Janessa Marcos

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Hawaii Raised Mama Middleburg Florida 50% Adventurer 50% Homebody DM for Collabs

Location middleburg, Florida United States
Country United States of America
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If you need me you can find me usually editing photos or checking emails in my room after the kids go down for their afternoon nap. . Which means my eyes are usually always on a device of some kind. So when @icueyewear #gifted me with a pair of their blue light glasses, I was so excited to try them out. Not only were these glasses comfy, but they help shield my eyes from the harmful blue light that can actually damage them further. These are not prescription glasses, since I only need my regular glasses for seeing things far away. . But I love @icueyewear because they were the first to develop a manufacturing process for eco-friendly reading glasses made from reclaimed plastic, recycled metal and sustainable bamboo. . They also are committed in giving back every year! Yes, every year!! In fact they have donated thousands of reading glasses to those in need all around the world. . Another huge blessing they did was develop the “pink ribbon reader”. It’s a program that donates a portion of all sales from that style glasses, to help support breast cancer research and awareness. . They are pretty amazing and you guys should definitely check them out! #icueyewear @apexdropofficial

So last week we headed to the mountains in North Carolina for a camping trip… it was the pups first time! . So we #partnered with @fullmoonpet and brought their new duck jerky tender dog treats with us. It’s safe to say Kona & Kaia were huge fans! . Their human grade & made in the USA 🇺🇸 which is amazing but also they made obedience training during our trip a breeze! . Seriously, we love these pups and yes… their still puppies lol 😂 at 11months old their still learning but are amazing! Thanx again to @fullmoonpet for spoiling Kona and Kaia 💕 #fullmoonpet #fullmoonpetessentials #allnaturaldogtreats #humangradeingredients #kitchencrafted

Hey friends!!! If you wear glasses like me your going to wanna check out @glassesusa for a wide range of lens, sunglasses, contact lens etc. #ad . My experience was amazing and I’m obsessed with my new glasses 🤓. Finding a company that comes through on everything is huge for me and the fact that their prices are affordable and many of their frames are almost 70% off right now means I could stock up on a few if I ever need a back up pair. Be sure to check them out and Also to get 65% off your first pair sign up on Glassesusa.com or click the link in my bio ! #GlassesUSA

A week late but happiest birthday to our main man! @its_jme_with_a_why . #sponsored The kids know the way to this guys heart is sweets and ice cream 😆👍🏼. So they wanted to make it extra special and getting all of our favorites @russellstoverus . And how perfect is their Happy Birthday mini chocolate boxes! . Thank you @its_jme_with_a_why for being the best daddy we could have ever asked for! We love you to the moon and back times a million! #RSJoyfulGifter2021

Let’s talk homeschool. 📚 . #sponsored I always planned to homeschool…because I love being with my kids and watching them hit those milestones. But also because I love teaching them in ways I wish I could have been taught. Both my kids have individual needs that need to be met, and each learn differently, so understanding that is key for easy learning for them. Which is why, once I discovered @thegoodandthebeautiful curriculum for Audrey, I knew levi would love it as well. I was honestly hesitant, but he surprisingly caught on so fast to @thegoodandthebeautiful preschool curriculum! In fact he can’t wait to get started first thing in the morning! Their preschool curriculum is very hands on with songs and art activities for the kids to do, they make learning fun! I can’t thank @thegoodandthebeautiful enough for creating such a fulfilling curriculum that’s full of rich literature, a great Godly influence & created with easy open and go lesson plans that’s perfect for even beginner homeschooling parents! If you’ve been hesitant on homeschooling, be sure to check out @thegoodandthebeautiful and they even have free downloads for you to see if they are for you. You can thank me later 😉👍🏼📚💕 #thegoodandthebeautiful

#sponsored Everyone starts somewhere. We just started our motocross journey as a family early this year and it has been by far the coolest thing we get to do together. Also being able to have the land to ride on whenever we want is a huge blessing! So, when we started looking into gear we came across @motosportinc and I was super stoked to find that they have gear for the entire family. Not only were we able to find what we were looking for but it also was affordable. But hands down their customer service was pretty amazing, because the customer service reps are professionals and also ride they know what they’re talking about, and trust me that makes all the difference. If you guys are looking for some motocross gear, you gotta check out @motosportinc #mybestride My helmet is the Fly Racing 2022 Kinetic Helmet in black. 10/10 highly recommend.

