Nish and Cole

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Just a #twomomcrew with a babe👩🏽‍🦱👩🏼👧🏽sharing our life. Being PROUD, SAVED & GAY Be Blessed. Be Kind. Make A Difference.

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TW- pregnancy and loss This is not how we wanted to announce our sweet babe. With our last loss we knew the entire time that something wasn’t right because our Hcg numbers just never doubled. However this one was such a blow. Everything was PERFECT!! From the very start my numbers were high and more than doubled each time. We got to see them on the ultrasound and just knew this was it. This was our baby we are bringing earthside. But sadly we are coming to find that positive pregnancy tests and amazing ultrasounds doesn’t mean you are going to bring that baby home. We are really struggling right now to understand why this happened and sadly we will never know. We are beyond devastated. We saw this little one in our future, we saw them in our dreams, and now they are just gone forever. We know that there is a reason for everything but right now it’s hard to make reasons of this. If you are in the TTC journey just know you are not alone. If you know someone who is in the journey just be there for them the best way you can. #ivfjourney #ivfpregnancy #ivffail #pregnancyloss #pregnancylossawareness #miscarriageawareness #miscarriage #ttc #ttcjourney Cover 📸 @barefeetimagery

Currently holding each other tight 🥹 We have been going through a lot lately. Especially this past week that we hope to share more on soon. In the meantime we always know we have each other and we will always make it out stronger than ever. Just wanted to have a little check in to see how everyone else is doing. Sometimes we need to share when things aren’t going so well and it’s okay to do that! #mysomeone #someonespecial #someoneyouloved #checkin #weeklycheckin

All the overthinkers raise your hand! 🙋🏼‍♀️ In everyday life I’m a overthinker of everything. Add in something actually happening and my mind goes wild. Things that I have found to help me recently are of course my spouse, focusing on things to keep me busy, and acupuncture to help in relaxation and easing my mind. I’m curious to know what my other overthinking babes do to help their racing minds. #overthinking #overthinker #overthinkers #overthinkersclub #selfloveclub #selflove

We know we have some parents that feel this 🤣 Those kid free weekends come few and far between. Sometimes you just need a break and barely even get dates anymore. We are constantly working on the balance of marriage and parenthood. It definitely isn’t always easy but we wouldn’t trade it for anything! How are you doing with finding balance in life? #parenting #parenthood #marriageandfamily #marriageandmotherhood #marriageandparenting #parentingmemes #funnyvideos #familyfun #datingwhilemarried

Life really is what you make it 💕 So thankful that we can see love all around us, within us and others. We know sometimes all the negative in the world can try to dim the positive but we’re vowing to keep shining light on love. #loveislove #thisisus #wlw #lgbtq #lgbt #twomoms #love #lovequotes #loveyou #lover #lovelife

Felt like a change! 💇🏼‍♀️ I accidentally deleted the first part of the video where I actually tried the transition and wasn’t practicing but oh well 😂 Loving my new cut and color! Who else loves the way they feel after going to the salon or barber?! #newhair #newhaircut #newhairstyle #newhaircolor #haircut #hairchop #blondehair #blondehairdontcare

@savedotcom is helping us spend life happy #ad One of the most important things to us starting our family was to make sure we could always go traveling whenever we wanted to. Growing up we both felt we didn’t get to travel a lot and usually our family was limited to one trip a year with the budgeting that was set up for vacations. With @savedotcom we have found great ways to save and budget so that we can enjoy going on multiple trips a year and explore other countries and cultures. We love that with #Save we can find coupons, diy tips, and other savvy saving deals that help us be able to enjoy other luxuries in life as a family. Head over to @savedotcom and follow along so you can spend life happy and find deals for your everyday saving as well! What are some ways you save to enjoy life’s little luxuries? #savedotcom #spendlifehappy

We have been working hard on understanding why people do the things that they do. Especially when it comes to our family. Having conversations about things that happened in their childhood, trauma they went through and never worked out, things that they never should have had to go through. It can be easy to forget that sometimes people’s reactions are a product of how they grew up. Not that is excusable by any means but it does provide answers into why communication can be lacking or reactions and thought process are out of control. One thing we are thankful for are these conversations that we can now have because we honestly never thought our parents would be open to discussing things like this. We both grew up in households that did not see importance in mental health or therapy because that is what they were taught. We aren’t saying people aren’t at fault or that they couldn’t learn to be better but we are saying it’s helping us to empathize and heal ourselves in the realization it truly had nothing to do with us. I saw someone the other day who said just because my mom didn’t break all the generational curses didn’t mean she didn’t break none. Honestly I couldn’t agree more. It may have not been enough but they are trying and that’s all we can ask for at this time. Have you struggled with this at all with your family? #generationaltrauma #generationalhealing #generationalcurses #familytherapy #familyfirst #familytalk #therapy #itsnotme

