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🥇Retired Show & Barn Hunt Champ 🐾 Smooth Fox Terrier 📍#Cambridge, #Boston, MA, and beyond! 🎂1.22.15 💗 Gotcha Day - 11.7.17

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It’s a beautiful day today to get outside, so go do it! It’s also a beautiful day because it’s National Rescue Dog Day! If you’ve been following us for a bit, you might see just how very passionate I am about volunteering at the amazing @theanimalpad as often as I can. It is so rewarding getting to know all of our rescue dogs, and I have fallen in love with many. Each one of them has a special part of my heart. Animal rescue is a cause that is very near & dear to my heart. Their stories can be so sad, but these dogs are so amazing and resilient. It’s amazing what a little love can do for these pups. It can transform them if they feel safe and loved. I love showing all of the dogs just how special they are by loving on them and it’s amazing to see them become more confident. I could tell you so many stories about animal rescue. I truly feel so passionate about rescuing dogs from my time spent at TAP. I wanted to share a few of my favorite pics of just some of our special dogs there! There’s so many ways to get involved in dog rescue if you can’t open your home to a new dog at the moment. We are always looking for volunteers, fosters, and donors, but you can also do your part by sharing our dogs to spread the word. I urge you to think about volunteering with animal rescues if you’re interested in it. I can’t tell you how many days I come home now feeling touched by many of our dogs. It makes my heart feel full to experience their love and affection. Here’s to helping and loving on all the dogs! It’s always about them. ••• ✨ Fashion deets: ✨ My bandana was made by @copilotcollections! You can save at Bri’s shop by using code: REINA #reinapfoxterrier #nationalrescuedogday #rescuedogs #dogsof_sandiego #rescuedogsrule #theanimalpad #rescuedogday #ilovemyrescuedog

Here’s to all the weekend adventures 🎉 with your soul dog! What’s everyone doing this weekend? Our weekend started with a hike around the smallest once active volcano 🌋 in the US! So cool! The hike was gorgeous and we saw plenty of wildflower. Reina did so well and I’m so proud of her stamina these days, it’s been almost a year since she tore her acl. I’ve been having flashbacks. We went with a group and their dogs. We are next headed to the second meetup for @tailsandtrailsoffroadclub! I’m planning to stop by the open house today @theanimalpad from 11 am - 5 pm after! Hope to see some of y’all there! 😘 ••• ✨ Fashion deets: ✨ My bandana was made by @thewelldressedpetshop and you can save money with code: REINA15 #reinapfoxterrier #terriers #adventureswithdogs #dogsof_sandiego #hikingdogs #dogsthathikearedogsilike

Meet adoptable Casper 👻. Casper is about a little over six months old, and is an albino blind one eyed puppy who came from the riverside shelter. He had his bad eye removed and is doing great now! Casper is a playful happy cutie pie. He is eager to learn and getting really good at going for walks using voice commands to guide him!! At night he curls up in his kennel all asleep so adorably with a little smile on his sweet face and his belly up in the air. He is available for adoption or foster through @theanimalpad! @dogsof_sandiego @tap_adoptables @tapfosters

I love seeing her smile, it always makes my heart swell so much. TGIF everyone! So excited for this busy weekend, we have a bunch of fun stuff planned and I hope to attend to the open house @theanimalpad on Sunday! If you’re local, please stop by! We have amazing pups and they all deserve the best homes. We are needing fosters for so many special pups! It’s been incredible volunteering there and these dogs all have pieces of my heart. It’s so important to foster so that we can continue to help more dogs! Have a great weekend everyone! ••• ✨ Fashion deets: ✨ My bandana was made by @copilotcollections! You can save at Bri’s shop by using code: REINA #reinapfoxterrier | reinapfoxterrier | rescue dogs | animalrescue | outdoorswithdogs #dogsof_sandiego

Happy dog mama’s day, everypawdy! Being Reina’s mama is the greatest joy of my life. We share so many precious moments, take the best snuggly naps, go on epic adventures and trips, and have met some amazing people along the way. She brings me so much laughter, many smiles, so much comfort, and leads me to the best adventures! Reina’s changed my world and I consider myself so lucky. I love ya so much, Reiny girl. Happy Dog Mom’s Day! ••• ✨ Fashion deets: ✨ My bandana and leash were made by @copilotcollections! You can save at Bri’s shop by using code: REINA dogmom | dogmomday | reinapfoxterrier | adventureswithdogs

Just a Queen among the flowers. I had no idea that national wildflower week was a thing but I’m so happy it is! I love going to scope out the beautiful flowers! There’s just something so breathtakingly unique wildflowers. I love how they’re able to thrive and grow in the most special places like the Anza Borrego desert! It’s definitely been a treat seeing all the wildflowers everywhere out here this spring. We don’t have many of these variations of wildflowers back east where we’re from so it’s been a lot of fun for me to see! They’re so beautiful! They never fail to make me feel happy. *just remember to leave no trace and be respectful of all laws when you go out wildflower searching! This photo was taken with Reina behind the flowers, in the sand, barely a few feet from the road (we made sure we were in a good place with the help of a ranger)! Reina was not in any of the flower patches as it’s important to be kind to nature and those animals who live there! Leave no trace, and help protect this earth from more damage. Thanks @misterboandco for this beautiful photo, and for always being our adventure buddy!! 💞 #Reinapfoxterrier #dogsof_sandiego #californiadog #adventureswithdogs #wildflowerseason #anzaborrego ••• ✨ Fashion deets: ✨ My bandana was made by @copilotcollections! You can save at Bri’s shop by using code: REINA

