Nish and Cole

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Just a #twomomcrew with a babe👩🏽‍🦱👩🏼👧🏽sharing our life. Being PROUD, SAVED & GAY Be Blessed. Be Kind. Make A Difference.

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Little one is obsessed with this trend and has been begging to do it! Mum mum and Pella on level 1000 🤪

Come along with us on our mommy and me date with @cirquedusoleil #sponsored Pella and Cole had the absolute best time at the premiere for @cirquedusoleil ECHO show We cannot suggest this enough! We will be sharing the link to tickets and show information in our stories! #ECHOcirque #cirquedusoleil

Just when you think you will never see the light again a rainbow so beautiful and precious comes along to remind you how bright your world can be. Feeling very thankful for our rainbow baby. What’s amazing to us is Pella has always said that MumMum is the moon, mommy is the stars, she is the sun, and the baby is the clouds with a rainbow 🌈 Finding peace in little moments.

This is 5!!!!! Currently screaming happy birthday to our baby girl 🥳 it’s bittersweet to see your little one grow so much but this girl is amazing. Our spiritual, magical, loving, kind, and free spirited little human. Our biggest wish for this and every day is that you continue to show the world who you are and keep shining bright!

These are a few of our favorite things about California @cryobank (AD) When it was time to select a sperm bank, we loved how California Cryobank went above and beyond in the services they provide to their families. In addition to highly screened and vetted donors with extensive medical and family histories, they also provide a donor sibling registry, free newborn stem cell preservation through their sister company @cordbloodregistry , and a vial buyback program, to name just a few! • The donor sibling registry is a way to allow families to find each other who have used the same donor. You have to report your pregnancy to California Cryobank in order to gain entry, helping to keep it secure and private. Participation in the registry is optional. • The Cord Blood Advantage® program is available for all expecting families and provides a newborn stem cell processing and the first year of storage for free. • The Vial Buyback program can allow for some peace of mind when buying multiple vials up front knowing that California Cryobank can buy back unused vials at a later time (conditions apply). Have you thought about looking for programs like these when selecting your sperm bank? Take a deeper dive into California Cryobank and be sure to use our promo code NISHCOLE for a free level 2 subscription to their donor catalog.

Happy Halloween from this Monster High Crew! Can you tell who picked the family theme this year? 😂 👩🏾‍🦱 is clawd WereWolf 👩🏼 is Clawdeen WereWolf 👧🏽 is Toralei Werecat

Life lately… Pella has finally felt baby kick and she’s over the moon excited to be a big sister 💞

We know we just shared the big news but this journey has not been the easiest and is a big part of us waiting to announce until Cole hit 21 weeks. We are excited for what adventures are to come as a family of four but there are times we still think of what it took to get here and how far we still have left to go. There truly was nothing like seeing our little one’s excited face in this moment. With having to tell her about our second loss we found ourselves holding back on sharing things going forward and trying to shield her from the process that she was getting to be apart of before. The grief and mental load of loosing a child and having to share that with your child that is already here was alot to carry. But we are making progress with taking breaks and just experiencing this journey for ourselves and in our timing. We are so thankful for everyone’s love and support. Your excitement for us has been so touching. #ivf #ivfjourney #ivfsuccess #ivfwarrior #reciprocalivf #reciprocal #wedidit #pregnancy

We have been forced out. We have come out to friends and family. We come out daily to strangers. National coming out day can bring many emotions whether you use it as a day to come out to friends and family or use it as a day to teach others on issues that affect our community. Today we want everyone to know you are not alone. We are proud of you whether you have been able to come out yet or not. We see you and we stand with you! Tell us below your coming out story if you feel comfortable! Lots of love! 📸 @barefeetimagery #nationalcomingoutday #loveislove #comingoutday #comingout

We truly had such a great time @realfunbox world’s biggest bounce house! Nish and I left feeling like big kids and was so excited to watch Pella have the best time! You can use our code FUNNISH20 To get 20% off at the Sugarloaf Mills or Town Center at Cobb locations! #atl #atlantafun #atlanta #atlantatodo #thingstodoinatlanta #therealfunbox #funbox #funboxatl #funboxatlanta #realfunbox #atlantaevents

She likes me for my personality

We couldn’t let today go by without sharing our baby girl on daughter’s day! Being a girl mom is full of adventures. Our girl is so kind and has an amazing personality. She’s recently started loving tennis and wanting to skate as well as other sports. But don’t get it twisted she is all for makeup and shopping on a daily basis and we are just trying to figure out how she’s about to be 5. We love having a daughter so much and couldn’t be more blessed to be called mom by this firecracker!

Matching couples nails anyone?! 💅🏼 Would you get a matching mani with your boo or bestie? #couplesnails #couplesmanicures #cutemanicure #gelmanicure #couplevideos #matchingcouples #matchingnails

Come along with us shopping at @krogerco while we share with you our new @lotustrolleybag must have! This @amazon best seller has definitely become one of our favorite finds! Are you looking for ways to become more plastic free in your shopping? Comment ‘SHOP’ for a direct link sent to your inbox or you can find it linked in our bio and stories @lotustrolleybag @amazon @amazonprime @krogerco #lotustrollybagpartner #amazonfind #amazonfavorites

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