Now > 2008 sharing our story on how we met 💖 In 2008 Cole was in college in Athens and Nish was playing football and finishing school in Kennesaw. We both were tired of the dating scene and knew there had to be more out there. Nish was coming out of a relationship and decided to join a dating website to meet different people and Cole’s friends set her up on the same site because they wanted her to do the same. What we didn’t realize was that you had to pay for the subscription to be able to talk to people and neither of us was going to do that but fate intervened. Somehow Nish was able to reach out and send a message and we started talking and getting to know each other. It didn’t take us long to find out that we had a lot in common and that some of the friends Nish went to highschool with was now Cole’s friends in college. We swapped numbers and continued to talk nonstop building a great friendship and what we feel was the foundation of our relationship that would start later down the road. Our first meeting was at Sonic where we sat and talked for hours about life and things we wanted for our future. If there is something we have always had in common it was our goals and dreams for our future selves. After a year of growing our friendship we decided to make it official when Cole finally professed her love for Nish. It hit her like a ton of bricks after one of their visits together and Nish was leaving she just couldn’t imagine spending life without her anymore. And just like that the rest was history. We’ve spent the last almost 14 years together building a life and forever bond that we are so thankful for everyday. Come tell us how you met your person or if you have ever felt that fate intervened in your life for you. #wlw #twomoms #thisisus #lgbt #lgbtq #lesbianlove #lesbiancouple #howwemet #meetcute #ourlovestory

We have gotten this comment a lot. That by us being two women that somehow our daughter will not have any male figures in her life. The first wrong assumption is thinking that she needs that but regardless she does have her grandpa, her uncle, cousins, etc. Honestly though our thoughts on this are that we are teaching and instilling values into her the same way a mom/dad duo would. We will always have her best interest at heart and the sooner the rest of the world realizes that our families are no different than anyone else the better off everyone would be. Share your thoughts on this topic with us. How do you feel about male/female figure roles? #twomoms #twomomfamily #thisisus #parenting #parentinglife #twomomparenting #samesexparents #samesexparenting

We saw our friend @abbysrollercoasterlife share her word for 2023 and we decided to share ours with all of you! For Cole her word this year is GROWTH- the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, so spiritually. For the past year I have actually felt like I have been on a growth journey and feel the need to continue on into 2023 with that. From working through religion trauma and my mental health, to growing our community here, to trying to grow our family, growth can come in so many forms. I look forward to seeing all the ways we can grow together and individually in 2023. For Nish her word is BREAKTHROUGH- An act of overcoming or penetrating an obstacle or restriction. Wether it’s breakthrough in us making extra alone time together or setting up date nights, or reaching new heights at the gym there are so many ways a breakthrough can uplift and change your life for the better. So tell us what your word is going to be for this year? 📸 @barefeetimagery #wordoftheyear #2023goals #2023planner #newyear #thisisus #growth #breakthrough #lgbtq #wlw #twomoms #diversityandinclusion

Wow 2022 what a year! Filled with so many ups and downs. So many memories made filled with love, fun, and also sadness. We traveled, we renewed our vows, we hung out with chosen family, we met our online friends for the first time, we started our TTC journey for baby #2, and we just lived life authentically. As we look back on this year we can’t help but be thankful. Not only in the good times but also in the bad we always had our loved ones by our side. We always had you by our side. As we head into 2023 we are looking forward to growth in our family, growth in ourselves, and growth in our community. We love y’all! What are some things you want to take into 2023? #newyearseve #newyears #newyearsoutfit #2023 #2023goals #thispastyear #timeflies

🍌We’re going bananas with @littlesleepies for the New Year 🍌 Celebrating every moment, memory, and family fun as we get ready to head into 2023. We couldn’t help ourselves but add another fun filled memory of making banana splits together for the first time! What’s your favorite way to celebrate the New Year? #makingmemories #littlesleepies #littlesleepiespajamas #familyfun #familynewyear #newyearseve #newyears #2023 #newyearseveoutfit

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