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mbrio clip-on pregnancy earbud adapters are the easiest way to share music with one’s baby in the womb- they transform earbuds into pregnancy headphones.

EASY-TO-USE: Mom just pops her earbuds into the adapters, clips them to her waistband and feels her baby move!

SAFE FOR BABY’S EARS: mbrio’s patented SoundSafe™ Technology uses a thin layer of silicone to reduce sound levels by up to 30 decibels so they are completely safe for baby, whether mom’s playing Mozart or Metallica!

SAFE FOR SKIN: mbrio’s clip-on design eliminates the need for “sticky” self-adhesive refill pads. mbrio uses only SkinSafe™ materials including medical-grade silicone – no adhesives, latex, phthalate or BPA.

COMFORTABLE: mbrio is soft, small and ultra-lightweight at only 0.6oz per adapter, so it’s always comfortable. The ergonomic design adapts to mom’s growing belly throughout the pregnancy.

EARBUD COMPATIBILITY: mbrio is compatible with Apple EarPods, Apple AirPods and wired Samsung and Google Pixel earbuds.

WASHABLE: mbrio can be washed in warm water with soap or detergent to keep it clean and hygienic, no matter how often you wear it.

mbrio’s innovative solution is resonating with media, celebrities and industry experts: • MEDIA - People.com, US Weekly, Motherly, Popsugar, LA Parent and many more.
• CELEBRITIES - model Ashley Graham, actresses Angelique Cabral and Wanda D’Isidoro, rapper Arica Adams and baby-products “guru” Jamie Grayson (The Baby Gear Guy) among others. • AWARDS- The Innovation Fund of America, the National Parenting Products Award 2020 (NAPPA) and Baby Maternity Award.

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Who's announcing their pregnancy this Christmas? . Seasons greetings to all our Mbrio moms and moms-to-be! 🎄🎄🎄 . 📷 @newlifeultrasound_riverside . #mbrio #mbriotech #prenatalmusic #pregnancymusic #pregnancy #pregnant #expecting #babyontheway #momtobe2022 #momtobe #bumpin ##bumppic #pregnancygift #babyshowergift #genderreveal #pregnantchristmas

Congratulations to @pri_jules on the birth of baby Hendrix, born on 11/27, 80 years to the day after #jimihendrix. Guess what music she played to him while she was pregnant? . "Baby boy loves to listen to music just like his parents. I have been using @mbriotech pregnancy headphones!" . #mbrio #mbriotech #pregnancymusic  #prenatalmusic #pregnant #pregnancy  #expecting #bumppic #bumpin #firsttimemom #boymom  #babyshowergift #genderreveal #jimihendrix

Thanks to Adriana @4fsgiven for featuring Mbrio Pregnancy Headphones in "Holiday Deals You Don't Want To Miss". We are thrilled to be included with these incredible brands @lovevery @storq @healthynesting @larken_shop. . #mbrio #mbriotech #pregnancymusic #prenatalmusic #pregnancy #pregnant #pregnantlife #expecting #momtobe2021 #momtobe2022 #maternitygift #pregnancygift #babyshowergift #genderreveal #blackfriday #blackfridaydeals #cybermonday

Thanks @thebump for including Mbrio Pregnancy Headphones in "Black Friday Deals You Don't Want To Miss,” along with such great brands as @honest @fridababy @stokkebaby @pipettebaby and @burtsbeesbaby! . #mbrio #mbriotech #pregnancymusic #prenatalmusic #pregnant #pregnancy #expecting #momtobe2021 #momtobe2022 #maternitygift #pregnancygift #babyshowergift #genderreveal #blackfriday #blackfridaydeals #cybermonday

This Thanksgiving we are particularly grateful to the thousands of expecting moms who have chosen Mbrio to share music with their babies - and who have shared their experiences, bump pics and baby pics with us. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!! . . #mbrio #mbriotech #pregnantthanksgiving #pregnancymusic #prenatalmusic #pregnancy #expecting #babybump #bumppic #pregnantlife #expecting #2ndtrimester #3rdtrimester #babyshowergift #genderrevealparty

Throwback to when @pamrodriguez1 was 6 month pregnant with baby Xander! . " 😊💙 I love taking walks and using @mbriotech pregnancy headphones to share music 🎼 with Xander and I feel his little kicks. Music stimulates the fetus' brain and assists with the growth of brain structures. New studies even suggest that babies remember music they listened to in the womb." . #mbrio #mbriotech #pregnancymusic #prenatalmusic #pregnant #pregnancy #expecting #pregnantlife #bumpin #bumppic #24weekspregnant #pregnancywalks #mypregnancyjourney #genderrevealparty #babyshowergift

