapeutic effects so if you are feeling stressed out, let your creativity flow by drawing something fun and unique or let yourself zone out and colour in a picture in a colouring book. Maybe you could pick a household item like a piece of furniture to turn it into something completely different or, for a more simple activity, why not create some book art ? I used Book Art by Clare Youngs which has step-by-step instructions on numerous amounts of book art projects. I need to get that book out again and try something else as it was definitely a fun activity.

A random outfit from Wednesday, where I actually left the house for something other than work. 💕 Cardigan: @isawitfirst 💙 Skirt: @newlook

Sunset Desires: 5 Campervan Facts to Blow Your Mind

Apart from the fact that taking a holiday in a campervan will cost a fraction of the price of an overseas holiday, there are other reasons too, as to why it’s better than travelling to another country. For example, The Caravan Club, established about 110 years ago, is now known as The Caravan and Motorhome Club, because of the enormous increase in popularity of motorhomes as a preferred accommodation option with many holidaymakers. It is also great for disabled individuals to travel around the country because not all public or private transport has the facilities that the disabled would need while they are travelling. Apart from the fact that a campervan can be equipped with everything that the disabled person would need while out on the road, but also the fact that he/she can have their families with them as well.

(AD - Gifted) I think I have more loungewear than normal clothes at this point. These two pieces are from 🤍

Sunset Desires: Night Owl Duvet Review

This makes the Night Owl more hygienic than other duvets because more often than not you generally tend to only wash the cover rather than the full duvet itself every time. I have a double-sized bed but I picked a king-size duvet as that is the size I usually use when it comes to other duvets. I still think I picked the right option though as I like having extra cover available to me, especially when I have a cover stealer laid at the side of me each night. Night Owl coverless duvets are definitely the way forward for ease and comfort as well as hygiene

Yesterday’s look. Pink on pink 💖 Denim shirt dress: @missguided 💖 What would you wear with the denim dress?

(Previously gifted) A bit of a monochrome look today with a @femmeluxefinery denim jacket and corset top paired with the classic black jeans 🖤 What colour would you add to this look?

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