Tiffany Joseph

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Autism… Many perspectives

Location Gaithersburg, MD Washington, D.C.
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It's back! If you are a Nonspeaking teen who spells to communicate or learning another form of communication (or know one. Or want to know one) please join us in zoom on Tuesdays beginning again on Jan 31 (we took a long break). It will be a casual friendly weekly half hour of conversation. DM @nigh.functioning.autism or @brilliantfishny for the zoom link. Thank you!

I talked about my bladder problems before which is so common in autism. And wow that post made me realize so many of you were going through the same experience. Don't feel judged for not being able to hold it! I talk about these parts of my life so that others don't feel like they are alone or ashamed. Parents, you shouldn't feel alone either! I know many of us are told how we need to do better because our kids still need diapers, leak pads, etc. Just remember, no amount of good parenting could make me feel when to use the toilet. And I am glad I am not alone, but also that made me realize that others may need products that help them live their lives in a way that makes incontinence and loss of bladder control easier. The good thing is that Aeroflow Urology helps those who experience bladder leakage receive incontinence products such as bladder control pads and protective underwear at no cost through their Medicaid benefits. All you have to do is fill out the eligibility form to see if you or their loved one can receive products free. It's in the link in my bio!

My new YouTube video is up. Please watch all of it. Like and Subscribe too. Link is in stories and my link in bio. Also comment there how you like the video or any other feedback! Thank you for helping me on my YouTube channel path 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 . Video description: My YouTube video writer is writing what is being said. . . #DisabilityAdvocate #DisabledInfluencer #AutismAdvocate #EpilepsyWarrior #EpilepsyAdvocate

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