Nish and Cole

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Just a #twomomcrew with a babe👩🏽‍🦱👩🏼👧🏽sharing our life. Being PROUD, SAVED & GAY Be Blessed. Be Kind. Make A Difference.

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Growing up I was unsure of what my future looked like. Would I continue down the path of pleasing others and my family or would I be me and have a family I could only dream of. Would I ever actually settle down or be alone forever because the one I loved wouldn’t look the way my family and society deemed worthy. It makes me so sad to know there are so many people still struggling with this and may still not feel it’s the right time to make the changes needed to share their true selves with the world and the ones they love. Just know that no matter what stage you are we are always here and love being able to talk with you. What’s one thing you dreamed of as a kid that you can’t believe has now happened?

Something happened today that honestly caught Cole off guard. Pella and Cole are away on a small getaway with Cole’s family. While getting ready to get off the elevator at the condo a bunch of older women decided to step on and one of them touched Pella’s hair and said “aww are you having a bad hair day?” YES!!! This random woman touched our two year old and then proceeded to comment on our child’s hair and say something judgmental and insulting to her. Honestly the lady better be thankful it was in passing and happened so fast a reaction couldn’t happen. Cole is still feeling bad that she didn’t get to put her in her place so that she didn’t do this to anyone else. Best believe a lesson was learned today and it WON’T happen again. Thankfully our two year old is told daily affirmations about how beautiful her hair is and that her curls are perfect. Thankfully she doesn’t understand what was said and it means nothing to her at this point in time but it does to us. There are so many things wrong with this. If this woman says something like this to our little one; what else is she saying to other people? This could have made someone self conscious about their appearance. Our child is not on display. Black women and children are not here for your amusement or curiosity to be filled. We recently have kept reminding Pella to not let people touch her especially her hair. To be honest this is not something we ever thought we would have to worry about. It’s our job as her parents to get her ready for the world and all the crazy that is in it. Including but not limited to self love for herself and ignoring these ignorant people like we dealt with today. What would you do in a situation like this? 📸 @barefeetimagery

We’re getting ready to make the switch!🔌🚙⚡ #ad When it came time to look for our next car, we knew we wanted an electric car. With lots of research, we discovered that there are tons of benefits and incentives that come with owning an EV. It just seems like the right way to go! Having an electric car benefits both the driver and the environment. By test driving an electric car, we saw what we could be saving if we made the switch - and it was fun! In addition to the costs, owning an EV also reduces the amount of carbon pollution in the air. Studies have shown that driving an electric car reduce carbon emissions majorly in just one year! We would love to be a part of that positive change, which is why we’ve done the research and hope to purchase an EV in the near future. Have you thought about switching to an electric car? If you have an electric car, what do you love about it? Follow @whatsgoodnow_ to learn more about this and other things people are doing that help the climate! #whatsgoodnow #whatsgoodtransportation

Here to break assumptions. Everyone looks at people online and assumes they know everything about them. They know that the relationship and family is just “perfect” We’re here to tell you that we are far from perfect and always want to be open, honest, and real. We spent nearly ten years alone with each other before having our daughter. That was a long time to get in a routine with each other and figure out life together. We knew when we made the decision to have children it wasn’t an easy one to make. We knew it would be a lot of fertility treatment and issues and that it would possibly take a lot from us. Trying to conceive was one of the darkest times of our relationship. We really had to learn to lean into each other and work to stay connected even when feeling broken. The day we became pregnant and had our daughter all of that struggle didn’t just vanish. We had to work together to continue to rebuild ourselves and each other. As if life didn’t give us enough of a hard time. Cole then developed post partum depression and we had to fight for a new way of life again. The past almost 3 years being parents has still been one of the most joyous yet stressful times. We are constantly working on staying connected with each other while also pouring energy and time into our tiny human. We feel it’s important to share this because there have been so many times we have felt guilty for feeling this way and we know there are others who feel the same. It’s hard to have a date night in a pandemic. It’s hard to send your child off to be taken care of by others when you don’t exactly trust what other humans may teach her about her family. It’s hard to stay connected when you have different schedules and you’re working so hard to provide for your family. It’s hard, but we would do it all over again every day. Being in this new journey of our lives and relationship where we are reconnecting on top of learning how to parent different from how we were taught growing up hasn’t been easy but it’s been worth it. All during a pandemic! What are some ways you are working to stay connected during this transition and change?

