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Designing my dream life over here 🍀 . #writerslife #writerscommunity #writingcommunity #igwriters #instawriter #writersoninstagram #authorsofinstagram #authorlife #paranormalromancebooks #paranormalromancereads #paranormalromancenovels #romancebooks

When the library delivers all of your dreams…at the same time. . My #tbrpile - Have you read any of these? . I'm so torn I don't know where to start 😑 . #paranormalromancebooks #paranormalromancereads #paranormalromancenovels #romancebooks #fantasybooks #mysterybooks #books #bookaholic #bookstagrammer #reader #booknerdigans

Happy Anniversary to my awesome husband. Thanks for being you ❤️ Here’s to many more!! @adamwithnoinsta @adamhulsesports . #happyanniversary #lifeisgood #wholelottalove #familyoffour

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there but especially to my husband 🥰 . We are truly blessed to have you and our kids adore you endlessly (if you can't tell) . Thanks for being you and for everything you do for us @adamwithnoinsta @adamhulsesports . We love you! ❤️ . #happyfathersday #familytime #lifeisgood

The sun is shining, and so am I 🌞 . Except not bright red 😅 . Thanks to this complimentary makeup primer from e.l.f. I can have fun in the sun without worrying about burning. . Plus, it helps my makeup last all day, so I'm always camera ready . Hollywood, I'm ready! (haha) . #complimentary #elfskin #eyeslipsface #elfingamazing @Influenster @elfcosmetics

Listen to me live at 4:05! . Tune into WDVR-FM 89.7 FM to hear more about me and my #romancebooks . So excited and honored for the opportunity 😁 . #paranormalromancebooks #paranormalromancereads #paranormalromancenovels #romancebooks #fireflies #dragonflies #butterflies #sheahulse #celticromance #irishwriter #bestsellingauthor #amazonbestseller

🎉It's official!🎉 . Fireflies is officially 5 star rated by @readersfavorite--an amazing honor that wouldn't have been possible without the incredible love and support from everyone reading. . If you haven't gotten your copy yet, make sure to check it out--you won't want to miss the story of two unlikely souls and their magical journey together! . #firefliesbook #bestseller #bookstagram #paranormalromancebooks #paranormalromancereads #paranormalromancenovels #romancebooks #fireflies #dragonflies #butterflies #sheahulse #celticromance #irishwriter

When two complete opposites find themselves in a magical world neither knew existed, sparks fly! Fireflies tells the story of a beautiful loner and a handsome recluse who discover that they have more in common than they thought. As they navigate a dangerous new world with unexpected allies, will their newfound connection bring them closer together or tear them apart? . I am proud to announce that Fireflies has found it's way to Ireland, where the lore began! Thanks to @charliebyrnesbookshop (and incredible marketing friends) for including Fireflies in your collection AND placing it in the front window. I am unbelievably grateful for the honor and doubly so for the beautiful pictures sent to me of my book in your store. I can't wait to make it to Ireland and come visit your wonderful (highly recommended) bookshop 🍀 . Discover what happens next when you read Fireflies. This magical story of adventure and romance will take you on a breathtaking journey that will leave you wanting more. Visit Charlie Byrne’s Bookstore today to get your copy! . #charliebyrnesbookshop #fireflies #dragonflies #butterflies #sheahulse #celticromance #irishwriter #writerslife #writerscommunity #writingcommunity #authorlife #paranormalromancebooks #paranormalromancereads #paranormalromancenovels #romancebooks

It’s true: authors don’t get out much. . But thanks to this complimentary luxurious shampoo, conditioner, and thermal spray from OGX, when I do get out I can look my best. . I mean if I’m going to be the next J.K. Rowling I need to start looking the part 😅 . So when I'm not typing away on my computer in my pajamas, I'm using this and looking like a respectable member of society and not a troll 🤦🏻‍♀️ . . . #OGXVolumeBox #complimentary @ogx_beauty @Influenster #writerslife #writerscommunity #writingcommunity #igwriters #instawriter #writersoninstagram #authorsofinstagram #authorlife

Top 10 Tips To Rock Digital Marketing And Be More Productive

Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, tech is here to stay so no matter what business If this is the first you’re hearing of this then reference my articles on attraction marketing and starting your own business because that will help clarify who you want to target, why, and this will help with how! Create a tagline, have the same photo for all of your social media platforms, use two-three different colors and fonts to create a theme. It’s fine to switch a few things up from time to time, change a font here, create a new tagline, change your profile picture!

My Favorite Natural Beauty Products

Keep in mind, not all are with all-natural ingredients, it’s simply all to achieve a look that looks like you’re not really wearing makeup, make sense? Charcoal Mask-I need the charcoal mask because like I said I have larger pores and what happens is they get filled with dirt and other bacteria throughout the day. These natural beauty products are all about creating a good base that you can build on with whatever makeup look you want. If your skin is great, you don’t even need to be bothered with any makeup, those are just my favorites for a simple makeup look.

I Used to Think Self-Care Was Selfish

Self-care is not only not selfish, it’s the only way to give back to the ones you love. n’t go into the reasons why I used to think self-care was selfish in this article, but you can check out my recent post on Medium for a little insight there. I think you should still try to prioritize healthy self-care things. A cigarette a day isn’t exactly self-care since it’s not good for you and they’re highly addictive.

How To Manage Time As A Parent — Shea Hulse — Manage Home

n’t give him his milk, or my undivided attention, or that I haven’t rocked him for the better part of 3 hours now. If he doesn’t nap today, so be it, but he has to learn that mommy can’t be his constant entertainment. To manage time as a parent, you can’t My son doesn’t like attention much.

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