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👋🏼 It’s your fav French teacher from YouTube! Lesson Ideas💡& Funny Teacher Reels 📺 French Resources 📚 *Travel ✈️ & MORE! 🌈

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😸🙏🏻❤️ GIVING TUESDAY! ❤️🙏🏻😸 Today’s the day we open up our hearts and wallets to support all the amazing causes that mean something to us! @torontocatrescu is one of those organizations that mean the world to me. Those fur babies make me the most happy, and I know most of you feel the same. So, a charity like this one that devotes its time and energy into the safety and well-being of kitty cats all over Toronto, makes my heart sing. 🌈❤️😸 Running an organization like this is no easy task, and doesn’t come cheap. If you love kitties and want to help support, head on over to and show those fuzzy wuzzy serotonin machines you care! 🐈🐈‍⬛🐈 Avec amour, 💕 Monsieur Steve . . . . . . . . #givingtuesday #givingday #givingtuesdaynow #catrescue #torontocats #teachershare #ilovecatssomuch #catdaddy

❤️BULLYING PREVENTION WEEK! ❤️ This week at my school, we’re celebrating love diversity and inclusion! To highlight these three pillars of bullying prevention, we’ve come up with theme days to get kids excited about being good humans! 🎉 Swipe thru ➡️ to see the flyer we sent out to teachers & parents! Monday: Bright colours to “stand out” against bullying! 🎨 Today’s BRIGHT outfit (sweater & pants) is brought to you by my pal @hayleyelsaesser! She’s the Queen of colour and fun prints, AND she is a stand up human who furthers every good cause worth fighting for! ✊🏼 Tuesday: Zany hat day, to “put a lid on bullying”! 🎩 Wednesday: PRIDE DAY! 🌈 Thursday: Sports jerseys to “team up against bullying”! ⚽️ Friday: Is a PA day, so no school! As someone who was bullied through Primary and High School, weeks like these mean the world for me. I recall most of my teachers, along with the admin, totally brushing off my calls for help…fully under rug swept. It’s one of the reasons I went into teaching - to ensure kids don’t suffer like I did. 💔 Are you celebrating bullying prevention week? Have any cool ideas?!? Please share in the comments and feel free to share mine! 😸🌈❤️ . . . . . . . . . . #bullyingprevention #bullyingawareness #antibullyingweek #antibullying #loveisloveislove #lgbtqcommunity #lgbtqpride #teacherideas #teachershare #teacherstyle #teacherootd #teacheroutfit #gaytoronto #torontogay #safespace #celebratelove #celebratediversity #teachergram #teacherthings

WANNA BE COOL? 😎 Then head on over to my merch store & save 20% OFF OF EVERYTHING IN MY MERCH STORE!!!🎉 Grab a class set of stickers for your students, or grab yourself one of my long sleeved Ts & be the best-dressed teacher we all know you are! 😜😜😜 Head on over to my merch store using the link in my bio, or cut and paste into your browser window! 💻 Your support means the world to me!!! Avec amour, ❤️ Monsieur Steve! 😸 . . . . . . . . #blackfridaysales #blackfriday2022 #monsieursteve #blackfridaysales #canadianteacher #ontarioteacher #torontoteacher #frenchteacher #frenchteachers #frenchteachertribe #frenchteachersofinstagram #frenchteachersofinsta #frenchyoutuber #kidsyoutube

❤️RELATIONSHIPS❤️ As teachers, we are constantly working on building relationships with our students, coworkers and parent communities. So much so, that when it comes time to our personal lives we’re fully drained. At least I know I am! 😵 I’m terrible at replying to texts, emails, and most certainly phone calls! 😜 Unlike many jobs, I don’t have time to chime in on a group text or email chain as it’s unfolding. So, I often feel like I’m missing out or because of my terrible response rate, left out intentionally. And then there’s poor Justin! When I’m not working on school stuff, I’m staring at a screen working on YouTube or insta stuff! 📱 SO, this is my pledge to, despite my exhaustion, put more energy into my relationships as best I can. To pay more attention to my friends, and most importantly my husband! ANDDDD this past weekend I did just that on a weekend getaway to Prince Edward County visiting my best friend James and his partner. It felt so, so good to connect and spend time with people who aren’t 3 feet tall and 7/8 years old. 😜 And I did my best to give Justin all my attention! Ok maybe not all, but I did my best! Anyone else in the same boat!!? . . . . . . . . . . #relationships101 #gaybestfriend #buildingrelationships #schoolcommunity #teachershare #gayhusbands #gayhusband #gaytoronto #torontogay #gaycanada #pridetoronto #weareteachers #primaryteacher #iteachtoo #lgbtqtravelers #gaypassport #gaytraveler #gaytraveller #gaytravelguide

🏳️‍🌈🖤PRIDE🤎🏳️‍⚧️A word that means so much, to so many… Today I walked into the doors of my school, up the stairs to the second floor where I teach, and was greeted by these two student made posters. It hit me like a ton of bricks, 🧱 to the point where I started to cry, because I couldn’t have been more proud of where I work, where I spend each day trying to enrich the lives of the kids I’m surrounded by. 😭😭😭 Well in this instance, it was the kids who enriched my life, because seeing those two posters was exactly what I needed today. The tragic hate crime that took place in Colorado Springs has me feeling a certain way, and I’m sure many of you are feeling the same, and to see such beautiful posters created by the hands of students, our future, meant everything to me, MEANS everything to me. ❤️🌈❤️ We must never lose sight of what’s important. Being allowed to live with love in our hearts, & staying true to ourselves, which is at the root of everything we do in our classrooms. To think otherwise is to get it completely twisted. What happened over the weekend is a tragedy that affects us all and I’m hoping you will chose action and words over silence. 🗣 So, hold your loved ones close, and use every opportunity given to you to spread love, because hate has no place in this world. ❤️ With all my heart, Monsieur Steve . . . . . . . . . #coloradosprings #clubq #lgbtqcommunity #teachershare #teacherlife #teachersthesedays #primaryteacher #weareteachers #teachercommunity #teachersupport #proudteacher #proudteachers #gaycommunity #lgbtq2s #gaytoronto #torontogay #gaycanada #safespace

✋🏻 STOP HATE ✋🏻 Today we mourn the loss of 5 beautiful souls, and the 18 other injured, in the tragic and hate filled attack at Club Q in Colorado Springs. At the end of Transgender Awareness Week, one can’t help but think about the pain and trauma the Trans community, along with the queer community, must be dealing with. All anyone wants is to belong. To love and be loved. To be accepted. Is this too much to ask? No. And this new shooting brings back memories of the 2016 massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, that killed 49 people. I’m feeling gutted. Absolutely gutted. But I won’t let this stop me from teaching my students about love, acceptance, inclusion, and diversity. Things we so desperately need more of in this world. So, tomorrow at school, at work, with your friends, wherever, don’t forget to check in with one another. You never know how tragedies like this affect the people around you, and the simple act of checking in can make all the difference. And while I have you, if you have a voice, a platform, please use it to say something. Even just by sharing this reel, you too can help make a difference. Together we can help put an end to hate filled tragedies like this. Nobody deserves to die for being their authentic selves. Avec amour, Monsieur Steve 💕 . . . . . . . #coloradosprings #pulse #transgenderawareness #transgenderawarenessweek #lgbtqcommunity #queercommunity #transcommunity #stophate #stophomophobia #loveisloveislove #torontogay #gaytoronto #gaycanada #teachershare #teachersupport #teachershelpingteachers #canadianteacher #ontarioteacher #instateacher #teachersofthegram #instateacher

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