The importance of our hands as mama’s grow daily with our little one’s. (Ad) Wether we are snuggling, picking them up, cleaning, or working. Taking care of our hands is one important step in self care for ourselves and caring for the ones we love most! @vilau_nature Silk Glove hand lotion helps us protect our skin from the elements and gives the feeling of a silk glove against our little one’s skin. With all the products being 100% natural, toxin free, and no chemical preservatives and being packed with ingredients such as aloe vera, calendula oil, and honey it helps put our mind at ease knowing we are making the right choice for ourselves and our family. Be sure to head over to our bio and treat yourself with 10% off and free shipping on Silk Glove from now until September 15th. Is taking care of your hands part of your self care routine?

We just uploaded our first YouTube video for the first time in 90 days 🤣😭 We’ve been taking a much needed break from this part of our lives but it feels good to be back sharing more of our life. Head over to check it out it’s part 1 of our trip sharing the Grand Canyon with you all 😍

This weekend is going to be spent relaxing. We’ve been so busy lately and just love when we get to slow down and spend time at home in pajamas watching movies and shows. What are your plans for the weekend?

We shared the importance of sleep for ourselves but what about our little ones? (Ad) @nooksleep is helping us make sure that Pella is having the best sleep with her new pillow! Helping make bed time a breeze for mommy and mum mum. Who else wishes they had this awesome setup as a kid?!

No one can compare to you! So thankful today for us lifting each other up when we’re down and being a team in life together. It doesn’t alway have to be grand gestures that show intimacy and connection. Just being there for each other in the smallest ways can mean so much. What are some simple things you love in your relationship?

In the wake of the coronavirus, millions of children are still living with hunger. (#ad) Because of the coronavirus, 1 in 6 kids could face hunger today. Rebuilding starts with feeding every child, in every community. With support from their partner @vitacoco @nokidhungry is helping feed kids – in your community and across the country. No Kid Hungry has a plan to make sure those children are fed, as the crisis continues and in the recovery to follow. Through a combination of emergency grants, strategic assistance, advocacy and awareness, No Kid Hungry is helping kids, families and communities get the resources they need. Find out what you can do for kids in your community and join me to #RebuildWith @nokidhungry #RebuildWith #nokidhungry

With this trip we checked off a lot of firsts and wanted to share them! It’s never too late to do née things. ✈️ First time on a plane together. Cole’s first time flying 🎰 our first time in Vegas ☀️ Our first time to Arizona and seeing the Grand Canyon 🏜first time to fire valley and exploring the desert So many adventures. What always amazes us is that even after 12 years together we can still have fun and find ways to grow and explore. We are thankful to have found a love like this. What are some of your favorite new adventures?

Getting a great night of sleep is so important for us. (AD) Being busy with life and as parents we can get in the habit of putting ourselves to the back and @beme.wellness helps us take control over that. Taking so many supplements we found ourselves forgetting to take them. With @beme.wellness being one serving liquid supplement sachets we can easily take our BeZen supplement to help promote better sleep and support mood and stress relief. We can’t wait to grab more of the other supplements they offer as well! Not just sleep! Be sure to head over and check them out! We have linked the website (NISH25) to save or Amazon link (05BeMeOffer) to save over in our bio. What are some ways you make sure to take care of yourself?

The only thing we have been able to do this trip is think about how truly blessed we are. Our teenage selves would be so proud and happy of us. Never thought that this life would be possible. That we would be celebrating 12 years of love. Anniversary trip has been a success and we have loved spending this time to reflect, connect, and explore. What are some things the younger you would be thankful for?

When I say we’re living our best lives…. Just missing our peanut. Parent guilt is real. We are so thankful we can make new adventures together even 12 years later but we so wish Pella could be here with us. Who else feels the same when they have to leave their littles? Like we need alone time but we need her with us too 🤣

One of our favorite ways to look back at memories is so ur @chatbooks monthbooks. We take tons of pictures! Probably too many 🥴🤣 but getting our monthly books are a highlight and helps us show Pella our life before her. You can use code GETMBFREE FOR YOUR FIRST BOOK FREE OR $15 off a annual subscription Do you love taking pictures?

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