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You don’t have the same day every day – so why are you taking the same supplements?

Mixfit merges science, data and technology to deliver the vitamins and minerals you need in a daily drink. Transforming your personal nutrition from routine to real time. The Mixfit Intelligent Nutrition Assistant (MINA) is the soul to Mixfit’s personal nutrition solution. Through the Mixfit App, MINA gathers the natural nutrients you consume as well as what you lose through activity each day. Along with personal traits MINA uses these daily changes to deliver the vitamin and nutrient mix you need to fill your nutritional gap.

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Jumpstart Your Way into the New Year

Even so, you may be looking ahead to the New Year, and you might be vowing to give up sweets, to cook more meals at home, and commit to daily exercise when the ball drops at midnight on January 1st. For example, during the holiday season, starting a consistent exercise routine, practicing portion control, and activating your social networks to help you stay on track can make a big difference in getting a jumpstart on your New Year’s resolutions. If you’re too busy, meal replacement shakes are a great way to get the balanced nutrition you need with built in calories and portion control. Frozen fruits and vegetables as just as nutritious as fresh, and you can add fruits to meal replacement shakes, yogurt or cereal, and add veggies to soups, stews, curries, omelets and stir-fries.

How Much Time Should You Spend In The Sun To Get Vitamin D (And Avoid Skin Cancer)

To make sure you’re getting the balance right, here’s Dr Stephanie Munn, consultant dermatologist from Bupa Health Clinics, with three tips for ensuring you get the perfect amount of vitamin D this summer without risking your skin safety. People with paler skin should aim for a short period in the sun every day for about ten to 15 minutes while those with darker skin will need a little longer. People with darker skin need more exposure [to the sun] to get the recommended amount than those with very pale skin, who are at greater risk of burning. People with a lot of moles and pale skin should have their moles checked by a dermatologist or GP, who’ll recommend when you should come back and how often you should have checks in the future.

Paleo Diet Explained

It’s a way of eating based on only consuming foods that would have been available to our caveman-era ancestors, based on the idea that our modern diet – full of trans fats, refined carbs and easy-access sugar – is to blame for everything from cancer and Alzheimer’s to depression and infertility. Several studies comparing Paleo with a typical American diet have linked it to increased insulin sensitivity and improved lipid (body fat) profiles – and a 2016 paper linked the diet to reduced inflammation, something often thought to be associated with cancer. Paleo fans are largely backing away from the “our slow-evolving bodies haven’t adapted to agriculture” argument that helped launch the movement, because it probably isn’t true: there’s decent evidence that different populations have evolved to eat the foodstuffs cultivated over the past few thousand years. And not all Paleo dieters make a distinction between processed and unprocessed meat – not ideal, since the WHO has linked processed stuff like bacon and sausages with a slightly increased cancer risk.

How the Mixfit System Provides Perfectly Portioned and Personalized Vitamin Doses Daily

Those nutrients are managed by MINA, the Mixfit Intelligent Nutrition Assistant, which makes sure you’re getting exactly what your body needs to fill the nutritional gap based on what you eat and how you move on any given day. Once you’ve finished onboarding and given MINA a baseline for your nutritional needs, you can continue to hone your personalized vitamin dose each day by logging what you eat and how you exercise in the Mixfit app. Based on your nutritional input and physical output for the day, MINA will determine how much of each nutrient you need to reach targets and close dietary gaps. Even if you’re serious about diet and exercise, it’s tough to ensure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs every day.