DOGS are amazing and I’m sure you agree. I’ve been volunteering at an amazing incredible non profit animal rescue for several months now. Helping at @theanimalpad has opened my eyes to everything and the tireless efforts of those in the animal rescue industry. Unfortunately, shelters across the country are facing numerous challenges. They’re operating at full capacity, dealing with exorbitant medical expenses, experiencing a decline in adoptions, and lacking sufficient support. It’s truly heartbreaking to witness the impact of these issues on the dogs in care. I am so thankful for all my favorite dogs. Many have overcome horrific trauma you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. It’s gut punching to hear about the horrors. Despite the hardships they’ve endured, many of these dogs exhibit remarkable resilience and spirit. Take Mauricio, for example, a sweet tripawd who has overcome unimaginable trauma. Despite his past, Mauricio exudes joy and resilience, serving as a reminder to cherish every moment. He has a heart of gold 💛. We took him to an awesome event on dog mom’s day hosted by @dogsof_sandiego & @petpowerstudio and he did incredible. He loved attention from all humans, was curious about many dogs and happily said hi from a few while he was a little shy around others. He was animated and curious, silly, pretty calm, and lovable! He did great in the car and with Reina too! Safe to say the three of us had a great time! Mauricio is currently available of adoption with TAP! He deserves the most incredible safe LOVING home after all he’s been through!! I am going to start sharing more details about my interest in animal rescue industry as I’ve grown more passionate about it. I hope you can consider volunteering at your local rescue or fostering, sharing information, adoption, or donate if you love dogs like I do. It’s a hard thing to do sometimes but it is so darn worth it to meet these beautiful kind hearted dogs. They all deserve the world and I vow to give them all the best love & support I can. Thanks for sticking around to read this lengthy caption 😘, I think it’s important. Much love always, 🫶🏼 Rach & Reiny #reinapfoxterrier

Who’s cutting the onions 🧅? Reiny girl, ilysm. You’re my soul dog. #reinapfoxterrier

That’s gonna me a no from me, dawg.

“My fashion philosophy is, if you’re not covered in dog hair, your life is empty,” — Elayne Boosler No matter how many times I wash my clothes in the laundry, I can’t get off Reina’s hair from some of my items 😂. Anyone else struggle with this? Reina’s hair is usually stuck to me in one way or another, and if it’s not her - then it’s typically hair from some of the TAP pups I volunteer with! I’m not sure if I would change this however, I love spending so much time around dogs and would be sad not to! Life without dogs just sounds sad and boring to me. I simply consider Reina’s shedding hairs as a form of glitter ✨, and feel like I’m always covered in sparkles! ••• ✨ Fashion deets: ✨ My bandana was made by @copilotcollections! You can save at Bri’s shop by using code: REINA My collar is made by @dogonthemoon, use code: REINAMOON to save at their shop! ______________________________________ 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 #reinapfoxterrier #smoothfoxterrier #foxterrier #happydoghappylife #cpcfeature #cpctwinningtuesday #dogsof_sandiego

These are the simple moments with Reina that I love the most: taking her for a walk on the beach seeing those ears flap and that grin plastered on her sweet face. Taking her to watch the chickens she loves to see down the street. Snuggling with her in bed. Sitting in the sun together. These moments that we have done over and over again, countless times. This audio definitely got me 🥹🥹. I just love all our moments together. #reinapfoxterrier m

Serving up this late night/ early morning collection of our latest photoshoot: Reina’s boops How about a boop? I find Reina to have such a cute long snoot. People always comment on it. Her nose always makes me laugh when it’s in the .5 zoom because it looks extra long and silly. I always love to give Reina kisses on her nose. Is your pup boopable? #dogsofSDBOOP #dogsof_sandiego Also please excuse my messy room, I cleaned it right after these photos! 🙈 ••• ______________________________________ 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 #reinapfoxterrier #terriers #boopthesnoot #snoot #boopmysnoot #foxterrier #sillydogs @dogsof_sandiego

It’s finally Friday! Please enjoy a happy wet and smiley Reina for your own viewing pleasure! Reina loves to play in water whether it’s with a hose or chasing the waves! Does your dog like the water? ••• #reinapfoxterrier #finallyfriday #happyweekendeveryone #terriers #wetdogs #dogsofsandiego #happydoghappylife #dogsthatexplore

All hail Queen Reina. At nine years young, she is still constantly impressing me with how good she is and how resilient she is. Watch out world, Reina girl has still got it! ✨💖👑🫶🏼 #reinapfoxterrier #terriers #floppingears #swiftieforever #floppyears #tswift #ᴛʀᴇɴᴅɪɴɢʀᴇᴇʟs

We live on an extremely beautiful planet, happy earth day! There’s so many beautiful places to get out and explore. I am so thankful for being able to see so many of the places I’ve been, most recently Joshua Tree a few times and I’m in love! It’s so out of this world cool! It’s our job as humans to never hurt the earth and do our best to protect the environment in which we get to enjoy. Remember to always leave no trace and follow rules for your local places! Laws and rules are in place for a reason such as protecting you and the natural wildlife in those areas. Now get out there to exploring! I know I’m in search of my next trail! ••• ✨ Fashion deets: ✨ My bandana was made by @copilotcollections! You can save at Bri’s shop by using code: REINA ______________________________________ 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 #reinapfoxterrier #smoothfoxterrier #foxterrier #happydoghappylife #traildog #traildogs #dogsthatexplore #dogsof_sandiego #terriers #happyearthday #earthdayeveryday #leavenotrace #hikingwithdogs #adventureswithdogs

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