Nicole Young

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I am a TV host, writer and digital creator. My platform focuses on building HEALTH-esteem from the inside out and I create content for broadcast, print and of course social media that spotlights healthy living with flavor and style.

I believe in a head-to-toe approach to wellness and my content is steeped in valuable intel but sprinkled with humor and glam.

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#tipoftheday Grab some @kyvan82 honey apple salsa and @yolelefoods fonio chips ➡️ channel the chip & dip vibes I paired with @drinkfrisky for @tasteofblackspirits Detroit ➡️ watch your guests go wild! 😋 #bonustip visit to order your bottle of Frisky Whiskey or to find Frisky at a liquor store near you! . . . . . . .

Stylish table ➕ Tasty snacks ➕ Frisky Whiskey 🟰 Friendsgiving with flair and flavor. ✨✨🥃 Holiday hosting hacks loading…🎥🎬🥃🔥 #staytuned

Made vegan lasagna tonight with homemade almond ricotta and @palmini_official hearts of palm lasagna sheets…was 🙌🏿 with the outcome! 🥘 🍽️ 🍅😋 . . . . . .

Best way to start a Monday!#oldfriendsarethebestfriends

Frisky definitely scored a hole in one yesterday at the @harlembgc 2023 Golf Classic! @paramountcc_ny thanks so much for having us! ⛳️🥃💜 #drinkfrisky

I appreciate every opportunity to share the intel and insight I’ve gathered (and continue to gather) on my entrepreneurial journey but THIS particular opportunity is extra special since I will be sharing insight AND gaining a ton of it from my fellow panelists who happen to be some of the most influential people in the spirits industry! 💪🏿 I’m honored to be a part of the Taste of Black spirits liquid forum, excited to be heard and thrilled to share the stage with these powerhouse panelists. 🖤 Stay tuned for the recap and the inspo ✨✨✨ #tasteofblackspirits #detroit #LETSGO

#Respost @drinkfrisky . The happiest place on 🌏 is actually in Brooklyn! It’s called Happy Cork Wine & Spirits, the address is 51 Buffalo Avenue and they carry Frisky Whiskey! 🥃 As soon as you walk through the door @HappyCorkBrooklyn you’ll understand what all the buzz is about! We’ll be back there for another tasting soon but in the meantime stop by and grab a bottle of @drinkfrisky! You’ll be so happy you did! 😃 . . . . . .

Repost @drinkfrisky . Things definitely got FRISKY at #NYFW! 🥃 @artheartsfashion thanks so much for having us!!! 💜 . . . . . .

I was back at it @pix11news yesterday - this time for an especially flavorful holiday that’s near and dear to my heart. Can you guess the occasion? Hint: It’s not the obvious one! Watch the #reel for a tiny clue near the end and comment below ⬇️ with your guess😉. . . . . . . .

Show of hands 🙋🏾‍♀️ who’s excited to try some innovative and delicious #blackownedbrands ?!! Make sure you ⬅️ to the end and comment below which one you plan on trying first! 👊🏿🖤🥘🥫🍷🍹🥃 . . . . .

Love my mornings at @pix11news even more when I get to spotlight stellar Black-owned brands AND see some familiar faces! ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . #supportblackownedbrands #onair #IRL #blackbusinessmonth #shopblackowned #bitescameraaccess #blackowned #whiskey #vodka #bbqsauce #salsa #GFflour #whiskey #liqueur #mocktails

The Beautiful Body-Healthy living with flavor and style curated by Nicole Young

In my veggie-filled take on the classic Chinese dish, I swap traditional wheat flour noodles for spiralized zucchini noodles; instead of ground pork I create a seasoned ground pork alternative using minced cremini mushrooms and I leave out the sweetening agents in my sauce. Heat 1 tsp olive oil in a large pan, add mushrooms and saute for 7 minutes (first three minutes on medium heat, last 4 minutes on high heat). Add 2 tsps of Dandan sauce, return cooked mushrooms to the pan, stir gently then add ½ tsp chopped peanuts and give the dish a final stir. Remove from heat, plate in a large bowl, top with another tsp of sauce and garnish with scallions, peanuts and shredded carrots.

The Beautiful Body-Healthy living with flavor and style curated by Nicole Young

, there is another reason Black beauty brands are having such a powerful moment and will most likely never return to the bottom shelves of drug store isles…Black-owned beauty products are really good and not necessarily just for black customers! Typically derived from nature’s finest offerings (resulting in gorgeous outcomes where haircare, skincare and makeup application are concerned) black-owned beauty brands can often be equally as beneficial to non-black customers – many of whom are newly converted loyalists reaping the rewards they’d been missing out on all this time. The low maintenance texture is favored by the brand’s staunchly dedicated customers like TV beauty expert Denise Caldwell, an 8-year devotee of True Indian Hair who considers the texture “a great investment for stylish, healthy hair”. A favorite of celebrities like Gabrielle Union and Viola Davis, the SLAP should be positioned firmly atop every beauty junkie’s haircare hot list alongside these affordable drugstore hair products Tired of spending “countless amounts of money on products that didn’t work” for her naturally curly hair, Monique Rodriguez, a former nurse practitioner, decided to launch her own brand in her garage.

The Beautiful Body-Healthy living with flavor and style curated by Nicole Young

According to Rachel Sussman, a psychotherapist and relationship expert in NYC, compliments help people feel seen and acknowledged…It makes them feel really good about that person who complimented and about themselves” That desire for acknowledgement is the vehicle Microaggressions use to sneak their way into kudos since they appear to offer recognition, even if only momentarily. Pretending there is no color does not negate uncomfortable feelings about racial inequality nor excuse any biased thoughts or behaviors which most people are guilty of at some one point or another. n’t see color” is an expression often used [by white people] to defend against any accusation of prejudice and to exclaim support for racial diversity. Another reason researchers find the idea of colorblindness an ineffective tool for racial awareness is that it can minimize the cultural differences and experiences of racial groups, and even challenge the validity of the struggles people of color face.

The Beautiful Body-Healthy living with flavor and style curated by Nicole Young

The new post-quarantine normal poses many reasons to upgrade our approach to health, beauty, and overall wellness; and with summer fast approaching, now is the perfect time to implement that update. From health care to self-care, so much of our physical existence has been altered by the COVID19 pandemic and the subsequent stay at home order, so getting our wellness affairs in order might require a little extra assistance. To that end,  I’ve gathered a few functional finds, or as I like to call them quarantine EXITsentials, to help with our post-pandemic revival and fill in some of the health & beauty blanks created while we were under quarantine. Recognized by the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins University, The Harvard Heart Letter, and the American Heart Association, the goal of Zona Plus is to help individuals increase vascular flexibility and find non-pharmacological solutions to common health concerns such as high blood pressure.

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