Today and every day we honor and respect our Veterans. Thank you for your service, your sacrifice and and dedication to our country. . A special thank you to all pregnant veterans and their families! . #veteransday #usaveterans #pregnantsoldier #pregnantveteran #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnantlife #bumppic #mbrio #mbriotech

Many congrats to @blessedmotherhoodlife on baby #3 - coming soon! She discovered @mbriotech Pregnancy Headphones last time she was expecting. "Hello almost 35 week bump! How is that even possible? Times flying! I was super excited to partner with @mbriotech to try out their new pregnancy headphones and be able to play music for baby Wren! She loves music! . All my preggo mamas if you want to give your baby a treat, try these out! “Recent medical research has confirmed what expectant mothers have always known - that music is good for babies - before, as well as after, they are born. As early as weeks 16-20, music can stimulate them and help them relax. And newborns remember the music they heard in the womb for as long as a year, bringing a smile to their faces and helping them sleep." #mbrio #mbriotech #prenatalmusic #pregnancymusic #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnantlife #bumppic #pregnantbelly #babyontheway #babyshowergift #genderreveal

@shaktiaroundtheworld: "Lil buddy has a new way to listen to his fave tunes & jam out in the womb 🙊  To my expecting mamas out there, I highly recommend trying out @mbriotech, I’m sure you and your little one in the womb will love bonding with these, as much as we are! 🥰 I’ve been playing music for little buddy since the beginning of my pregnancy, but only just started  using these pregnancy womb pods. I’ve used them for a bit yesterday and again today and can already tell a huge difference in how little buddy reacts, without having to put the music on too loud! He’s definitely one rhythmic and active little guy🕺🏽😂 I’m currently on week 37 and plan on continuing to play music and even read to little buddy for the next few weeks until he is born. From week 36, baby’s hearing becomes much more bionic and studies have shown they are able to recognize voices they hear while in the womb during this time, as well as remember their favourite songs!  *This is a safe designed technology and not to mention music helps with baby’s brain development, soothe baby and also stimulates baby’s movement!  **Lil buddy was jamming to John Mayer’s new Sob Rock album during these photos, but he loves various genres and even changes his movement to the different rhythms and tunes!  Thank you so much @mbriotech both little buddy and I are loving these! 🥰💙" #mbrio #mbriotech #pregnancymusic #prenatalmusic #pregnant #pregnancy #expecting #pregnantlife #pregnantbelly #bumpin #bumppic #babyontheway #firsttimemom #babyshowergift #genderreveal

🍂 FALL SMALL SHOP G•I•V•E•A•W•A•Y 🍂 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 We’ve teamed up with some amazing small shops to g•i•f•t one of you with over $750+ in small shop credits! 🍂 READY TO ENTER? 🍂 1️⃣ Follow Us 2️⃣ Like + Save this post 3️⃣ Head over to @mamas.shopsmall to finish entering! ———————————— Open through 9/17/21 at 6:59pm EST. Must be following all accounts to be considered. Must be 18 and up to enter. Not affiliated with IG. Open to US and Canada only. Shipping costs are at the discretion of each shop. . . . . #mss915 #mamasshopsmall

@lifefullofsarah "I think one of the coolest things about being pregnant is learning how your baby develops along the way ✨ One of my favorite development milestones is around 18 weeks when your baby can start to hear from inside the womb. The more she/grows, the more her ears are developing which means talking to the baby, playing music for her, etc. is all so beneficial. For me, it’s been the baby hearing a LOT (like a lot) of Tiktok videos & Todd talking to her, which she always responds to. Now, I can start playing her music using my @mbriotech headphone adapters which are specifically designed to play music for the baby inside of the womb. I recently played her some tunes & she reacted most to the @JonasBrothers - which makes me a proud mama 😂 some other tunes I’ve been playing her are the @hamiltonmusical soundtrack, @kingsofleon, @teddysphotos & @oliviarodrigo. Any other artists I should play her? 🎶 And, pregnant mamas this one is for you! I’ve partnered with @mbriotech to give one of you a set of your own (headphones not included)! All you have to do is like this photo, follow me @lifefullofsarah & @mbriotech & tag a fellow pregnant mama!! That’s it!!" Giveaway closes on Friday, August 13th at 11:59PM & winner will be announced on Saturday, August 14th! 💫 Not affiliated with or sponsored by Instagram. #mbrio #mbriotech #pregnancymusic #prenatalmusic #pregnant #pregnancy #expecting #pregnantlife #pregnantbelly #bumpin #bumppic #babyontheway #firsttimemom #babyshowergift #genderreveal

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