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▪️minimal maximalist ▪️conscious consumerism ▪️mental health awareness

where else you can find me : ▪️ @idreamofcreemees ▪️ @marymakesdough

Member Since DECEMBER 16, 2021
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something I wore several times in the last few weeks & will probably wear again next week ft recently thrifted pants

its sweaters and sandals season 🍦

formal declaration that I'll be taking my skincare seriously 🧖‍♀️💦😤 srsly though, i was feeling so bad about the condition of my skin the last few years with so many break outs I didn't realize were contact dermatitis now that I know to avoid all things oat & most things tomato, I'm excited to let myself actually enjoy the act of self care again !! my skin's pretty dry so i decided to add this hyaluronic acid serum to my extremely minimal routine using it every day (& night, when I remember 🤡) with my daily moisturizer has really helped keep my skin happy & hydrated ** product was #gifted in exchange for a review post ps. enjoy this view of my obscenely yellow bathroom @stackinfluence @dermadoctor_skincare #dermadoctorskincarepartner #eczemahealing #eczema #dermadoctor #sensitiveskin #serum

things I've thrifted from the kids section 🤡👍 - black pants with side pockets n loops !! - overalls with side pockets n loops !! - yellow striped tee - blue & red rugby striped shirt - DARTH VADER PLAYING CRICKET still as excited about that one as when I found it

things from the past few weeks running on lots of coffee & lil treats trying to drink water & figure out a new hair / skin routine that doesn't irritate me to death

overalls pt 2 haven't been wearing these overalls lately bc aside from the heat, my stain fighting skills have finally met their match 😥

gone swimming !! aka (tomorrow is) the last day of #summercampstyle with @phyllisinstyle & @oodles_of_joy, & idk what day it is lolol so it's time to show off the new bathing suit I bought this summer -- rather than forcing myself to wear a stretched out & ill fitting suits I've had for a decade or more yes its fast fashion (from @marshalls, not a place I tend to buy things usually - because that's what I could afford & was also one of the only places nearby I could go try them on) BUT! I know I tend to keep them for a long time, I chose one that is not particularly trendy, and with adjustable ties !

it's been a v hectic! & stressful! week of moving luckily, I was given these ashwagandha gummies by @zahlernutrition to add to my anti-anxiety care I've tried ashwagandha as a powder before, but these gummies are super simple & easy for my poor lil overwhelmed brain, and are a little better at hiding any unfavorable tastes * always remember to talk to your doc or mental health professional - my therapist originally recommended I try adding ashwagandha - but it is not for everyone / is a nightshade if you're sensitive! *

haven't had service for days but here's my monochrome fit for day 1 of #SummerCampStyle still a bit warm right now for this, but it's still one of my favorite outfits

been wearing lots of axis tanks as usual, that's all 🙃

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