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Nelson Yong is the Brand Director at BrookleyHuntington, where he focuses on growth marketing and growth investments for brands in retail, hospitality, and real estate. He is also a partner at Inception Capital Management, a boutique investment fund, and regularly deals with investments in emerging private companies and technologies on blockchain. Over the last several years, Nelson has amassed a stellar track record working with brands like Lexus, Aston Martin, Maserati, UNIQLO, Crazy Rich Asians and Warner Bros.,Chang Beer, Johnnie Walker, Delta Air Lines, The Ritz-Calrton, Fairmont Hotels, Thompson Hotels, W Hotels, Amazon, American Express, Indochino, Suitsupply, Philips Norelco, Resy, Warner Bros., TNT and other brands in various marketing campaigns. Previously, he helped lead several full-service digital and creative agencies in working with businesses to engage audiences in North America and China. His teams worked on everything from early-stage product ideation to executing cutting-edge digital campaigns for Fortune 100 clients including Microsoft, Sony, Expedia, Boeing, T-Mobile and Coach.

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Rooftops... the best way to wind down the weekend. 🍸

What I’ve been learning these days is that God only gives three answers to prayer:⁣ 1. Yes!⁣ 2. Not yet.⁣ 3. I have something better in mind.⁣ ⁣ We often want success right now, but we need to stay patient and trust the journey. Who else needs to hear this?

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I honestly can’t believe that it’s already Fall... where did summer go?! 🍂

It’s Friday, and I’m choosing optimism. They say not to think of today’s pain, but to think of tomorrow’s rewards— and while that’s easier said than done, I’m excited for more opportunities, more travel (especially with my boo @kimberlylinh), and more of life to experience. 💪🏼 Who’s with me?

Badly needing that Vitamin Sea. 🛥🌊

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“Life is messy, but nobody can take your hope from you. And if there is one thing that resistance hates, it is hope. So hold onto your hope no matter how messy life gets, and share it with everyone who crosses your path.” @matthewfkelly ⁣ ⁣ Life sure is unexpectedly messy right now, but I’m hopeful. @kimberlylinh is hopeful. I’ve had my rock bottoms, and I know more challenges are coming. But you know what, I know the best is still yet to come.

Because I'm always on the go, @CORTFurniture is the perfect partner to design my home office where I can work, create video content, and lounge, without any of the commitment. [#ad] And since I travel quite a bit, and I work and live between Seattle and LA, I want flexibility. Whether I want a fresh look or I'm planning a move, CORT Furniture is truly furniture on demand. No commitment, no stress.⁣ #CORTatHome #myCORTStyle

Wishing my girlfriend @kimberlylinh the best birthday ever! 🎉⁣ ⁣ Babe, you're the strongest, most beautiful, most precious person in my life. I'm thankful for all the moments together, big or small, whether it’s with your family, traveling the world or watching Netflix at home, fine dining on the town or sharing fast food in my car. I'm thankful for your big heart. I'm thankful for your patience. For your humor, your willingness to try new things, and for your strength.⁣ ⁣ I wish I could take this cancer away from you, but I know you got this. You’ll beat this. I have your back, and so do many others. 2019 can still be your year, and I know the best is still yet to come. 💪🏼😘 I love you more and more every day.

@Audi has been leading the way by moving beyond limitations, conventions and conformity as an automaker. From the TT to the R8, this DNA is especially found in the brand new #AudiQ3. And as an #AudiPartner, I was so happy I could attend their pop-up culinary series, PROOF, in Seattle last week, that launched the car with a unique spin.⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ The event started with a spirited test drive in the new Q3, as much as I enjoyed driving, I was ready to eat. In partnering with the @beardfoundation Audi brought out renowned chefs @danielasotoinnes @daniellasenior, and @kellyfields, who served multiple courses of uniquely crafted and inspired Mexican cuisine and drink, and we all definitely had a memorable night! What a way to get a taste of #ThatQ3Life and help Audi continue to #DriveProgress.

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