It’s November!! Which means it’s time to say no! #sponsored No to the negativity in your life, No to toxic family members… and definitely No to gross musky smelling products! lol 😂 which is why I was so excited to receive my box from @bwitchingbathco their holiday scents are seriously amazing! I got the Golden Pear 🍐 and it’s so clean and fresh and perfect for this holiday season. They also make amazing gifts!! Be sure to check them out! #bwitchingbathco #giftguide2021 #musthave #obsessed

My little monster man and his snacks. #sponsored I swear this kid not only eats everything in sight but both him and Audrey are major snackers 🤣. They can’t help it they definitely get it from their mama!! We’ve all been love @zeezeesfoods and all the great nut free options they have. Not that my kids have any nut allergies but they actually love nut free snacks so win 👍🏼 be sure to click on the link in my stories for more info and don’t forget to use code 20SNACKZZ12 for 20% off your order! #ZZSnackAttack

#ad How many of you are into plant based foods? Honestly at first I was pretty skeptical about plant based food’s, but their actually pretty darn good and good for you as well!! @mokufoods have seriously impressed me with their plant based jerky! Now, I will always and forever be a meat eater but I have to admit these jerky’s are seriously so good you couldn’t even tell the difference their made with mushrooms!!! Yes!!! Mushrooms!!! They look like bacon and taste like beef jerky but are 100% plant based and made with mushrooms 🤯. If you’ve been looking for some healthier alternatives you’re gonna want to snag a bag or two… or three. They are ridiculously good 😋 be sure to go check them out and click on the link in my stories for more info. Don’t forget to use code Janessa15 at checkout! #mokufoods

It’s #Oatober!!! #sponsored . Well in our house everyday is oatober because it’s a staple in our home. We have it almost every morning and now that the mornings have been cooler we can finally enjoy some @kodiakcakes oatmeal on our new deck. We’ve always been huge fans of @kodiakcakes oatmeal, not only are they so tasty but they’re made with 100% whole grains , protein packed and so fills our belly’s so we are ready for whatever adventure is waiting for us. Do you guys love @kodiakcakes too? Lmk your favorite product below 👇🏼 #oatober #kodiak

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy coffee and that’s basically the same thing lol 😂 #ad If you love coffee like me and is an outdoor lover than @itcoffeecompany is perfect for you! It’s direct trade so it’s sourced directly from farmers. Also buying their coffee will help support their mission of making the environment healthier for generations to come. Be sure to check them out! ☕️ 💕 #intrepidtravelercoffee #ecofriendlycoffee

Do you Suffer from itchy scalp or have eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and dandruff then trust me this post is for you! #AD . For years I’ve struggled with sensitive skin due to eczema, and I still occasionally have outbreaks , even on my scalp. So that’s why I absouletly love @flexitol_usa . Not only does this stuff give me instant relief, but flexitol provides better skincare soultions for me. It gives me the confidence to be able to style my hair differently without the fear of redness or dandruff or any itchiness. Also it’s tar free, steroid free, contains anti-inflammatory, anti-itch properties that work in minutes to relieve scalp itch. Be sure to check them out here: http://amzn.to/391wofj . #flexitolscalprelief

Took the pups on a little hike today and they actually did super good off leash! #ad . So they were about to get a little treat & spend time with us in the house. So we gave them some @ecokind_pet_treats premium yak cheese chews. They loved it and it actually lasted more than a day!! Plus their super easy to digest which is awesome because believe it’s not regular raw hides aren’t very good for them as it takes forever to digest and can be a choking hazard. So these yak cheese chews were perfect 👍🏼 10/10 highly recommend getting these for your dogs if they love to chew stuff. Be sure to check out @ecokind_pet_treats ! #pupfluencer #dogsofecokind @pupfluence

#ad As a busy homeschooling mama I need meals that are fast but also delicious at the same time. Which is why I’m so stoked with @pfchangshomemenu Sauces and Marinades, home cooks can be enjoyed with their authentic P.F. Chang's flavor. Seriously, I don’t have a PF Changs close by so it’s great to be able to bring those awesome flavors to my home without having to sit in traffic. Dinners have become more enjoyable that’s for sure, even my kids keep asking for their favorites like their beef broccoli. We can’t get enough! Which is your favorite? Beef Broccoli, Lettuce Wraps, Spicy chicken, Dynamite hot sauce,  Chili hot sauce or chili marinade? Leave your vote Below! #PFChangsMealsAtHome

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