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👋🏼 It’s your fav French teacher from YouTube! Lesson Ideas💡& Funny Teacher Reels 📺 French Resources 📚 *Travel ✈️ & MORE! 🌈

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☀️THIS IS 41! / C’EST 41!☀️ First of all, today is my bday 🥳 and I know, none of you can believe I’m 41. I can’t either. 😜 BUT what is age? Age means nothing, it’s what you do with your time here that counts. For me, it’s been an incredible journey of self-discovery and growth. The person I am today is the result of many mistakes, life lessons, ups, downs, and everything in between! There have been some very dark lows this past year, but I wouldn’t change a thing because it all led me to this point and I’m exactly where I need to be. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 And lastly, I cannot thank all of you enough for the love and support on here. We’re truly an online community that aims to lift each other up; a community built around love! 💕 Alors un très grand merci à vous tous!!! Avec amour, 💕 Monsieur Steve 😺 . . . . . . . . #happybdaytome #itsmybday #thisis41 #teacherootd #teacherstyle #teacherlook #teacherlife #teachershare #zipolite #zipoliteoaxaca #gayméxico #gaytoronto #torontogay #lifelessonslearned #personalgrowthjourney

⚖️ BALANCE ⚖️ One of the things I hope to accomplish while away is to come back home & maintain a better work / life balance. ☯️ Is this something you also struggle with? Have you mastered it? Getting close?! If so, what are some tips cause I’m sure I’m not the only one who could use some help here! 😸😸😸 Also, I woke up at 6am & did sunrise yoga. Yup. 6am. On vacation. 😜 . . . . . . . #worklifebalancegoals #teachergoals #yogabalance #mindfulnesspractice #teacherstruggles #zipolite #zipoliteoaxaca #instamexico #teacherproblems #teachertechtip #teachershare

💸3 THOUSAND DOLLARS!💸Imagine what that kind of money could do for one of your students?!? Well guess what?!? It can be a reality thanks to @aitccanada & @dairyfarmersofcanada! **Faites défiler vers le bas pour la version française** The $3000 scholarship is open to students in Grades 10-12 and Secondary 4-5 across Canada, and the application process is unlike any other! 🤩 Students are provided with 3 diverse and inclusive ways to apply that aren’t based on grades or transcripts, it’s all about showcasing original ideas and creativity! 💡 And teachers get this! You can use the scholarship application process in your classrooms by assigning it as a project which you can use for evaluation. 📈There’s even a Classroom Project Guide that lays it all out for you, so no need to prep! 🙌🏼 So, head on over to... and please help me get the word out by sharing this post with anyone who might benefit. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Merci!!!! ************************************** 3 MILLE DOLLARS! Imaginez ce que ce genre d'argent pourrait faire pour l'un de vos étudiants?!? Bien devinez quoi?!? Cela peut être une réalité grâce à Agriculture en classe Canada et les Producteurs laitiers du Canada! La bourse de 3 000 $ est ouverte aux élèves de la 10e à la 12e année et de la 4e à la 5e secondaire partout au Canada, et le processus de demande ne ressemble à aucun autre! Les étudiants disposent de 3 façons diverses et inclusives de postuler qui ne sont pas basées sur les notes ou des transcriptions, il s'agit de présenter des idées originales et de la créativité! Et les enseignants, vous pouvez utiliser le processus de demande de bourse dans vos salles de classe en l'attribuant comme un projet que vous pouvez utiliser pour l'évaluation. Il y a même un guide de projet qui vous explique tout, donc pas besoin de vous préparer! Alors, rendez-vous sur ... . . . . . . . #canadianagriculture #dairyfarmers #scholarshipopportunities #scholarshiphunter #canadianteacher #ontarioteacher

If you know me, you know I’m all about “Girl Power!”✌🏼But International Women’s Day is so much more than that! It’s a day to talk about some of the incredible accomplishments of women who stood up to the patriarchy, who stood up for what’s right, who took incredible risks to achieve their goals! 💪🏻 If you’re looking for an amazing read aloud, “Elle A Persisté / She Persisted” by Chelsea Clinton is the perfect read to inspire your students! ANDDD she has 4 in this series, telling stories of incredible females who PERSISTED despite all odds! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Today is also a day to celebrate women past, (present & future), while also recognizing that the path to true equality is still a work in progress. And never forget, you don’t need one day to talk about women’s rights and equality…you can and should be integrating it all year. Here’s to all the amazing women in my life, like my mom who was and will always be my hero. She sacrificed everything for me and to this day is my rock! 🪨 And here’s to my insta fam, consisting of some of the most inspiring, innovative, creative, strong, caring, and all around amazing women! @the.crafty.teacher @mycalltoteach @frenchfrenzytpt @the.spedzone @one.bright.crayon @lovelivelaughteach You all inspire me THE MOST! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 And now I’m looking right at you! If you’re a woman reading this, I see you, I hear you, I respect you, and I value you! 💕 . . . . . . . . #internationalwomensday #womensday2023 #girlpower💪 #instafamilylove #mymomismyhero #frenchteacher #iteachfrench #frenchbookstagram #frenchimmersion #frenchresources #monsieursteve #genderequality #whoruntheworldgirls

🍀 Saint Patrick’s Day!🍀 It’s the week before the big day & if you find yourself looking for fun French resources, I’ve got you covered! 🙌🏼 Just head on over to my YouTube channel where you’ll find not one, but TWO awesome videos on the topic! Video 1: Join me & Dex🐘 as we learn about the history & traditions, as well as some fun French vocab! 🎉 Theres also a fun built in scavenger hunt: how many leprechauns can you spot in the vid?!?🌈 Video 2: We learn some fun Saint Patrick’s Day Vocabulary in French! 🇮🇪🌈🍀 How to use these videos: watch them a few times, practice the words orally with me, write them down, try to use them in simple sentences, try to use them in a simple story, you can even act them out and play a game sherades! 😺 You/ your kids could also make your own flash cards, fill in the blanks activities or anything else you can think of - get creative! Both videos can be found currently highlighted on my YouTube Channel! Please feel free to like and share with anyone who might benefit! 💕 . . . . . . . #saintpatrick #saintpatricksday #frenchvocabulary #frenchresources #frenchlessons #funfrench #learnfrenchlanguage #frenchimmersion #canadianteachers #ontarioteachers

🙀Teachers Gone Wild!🙀 Ok, maybe just wild with laughter! 😹😹😹 To say I needed to lol like that is an understatement, so THANK YOU @mrdtimes3 for making this burnt out primary teacher almost pee himself with laughter! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 And to share that laughter with so many amazing teacher peeps, including my teacher fam was the opposite of “trauma bonding” as Mr. D put it! Thanks for being my dates… @mycalltoteach @the.crafty.teacher @one.bright.crayon @the.spedzone @lovelivelaughteach @frenchfrenzytpt ANDDDD a big shout out to all the #teachergram fam I got to meet IRL! 💕 . . . . . . . . . . #mrdtimes3 #teacherfriends #teacherbesties #teacherlove #teachercommunity #weareteachers #teacherweekend #teacheroutfits #teacheroutfit #teacherlife #teacherstyle #teacherfashion #canadianteacher #ontarioteacher #gaycomedian #torontogay #gaytoronto

“I might not go back in!” 😜 Anyone else feel the same after this week?!? One week left till Spring Break here in Ontario! How much longer for you? . . . . . . . . . . #marchbreak #teacherstruggles #teachermeme #teachermemes #teacherjokes #teacherhumor

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