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The Ultimate Guide of Where to Eat and Where to Sleep in Malaga

So, we’re going to give you the scoop on the best places to grab a bite here in Malaga so you can truly experience this city and its culture. La Plaza not only serves you incredible food, but they offer you incredible views of the gorgeous city of Malaga as well. La Plaza has delicious tostadas that pair well with a cafe con leche and some people watching, if you’re looking for a quick bite between meals. They offer some of the best coffee and are willing to share the secrets of the proper way to order coffee in this historic city so you find the right coffee to milk ratio for you.

7 Marvelous Activities to do in Malaga

So we really love Spain Food Sherpas Tour here in Malaga, which allows you to see all the historic sites of the city while you eat delicious local foods. They have all different types of food tours at Spain Food Sherpas Tour and even some private food tours, as well. They feature 5 different themed rooms and are located right near the city’s historic center, so it’s a good activity to do if you need to kill time before a tour or a meal. But if you have larger groups, D20 can accommodate with their Special Operation D20 room which allows 10-30 participants organized into teams of five or six and involves trying to deactivate an exploding device.

Your Ultimate Guide to Seattle

From the music, the food, the art, and the people, this is the best of the best of Seattle! With a city that’s so close to the water, like Seattle, there’s bound to be tons of history. If you’re interested in boating, history, or Seattle in general, you need to see the Hiram M. Chittenden Ballard Locks. It’s a great way to meet other travelers while you’re in Seattle!

Travel Blog by FlightNetwork

But the fun continues into late at night with everything from great coffee, soulful food, and then some stellar cocktails later on. Between the Chef’s tasting menu, vegetarian menu, and small plates menu there will be more than enough for you to choose from! While they probably won’t advise you on the best bait to use, they will serve you some of the best seafood in Seattle. Amazing food, spectacular views, and great company are main staples at this place, and they deliver night after night!