Mochi and Taro the Corgis

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Hi there! We are Mochi and Taro the mismarked corgi brothers! We are from Portland, Oregon and some of our favorite activities are snuggling during long naps, hiking, and eating snacks! Our Instagram showcases our many adventures with our friends as well as our focus on proper care/nutrition, and our home decor. We place importance on keeping our dogs happy, healthy, and true to themselves! We work hard to share family-friendly, organic, and honest content with our followers and only connect with brands who fit into our everyday lives. We are proud to have worked with a number of brands including Rae Dunn, KAYAK, Chewy, Marriott Hotels, Daniel Wellington, Love Your Melon, and Sony Pictures just to name a few! We cannot wait for the opportunity to work with you.

Location Portland, OR USA Northwest
Country United States of America
Member Since JULY 09, 2020
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Honestly... it feels like we’re all mini Mochi and 2020 is the dreaded bathtub... #SendHelp #GetMeOut

“Hurry up mahm, don’t you know you’re not supposed to play with my food!?” ———————————— Playing with their food is a problem Tochi will never have🤦🏻‍♀️ they legit scarf down their @darwinspetfood in seconds... which is about the same time it takes me to prep mealtime! I just scoop the thawed raw into a bowl and boom, dinner is served! I’m so thankful for that given how insanely busy life has been for us in the Tochi household. We might cut some corners here and there when things get crazy, but never when it comes to Tochi’s health❤️

TFW you’re only 2 days away from never having to be in 2020 again 🎉

According to a Harvard psychologist: when dogs dream, they’re likely dreaming of their owners... 🥺 And here I am telling Mochi to square up for just looking at me. 😬

Just a beached whale trying to get back home 🐳 ——————————— We had an amazing day at the beach... well Mochi’s day could’ve been better but that’s his fault 😂

From weight management to ear infections and upset tummies, Mochi's had it all. Unfortunately mahm doesn't always have the answers. @1800petmeds is here for mahm with their Pet Education Library at! It has free information for all your pet care needs right at your fingertips. #PetMedsPet #AD

Not sure how we gained all this quarantine weight... we were really active, running from our problems 😬 🤷🏻‍♀️

Your girlfriend looking at your fries after she said she didn’t want anything.

Just here waiting for season 2 of 2020 to end. 🔥 this is fine 🔥

We’re ready to start the new year off fresh... including our home. @hoover makes it easier to clean up our home and ring in 2021! #HooverClean #HooverParner

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