Paris Chanel

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💙🐩💛CEO-Model-Fashion & Luxury Influencer/Blogger-TV & Film Enthusiast - Seen In: @HUFFPOST-Star-Maxim-GQ-FHM IG: @therebirthofparisc @luuxbyparischanel

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AD: Fast forward to 6 years post-graduation, now I have several companies working in the Marketing and Entertainment industry. One of the greatest joys about being able to work for myself is that I can change up the scenery and work remotely at locations that are a breath of fresh air and can get my creative juices flowing. Having my @Acer_America @Intel #Swift3 #IntelEvo handy everywhere I go is beneficial, especially when receiving a last-minute client request or needing to quickly upload content to my social channels. I would highly recommend this laptop for an entrepreneur/small business owner. Here are a few of my favorite features on the Swift3: - The Swift 3 can be accessed even faster and more securely without having to use a password. Thanks to Cortana, it can also be used as a smart assistant to answer a wide range of questions. - *MY ALL-TIME FAV FEATURE* You can get into your computer using the thumbprint scanner by the keyboard. - Spending all day on the move requires a large battery, and at 56Wh5, it’s capable of lasting for up to 17 hours. In emergency cases, it can also be fast-charged to provide 4-hours of use for just 30 minutes charge-time. The Acer Swift 3 IntelEvo has worked wonders for me! Are you in the market for a new laptop? If so, head to my bio and click the link to purchase. Also, check out my story post. Do great things with #Windows 10.

AD: @Acer_America played a massive part in how I got through my five years of undergrad. It was a tough time with a lot of work. My Acer stuck with me through my entire collegiate experience. Not once did it fail me. I will never forget when I was caught sleeping holding my Acer in my arms for dear life in between classes in the break room, haha. My friends did not let me hear the end of that. I guess it has always been true love, lol. So you can only imagine when I heard about the new #Swift3 with the @Intel #IntelEvo processor, I was extremely excited and had to get it. I was in the market for a new laptop, so the timing could not have been more perfect. Once it arrived and I unboxed it, it was love at first sight. The features are phenomenal, and so in the now. You have to love the way that technology is advancing. The best of it all is that you can carry it anywhere. It is super light-weight yet highly durable. I will break down some of the features in my next feed post and my story post. Be sure to check it out. Are you or your child in college or going to college? If so, this is the perfect laptop to get through your years in school. Trust me, I know first hand and have been loyal to the brand since 2010. Click the link in my bio to purchase. Do great things with #Windows 10.

This first day of the @miamiswimweek.fwo shows and I got to sit front row at one of my fav swimwear designer’s show @omgmiamiswimwear . Most of you know that I am a swimwear model, need to knock some of this pandemic belly off to get back right lol. OMG Swimwear was one of the first brands that I purchased for my big shoots for the @the_ibms in Cancun. Thanks so much @artheartsfashion for the opportunity! ❤️ Be sure to follow my @luuxbyparischanel page for updates throughout the week and keep an eye out for my MiamiSwimWeek blog in the next couple of weeks. So if you haven’t already, subscribe. Link in the bio. I will also have where you can shop my looks connected to the blog so don’t miss out ☺️

#Sponsored Being able to speak with my grandmother, one of the most important people in my life, about some topics that we had never touched on was life-changing for me. I had never really asked her questions regarding Black History and all of what she went through and has experienced as a child and coming up in the deep south during the times of segregation. I know that those types of conversations can be really sad for some, and I did not want to stir up any negative emotions. She shared with me that my aunt would go cotton-picking when she was a little girl. Often times we see those times as so long ago, but it truly was not. We still have family members that had to go to different bathrooms and lived in gentrified neighborhoods. I would have never thought that my aunt, that is still alive and well, used to pick cotton. That blew my mind. I am grateful that she shared so much information with me. My grandmother told me how amazing it was to be able to attend Obama's inauguration and also looking and seeing people of all ethnic backgrounds and walks of life right by one another celebrating such an amazing day in not only American History but Black History. After, growing up in Memphis, TN where Martin Luther King Jr, was assassinated, she never thought that she would see the day that we would have a Black President. That memory she would cherish forever. I am so grateful for this opportunity to have shared someone so important to me with you all and the @History channel for presenting such a grand moment to #SaveOurHistory. Everyone has an important story to tell, and I am delighted to have shared a bit of my grandmother's story with you all. Be sure to check out my stories to hear her talk about that moment in Black History. There will also be a shareable graphic that you can use to share your own inspirational figures. #historychannel

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