Riana Shahid

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NYU | NYC 💌: info@rianashahid.com

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This was one of my “I’m done with classes” presents to myself 😌 @sucrecouture ✨

Get Your **** Together in 2021

One of my goals is to streamline my work-from-home routine so that I don’t waste time procrastinating. If the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing that that is probably the worst thing that is going to happen to you all day long. If you have to eat a live frog at all, it doesn’t pay to sit and look at it for very long With the dominance of online-schooling In the following chapters, readers will get exercises to help build self-confidence to get past fear and self-doubt, ways we can take personal responsibility over our work, and set better goals (and no, he doesn’t just say to write S.M.A.R.T. goals).

It’s cloudy and freezing outside so here’s an old outtake ✨✨I won the @fentybeauty Moroccan Spice palette in one of @tesla.beauty’s giveaways a while ago

Review: Primal Calling by Barry Eisenberg

Primal calling by Barry Eisenberg is about one man’s journey to uncover the truth about himself. Jack calls every Stewart Jacobson he can find online and uses online forums for lost relatives, following every lead. Eisenberg’s background is in healthcare management and hospital administration, so when I saw a line like this, I just had to laugh a little. An associate professor of health care management in the School for Graduate Studies at the State University of New York Empire State College, he is also a health care management consultant and a former hospital administrator.

A couple weeks ago Mount Lai gifted me their Black Obsidian Facial Spa set. Using tools like these to depuff the face and encourage drainage is a practice that is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, Stephanie Zheng was inspired to create @mountlai by her own grandmother, who used these practices in her skincare routine. Swipe to see my before and after when using this duo for two weeks. I feel like my hijab makes my face look more “sculpted” than it really is lol but my under eye area feels less puffy since I started using these. The facial spa set comes with a little booklet with steps on how to massage your face. It was incredibly easy to follow and incorporating this step into my routine took no effort at all. One of the perks of working from home is that I can do this at my desk lol. Plus I love how cooling these feel on the skin 🤤 #mountlai

Review: Here She Is by Hilary Levey Friedman

Interestingly, today’s Miss America audience is primarily made up of women. So, while pageants may have been seen by some as an excuse for men to judge women, today’s contestants are performing for other women. Another fun fact, what paved the way for today’s pageants is the baby beauty contest. None the beauty pageant’s relation to First, Second, and Third Wave feminism (in the age of the #MeToo movement!)

this is a Becca Zero appreciation post ✨ 2020 was the year I channelled my inner 12 year-old and got back into wearing lipgloss *products gifted @beccacosmetics #beccacosmetics

Review: The New Science of Narcissism by W. Keith Campbell and Carolyn Crist

We all have that one relative who loves to rely on “vague-booking” i.e. posting a vague Facebook status with the prompt to not inquire further instead of talking about their issues, but did you know that social media plays a big role in cultural narcissism? The very idea that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram show you content based on what you like and regularly engage with is in and of itself narcissistic. This person might be shy and insecure and while they seem like they could have no sense of self-importance, the vulnerable narcissist believes that all of their problems would be solved if someone or something else could do [fill in the blank]. This person can have the extraverted qualities of the grandiose narcissist but expects special treatment and can become quite defensive like the vulnerable narcissist.

Is anyone else just super unmotivated to put on makeup these days? Since my class ended, I have been waking up later and later in the day so my sense of routine is all but gone 🙃 This is an old pic using @wetnwildbeauty comfort zone palette (before they reformulated!) @ardellbeauty Demi wispy lashes @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow @nyxcosmetics matte liner

New Year, new skincare routine✨ -- sort of; the only new product here is the HydroShield Face Serum that Dr. Denese Skincare gifted me. Even though this is a serum, the consistency is really thick and feels a little oily, so I like to use it as the final layer, to lock in all the moisture. Here's my current routine: 1️⃣Start with damp skin (i.e. from washing my face) or use a face mist -- currently using @spritzmists Alchemist Spray 2️⃣IOPE Stem III Ampoule* - a thin serum that provides a light layer of hydration 3️⃣@drdeneseskincare Hydroshield* - this takes a minute or so to "settle in". It starts off oily, but turns matte as you massage it in, so while I'm only using it at night, I don't think I would have any issues wearing this during the daytime. 4️⃣If I STILL feel dry after, I would use a face oil, love the ones from @dragonfruitskincare ! 5️⃣lip balm lol Use HSFACE20 to save $$$ on Dr Denese Skincare! (not an affiliate code) *products gifted @iope_us @kiehls #drdskin #drdeneseskincare

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