Nicole Young

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I am a TV host, writer and digital creator. My platform focuses on building HEALTH-esteem from the inside out and I create content for broadcast, print and of course social media that spotlights healthy living with flavor and style.

I believe in a head-to-toe approach to wellness and my content is steeped in valuable intel but sprinkled with humor and glam.

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It’s crazy how one-sided a relationship Mother Earth is in with her dwellers. 🌎 She gives so much more than she gets back. We need to do better by her! 🌱🌺 🌸🪴

Good Friday dinner. 🙏🏿 Citrus pepper shrimp + blackened sesame salmon + brown rice pilaf w/ lentils + peppery microgreens w/ smoky citrus vinaigrette. . . . . . . . . .

Never let anyone limit your possibilities, not even you!! Now go put all your talents to work and move forward with confidence! 👊🏿 . . . . Message of the day from @nicoleyoungstyle (and also to Nicole Young)😉

What an amazing (and long overdue) moment in American History! 🖤 #scotus #kentajibrownjackson #blackwomenmakinghistory #thestorycontinues #perservancepersonified

💯 FACTS #everydamnday

It is so sad and sickening that there even needs to be separate information specifically aimed at African students trying to flee Ukraine but this is the world we live in and information has to be shared because racism never takes a break (⬅️ to the last slide or 👀 my stories if you need clarification). 💔 And to be clear, I believe that the Ukrainian people have a right to their freedom, safety and dignity. Black people in the region deserve that too and it is horrifying to think that in the midst of war, people are cherry picking humanity based on skin color…per usual. #protectblacklives #blacklivesdeserverespect #racismneverrests #notevenforawar

Drop a ❤️ if you see what I see.

Day 🎥 vs night 🎥 #looksoftheday . . . . . . .

And not just in the month of February. 🖤 . . . . . . . . . . . . #supportblackownedbusinesses #supportblackentrepreneurs #fundblackfounders #supportblackcreators #creditblackwomen #everymonthisblackhistorymonth

NYFW The #unpublished version. Congratulations @karimamatullah! You did it again. 🔥👊🏿🖤😘

#aboutlastnight Feeling inspired by the Lunar New Year 🧧and by the spirit of my brilliant friend @lisalingstagram’s new show #takeoutwithLisaLing, I decided to put my own spin on lobster fried rice (which was my 💯 favorite thing to order as a child when my parents got Chinese takeout), then proceeded to devour a bowl while watching Lisa’s latest masterpiece! 💫 Swipe ⬅️ to see how my fried rice turned out and check out my #reels to see the making of the the dish. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out Lisa’s new show, the entire season is streaming now on @hbomax!! I promise you’ll be enlightened and most likely hungry! 😋 After episode 1 you’ll understand why my next meal will have a Cajun-Asian kick. You gotta watch the show to see what I mean!😉😋❤️

Sunny, far from mild and definitely not for the faint of heart…I think the weather today summed me up perfectly on my birthday! 😉🌞🥶 Thanks so much to everyone who remembered and reached out. It is a blessing to still be here and I am super grateful!! 🙏🏿 #capricorn #111 #happynewyear #thanksbetogod

Nothing tastes as good as HEALTHY feels…but healthy food HAS to taste good!! 😋 Speaking of healthy food and good taste, I made vegetable risOATo with pan seared swordfish tonight.  And btw “risOATo” is no typo, that’s what I call my savory oatmeal whenever I swap it for traditional risotto (which is always) because I want the complex carbs and a healthy dose of fiber. 🙋🏾‍♀️ if you started 2022 off on the right track!!  It’s ok if you didn’t, but get going already 🏃🏿‍♀️ bcuz it’ll be Christmas again in about 5 mins. ⏰💨 . . . . . . . .

🥂to doing the best we could with what we had. 📸🎥🎬✍🏿 #alookback

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