Shakti Shunmugam

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🇿🇦🇮🇳🇨🇦🇫🇷🏄🏂 ♥Mama to Kirav (10/15/2021) 👑@missinterglobal🇿🇦’20 👑Top 15 @missworld🇨🇦’19 👑Ms S British Columbia World'19 💎CEO @mykalaharii @elysium.concierge

I love to travel, surf, snowboard, experience culture, go on adventures, try new things and challenge myself daily! Find me travelling the world, while exploring and helping communities I visit! ♥️

Location Vancouver , British Columbia
Country Canada
Member Since JUNE 08, 2021
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Best part of our morning routine, is waking up to your 1-toothed smile, loving eyes and morning cuddles…and the sleepless night is forgotten. ☀️🤍 The sun light was hitting just right when dado @heavybilldozer took these photos of us in the playpen but little bub @lifeofkirav was too distracted, energized and eager to play…hard to get a still shot of these little 6 month olds 😂 . . #momlife #earlymorning #boymom #parenting #6monthsold #babyboy #mama #newmom #mixedbaby #mommy #mommylife #morningroutine #sunshine #mexico #loscabos

Dia del Niño with my baby boy 🤍 @lifeofkirav Thank you to our new friend 📸 for capturing these 🥰 @rubasbakerymx 🧁 . . . #diadelnino #boymom #babyboy #mexico #loscabos #momlife #6monthsold #parenting #art #graffiti

"Which profession deserves the highest salary and why?"- @missworld “I think a mother is of the highest respect. I don’t think its just about cash but love and respect she gives to someone. She is the biggest inspiration in my life. Mother should get the highest respect.” - @manushi_chhillar Miss World 2017 . This year’s #IWD is themed #breakthebias and I would like to dedicate my day to all the mothers out there. Whether you’re a working mom or stay at home mom, we do have the most important job- raising these tiny little beings to be loving, compassionate, morally/ethically conscious, contributing members of society. They are the youth of today but the adults of tomorrow- the leaders, the dreamers, the healers, the changers,…the visionaries who will go on to create our World’s “Tomorrowland” Motherhood is one of the most strenuous jobs (both physically and mentally) and yet it comes without monetary recognition. It is one of the toughest and most challenging experiences I’ve been growing through in my life. Yet, one of the most unrecognized positions where being a “stay at home mom” is oftentimes looked down upon or sacrificing dreams for some time spent bonding with and raising a new life means missing a job opportunity, where because we have the title “mom” and hold all the qualifications to have a deserving and equally paid job position, we come in second place or undercut from our worth, financially. Where there is judgement cast on a mom still wanting to keep her individuality, when the best type of mom is a happy mom. A mom who is able to show her children what it means to live a life of fulfillment, follow their dreams and live without a care for judgement- because at the end of the day, we only have this life; a short span of time in Earth’s lifetime, to do whatever the hell makes us happy and to show our children that to survive in this world they need to do what makes them happy. Because this is a tough world- full of critics, Nay-Sayers and people who constantly want to bring others down and take away their light. This is why as mothers, we need to #breakthebias and lead by example, be the best we can for our gen Alpha’s ♥️ #momlife #boymom

🌹♥️ . . . Shot for @influent_mag @influent_mag 📸 @florentcarmin 🏨 @nobuloscabos

Ki’s first beach day 🧡 #photodump . #boymom #momlife #3months . . . #newmom #family #mixedbabies #mixedbabyboy #travelmom #travelfamily #travel #mexico #cabo #drop

Once upon a time in Mexico 🌵☀️ Shot for @influent_mag @influent_traveler . @wildcanyon . . . #atv #cabo #mexico #travel #travelmom #desert #loscabos #cabomodel

Might have left the mountains, but I’m still enjoying the climb of my life Whistler.12.2021 🤍 . . . #whistler #snow #chalet #cabin #snowboarding #skiresort #travel #winter #momlife #boymom #travelmom

It’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you 🤍 Missed out on snow boarding this year, but that didn’t stop us from improvising to get in a Whistler mountain adventure… @heavybilldozer and I found this little snow racer in our Cabin and managed 5 runs down our street, on Blueberry Hill, before the call of @lifeofkirav beckoned us home. Mini downhill thrill accomplished I guess 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ #parentlife #boymom . . #whistler #sleigh #winter #winterwonderland #travelcouple #couplegoals #travel #momlife

Baby Ki, it’s cold outside 😝❄️♥️ @lifeofkirav’s first time in winter wonderland ☃️ Whistler is one of my favourite places to spend the snow season and I can’t wait until this little guy is old enough to shred these mountains with me! Unfortunately, with my c-section recovery and taking care of this little guy, I won’t get a chance to 🏂 this season. In the meantime, enjoying the winter magic with this little cutie🙊♥️ . . . #boymom #momlife #whistler #winter #winterwonderland #postpartum

