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Kurgo’s mission is to help dogs and their owners get out and enjoy an active lifestyle together. This ambition has guided us to develop award-winning products that make this simple joy in life effortlessly fun…

go together.

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The MOLLE LED light is a must-have for every dog owner; it 's a red light with a long-lasting battery that makes your dog visible to oncoming traffic or people. It 's removable, so feel free to swap it onto any 1" leash, collar, harness, or pack before you head out. Using a flat head screwdriver, gently pry the cover away from the grey housing. Replace battery and then press cover back into place.

Walk About Head Halter

You show us a dog without a little room for improvement, and we’ll show you a cartoon dog someone sketched on a napkin, because they don’t exist in real life. The Walk About Head Halter is a useful training tool to discourage certain types of behavior—specifically pulling. Entirely different from a muzzle, it allows the dog to breathe and drink normally, and allows leash attachment below the chin, providing a point of greater control for the parent. Why you will love it To size your Walk About Head Halter, simply measure the neck like a traditional collar.

Walk About Limited Slip Collar

This collar is made with metal hardware and a polyester webbing that can withstand 120lbs of weight, so it is safe for larger dogs to use. When properly fitted, this limited-slip design will prevent your dog from backing out of the collar. When your dog pulls back, the collar acts similar to a Martingale style collar and reduces the risk of your dog escaping. • Metal hardware and a polyester webbing that can withstand 120lbs of weight

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