Nish and Cole

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Just a #twomomcrew with a babe👩🏽‍🦱👩🏼👧🏽sharing our life. Being PROUD, SAVED & GAY Be Blessed. Be Kind. Make A Difference.

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We couldn’t let #nationaldaughtersday go by without shouting out our girl @pellarhys You made us mama’s and we will forever be grateful we get to love you! 🥰❤️

Who else feels this?! Don’t get us wrong we love hanging out with friends but when we get a chance for a kid free night we definitely want to get that alone time in 😜 You won’t catch us sticking around anywhere if Pella is with a sitter or family sleepover 🤣

Our summer was amazing. Filled with so many amazing memories with family and friends. We couldn’t have asked for better. As we are ready for fall we will definitely still carry all these fun times with us into the new season. Are you ready for fall? Will you miss summer?

Meet Astrid and Stella! These best friends are ready to fire up the turbo pumps and take off into the stratosphere! #ad They'll just need a few things before it's time to go: their special space suits, lots and lots of snacks, and their trusty robot Bobo. This new out-of-this-world graphic novel series from bestselling creators @helloluckykids is perfect for fans of ‘Narwhal & Jelly’ and ‘Phoebe and Her Unicorn’! If you have been following us for a while you know how much our family loves to read. We want to continue this as Pella grows so we are always looking for books to add to her collection for the future. That’s why, with the new @abramskids release of The Cosmic Adventures of Astrid and Stella, we just had to make sure we added it to our collection of #HelloLucky books. We love how Astrid and Stella always rely on their go-to mottos to get them out of sticky situations: "We can do hard things!" and "Progress not perfection!" These are both mottos we can get behind! Click the link in our bio to get your copy! #AstridAndStella Illustrations © Hello!Lucky

If you have been following along in our stories you know this week took a turn for the worse Wednesday when we had an unexpected accident with our pup Sky. We were going to take her outside. We have a screen door so we never think anything of opening the door as we go to put the leash on her. However this time somehow our screen wasn’t latched and she darted out after a neighborhood cat. It all happened so fast as most incidents like this do. As she saw the car she tried to run back to me and sadly our neighbor or looked back into her car and didn’t see her. We rushed her to the nearest hospital that would take her and she has been there since. Thankfully it seems to only be a fractured femur with some possible other fractures. She is having surgery today and we will have some work ahead of us but other than that she is such a strong little pup. We have spent this week emotional, stressed, and worried. If you could just continue to keep us all in your thoughts and prayers. Send lots of good vibes our way and we will continue to update in our stories as we know more. The great news is that she is still with us, stable, and getting lots of amazing snuggles and love from the nurses at the hospital. They call to update us regularly and gush over how much they love her.

I (Cole) have been open about my mental health a lot as I feel transparency and discussion is very needed so others who are going through the same don’t feel so alone. One thing I have always done is found comfort in watching my favorite shows over and over again. My go to will always be @theoffice When we decided to go to New York for our fertility treatment I knew I had to stop in Scranton, PA to get a little taste of what has brought me comfort all these years. I cried from joy at getting to experience this. For some it may just be a show but for me it was glimpse of hope and happiness in moments of darkness and for that I will forever love the office. I’m thankful for Nish. She not only encouraged this experience but she knew how much it meant to me and helped me enjoy every second of it. Find you someone who loves you in all the ups and downs and will be with you every step of every journey. Do you have something you do for comfort in times that aren’t the best? Also in what we feel is true office fashion our card dropped on the deck while eating seafood and slipped right through the cracks underneath and could not be recovered. 🤣 just our luck. No worries though if anyone does find it we cancelled it lol #theoffice #theofficeedit #scrantonpa #scranton #coopersseafood #coppersseafoodhouse #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters

Punta Cana day dreaming

We started something new as apart of our intentional time together! Other than our usual things we do like going to the gym together, going on dates, going for lunch in the middle of the week, etc.. Nish decided she wanted to get her nails done and we now want to make it a regular experience where we coordinate whatever we pick out! We are currently on the hunt for our forever nail tech so we will bring you all along on this journey and share our designs we pick as we go along! Our favorite thing about getting our nails done is feeling pampered and like we are taking time away for ourselves. What’s your favorite intentional thing you do? #couplesnails #couples #nailday #naildate #lgbt #lgbtq #nailsofinstagram

We got our genetic testing back early! To recap we originally retrieved 11 eggs of which 8 were mature and 7 fertilized. As the week went on we ended up with 6 that made it and went off for biopsy to be tested. We got the call that of our 6 embryos, 4 came back “normal” and we have two boys and two girls. Our top two choices are the same sex so we will be transferring one of those. We will be keeping this to ourselves for a while so we can surprise everyone else when we are ready! 🥰 We don’t have a transfer date set yet but we are working towards that. We are so thankful for our embryo babes that are waiting on us! Any tips or info on transferring would be appreciated!

Some days are just hard work 😓 For real though transitioning from stay at home mom life and always on the go with Pella now to stay at home content creator and house caretaker, etc hasn’t been exactly the easiest adjustment for me. I am supposed to be taking this time to focus on me, preparing myself for baby#2, working on our house renovation, etc.. and I am but there are days where I find myself missing my little one and not knowing what to do in my free time. It’s giving me a lot of insight on just how much becoming a mom shifted my mindset to thinking and caring for others all the time and a lot of times forgetting about myself. So I am working on all of this and learning to not feel guilty for my alone time and “me” days where I go out do things that bring me joy. Having Nish as a supportive partner who pushes me to do things for me has been so helpful in this journey. Anyone else relate to this at all? Do you find yourself feeling guilty for taking time for yourself?

Who feels us on this?! Doctors, the bank, the clerk at the store, the gas station, the restaurant…. Everyone always assuming who your spouse is or that you even have one in the first place lol. I Cole use to not correct people at first. It just felt pointless at the time but as I have grown in myself and the community I have found my voice and I will correct people real quick. Don’t feel bad if you are still finding your voice! We had fun with this one though 😜 #thisisforyou #usherchallenge #thisisus #mrsandmrs #twomoms #lgbt #lgbtq #ihaveawife

We’re still thinking about all the fun last weekend at the @bridgertonexperience with our friends @caras_atl @carawatl We can not suggest this enough! Go grab your tickets and have a blast! Our favorite was getting to dress up and feel like we were apart of a different era. Tell us do you think the Queen approved? #bridgertonexperience #bridgertonexperienceatl #makehaste #queensball #twomoms #lgbtq #lgbt

With food being the most important school supply No Kid Hungry is helping schools ensure that every kid gets the food they need to grow up healthy, happy and strong. #ad Food helps students learn, focus and thrive. But 1 in 6 kids in the U.S. could face hunger this year. @NoKidHungry is helping to feed kids this back to school season and we can help as well by shopping or dining with some of our favorite brands. This back to school season, #NoKidHungry has partnered with @CheckersRallys and for every chocolate chip Brookie you purchase, Checkers & Rally's will donate 10 cents to No Kid Hungry, up to $50K. For more information on how you can help, click the link in our bio!

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