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I'm a travel blogger, influencer, as well as SEO/SEM specialist and website developer (mainly in CMS). Currently, I'm working on these projects:

  • - experiential travel blog for busy people willing to use the most of their time abroad
  • - most popular travel website about Belarus for travelers planning a trip there
  • - Online marketing and website developing agency based in Zurich, Switzerland. I'm open to all kinds of collaboration.
  • TravelSEO.Agency - digital marketing agency specialized in the travel industy.
  • - platform for ordering and selling B2B services.
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Sunset on Minsk Sea By @germanviartsinski . . . #lakeview #sunset_fx #sunset_hunter #sunset_today #sunsetandsunrise #sunsetart #sunsetatsea #asunset #asunsetaday #sunsetglow #sunsetonsea #sunsetonwater #visitbelarus #naturalbeauty #naturelover #закат #закатнадводой #минскоеморе

Best places to spot wild cats in their natural habitat

While the Asiatic species range is limited to the Gir Forest in Gujarat, India, their African counterparts can be spotted without any problem in the various national parks of South Africa. Found in the dense rainforests of Central and West America, the African Golden Cat is the rarest of all small cat species. While difficult to observe, caracals can be spotted in the West Coast National Park and Kgalagadi National Parks of South Africa quite easily. The only cat species which can stand upright to scan the surrounding, the geoffroy’s cat has a good distribution from Bolivia to the Magellan Straits.

Summer is getting closer... @narochfan . . . #nature #roadtrip #longroad #greentrees #visitbelarus #amazingdestinstions #placestovisit #Belarus #spring #Беларусь #природа #природабеларуси

Switzerland 7-Day Itinerary: The Best Places to Visit in a Week or Less

There are a lot of things that you are going to need to make sure you get right here, and this is our seven-day Switzerland itinerary to help you have the ultimate travel experience. Switzerland’s largest city might be known by most people as a haven for banking and wealth, but there is so much more to Zurich than meets the eye, and this makes it the ideal choice for exploring on the third day of your Swiss itinerary. Learn more about visiting Zurich on a budget After your day in Zurich, you should head to the station and grab a ticket for the 45-minute train ride to Lucerne, a picture-perfect Swiss town in the center of the country. You could spend longer than a day here (trust us), but for Day 5 we would suggest exploration on foot, which will allow you to enjoy the gorgeous mountains and waterfalls that can be found here.

Great Patriotic War Museum in Minsk By @the_flyaway_girl . . . . #history #belarus #minsk #visitbelarus #historicalmuseum #ww2museum #worldwar2 #historymuseum #exploretheunknown #learnhistory

5 Affordable Trips from NYC to Try In 2020

The flights you can get from NYC for Canada are quite cheap, and the easy access to the northern part of Canada makes things even better. The flights for Nicaragua are quite cheap, and the accommodation is even cheaper as you can find rooms there for as low as $10. The best time to visit Thailand is between March and September, and you can find the accommodation for $20 a night or even less. Located in the Indian Ocean, the islands of this beautiful country are a romantic place just out of heaven and are a perfect getaway from the life of New York City.

Here is an idea for your #WeekendTrip : #Vitebsk Read about Belarusians capital of Renaissance in our article (link in account description) By @vitebsk_city . . #visitbelarus #architecturelovers #renaissancearchitecture #traveltotheunknown #worldwideexplorers #globetrotters #explorenewplaces #discovernewplaces #Витебск #city #Беларусь

Your Perfect Dubai 2-Day Itinerary: Things to do in a Weekend

While Dubai can be visited throughout the year, it’s best to visit the city during winter months from November to March, especially if you want to engage in outdoor activities and make the most of Dubai’s most awaited seasonal attractions and events such as Dubai Shopping Festival DSF, Global Village, Miracle Garden etc. It’s home to attractions like the world’s largest observation wheel (Ain Dubai) plus the Middle East’s first Madame Tussauds Museum, among others. It’s located inside the city’s oldest fort at Al Fahidi Fort. Located inside Atlantis, The Palm, it’s one of Dubai’s ultimate attractions for water sport lovers.

Rivers or lakes: what's your favorite? @bel.vovasha . . . #visitbelarus #lakeview #morninglake #sunset_pics #watersunrise #sunriseoverwater #naturalbeauty #belarusiannature #беларусь #природабеларуси #минскоеморе #озерабеларуси #беларусскаяприрода #красотабеларуси

Evening in Minsk By @bel.vovasha . . . #cityview #nightview #nightcity #ночнойгород #вечернийгород #люблюминск #столица #capitalcity #minsk #visitminsk #visitbelarus #lake #nightlights #nightcitylights