Finally made it to week 6 of my post partum journey and road to recovery! While motherhood has been rewarding and my heart constantly full, these first few weeks have also been quite a challenge. 24/7 meeting baby Kirav’s needs, while recovering from a C-section, running on a spread out 5 hours of sleep (daily), while scrambling to find time to eat. I feel like we’re finally figuring out and getting into a routine that works best for our family, balancing our time to adjust with all these new changes! I know it will take time to get back into shape and into my fitness regime, but for now my priority has been to focus on raising @lifeofkirav with @heavybilldozer as we begin our journey as a new family ♥️ This week, I’ve been working on balancing my time, to fit in an hour a day of some light swimming, as I rehabilitate my muscles (post c sec) as well as slowly work on getting back into shape. At home, most of my time has been spent in undies, with having to nurse every 90 mins & being burped on 😂 Ladies, I swear by these Post-Partum undies that have been a huge help these 6 weeks: Thank you to @revolundies for supplying me with the most comfortable, cute, eco-conscious and locally made post-partum underwear! Post c-section I wore a medical binding that helped me keep everything in place! A few weeks ago switched to this binding by @bumpsuit which feels amazing and can hardly be seen under my clothes! . #postpartum #csection #bumpsuit #revol #postpartumjourney #boymom #momlife

Love of my life, Happy first full moon of life 🌝✨🤍 . . . #boymom #momlife #momsofinstagram #1month #babyboy #mixedbaby #babiesofig

@malibufarmloscabos 🥤💗 . 📸 @florentcarmin . . #malibufarm #loscabos #milkshake #pinup

Boo!! 👻🎃🦖🧡 @lifeofkirav’s first Halloween, he’s a natural Snuggle-Boo 👻🧡 @heavybilldozer and I didn’t get a chance to dress up this year, but it’s @lifeofkirav’s first Halloween and thankfully his Aunty @nishamarimuthu got him a cute little outfit, we couldn’t resist! 😍 . . . #boymom #babiesofinstagram #babyboy #babymodel #mixedbabies #mixedbabyboy #halloween #halloweenbaby

To my baby boy, Kirav Paul Cowley~ We welcomed you into this world on October 15th 2021- the most surreal, emotional and beautiful day of my life. You are my first baby. The one who made me a mom. The one who introduced me to the challenge of motherhood- to strive to be the best mom and best best version of myself that I can be, for you. I can’t promise you I won’t make any mistakes along the way… after all I’m still growing up too, learning everyday, as you will too, in this journey called life. But I can promise you, that no matter what, I will always be there for you. I have loved you from the first time I heard your heartbeat, long before I even met you. I’ve carried you in my heart since then and my love for you has only grown to a type of love I never even knew existed, until the day you made me a mom. There really are no words to describe how euphoric, dreamlike and timeless the past few days have been; Just holding you in my arms, snuggeroos, looking into your soulful eyes and returning your every smile. Today, you’ve been earth side for 2 weeks. Thank you for being so patient as I adjust to being a mom. It’s been a tiresome 2 weeks but my cup has been filled with the purest of love, caught up taking in every precious moment with you, enjoying the present. Because I’m not yet ready to blink. I know you won’t stay this tiny forever. It’s incredible how much you’ve already grown and changed in 2 weeks. Nonetheless, I’m excited to watch you grow up, meet your little personality, learn your likes and dislikes and experience the world with you and through your eyes. As you grow up, a part of me will miss the little guy you were yesterday and today, but I will love and appreciate each and every version of you, unconditionally. Kirav, You truly are the little sunshine that lights up our lives. You are already loved by so many and you don’t even know it yet. I can’t wait for you to meet all the wonderful people in our lives! Never forget that whatever you go through in life, no matter what, wherever you are, you will always have my love Love you now and always, Mommy ♥️

Lil buddy has a new way to listen to his fave tunes & jam out in the womb 🙊 To my expecting mamas out there, I highly recommend trying out @mbriotech, I’m sure you and your little one in the womb will love bonding with these, as much as we are! 🥰 I’ve been playing music for little buddy since the beginning of my pregnancy, but only just started using these pregnancy womb pods. I’ve used them for a bit yesterday and again today and can already tell a huge difference in how little buddy reacts, without having to put the music on too loud! He’s definitely one rhythmic and active little guy🕺🏽😂 I’m currently on week 37 and plan on continuing to play music and even read to little buddy for the next few weeks until he is born. From week 36, baby’s hearing becomes much more bionic and studies have shown they are able to recognize voices they hear while in the womb during this time, as well as remember their favourite songs! *This is a safe designed technology and not to mention music helps with baby’s brain development, soothe baby and also stimulates baby’s movement! **Lil buddy was jamming to John Mayer’s new Sob Rock album during these photos, but he loves various genres and even changes his movement to the different rhythms and tunes! Thank you so much @mbriotech both little buddy and I are loving these! 🥰💙 ***See link in Bio to @mbriotech site to purchase and for more info . . . #mbrio #mbriotech #pregnancymusic #babyshowergift #mamatobe #momsofig #pregnant #pregnancy #boymom #fall #halloween #thanksgiving

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