Megan Marie

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I am Megan Marie Komosa lifestyle blogger and Massachusettes native.
I share my passion for a healthy lifestyle, , fashion and beauty favorites as a creative outlet. I openly discuss the trials and tribulations of being a mom and wife. I advocate for self-care and living a healthy lifestyle by including fitness and nutrition into my life and blog posts.

I love my job as a blogger, my purpose is to connect with women on a level that reminds them they are not alone. I share my way of living, along with my tips for beauty and fashion, while keeping perspective and taking it all in stride…

Location whately , Massachusetts
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Cute and comfortable. That’s how I like my Valentine’s Day outfits. Staying in tonight for dinner and drinks 🥰 Happy Valentine’s Day!

Affordable Faux leather jackets • MEGAN MARIE KOMOSA

Turn on your JavaScript to view content Turn on your JavaScript to view content Turn on your JavaScript to view content these faux leather jackets are from target! Turn on your JavaScript to view content Turn on your JavaScript to view content Turn on your JavaScript to view content Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Turn on your JavaScript to view content

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How well do magnetic lashes work? Answered honestly, full magnet lash review • MEGAN MARIE KOMOSA

I love lashes and even though my natural lashes are super long and healthy they’re just not as full as I personally want. I love lash extensions but it is a commitment that I wasn’t ready to start. I was totally skeptical of the entire process getting magnetic lashes on my eyes seemed scary. My magnetic lash journey ended after I tried another brand, the good ole Ardell magnetic lashes.

Today was an amazing day. I have been up since 3am. WHY? Because I F*cking love waking up ... if you don’t feel that way please turn post notifications on so that I can inspire you. ☀️ I had the most humbling of days today. A group of business women used MY home as the set for their business photo shoots. 👯‍♀️I was asked to speak at a content creator convention. I was given 3 amazinggg deals. 🙏🏼 ⏰My alarm went off at 215 (so I am not late for my kiddos) ➡️I got in my car and honestly I prayed for my health, for my family and for our safety. I thought “damn it” this is too good to be true and I began to fear something horrible might happen. I’m just not used to this. 👉🏼I was never a straight A student. I was class chatterbox. I made it threw college by the skin of my teeth. I’ve always worked really hard but I never knew what I was working for.... until the day I said fuck it. I became exactly who I wanted to be because I held myself accountable AND I stopped caring what people thought of me. I STOPPED EXPLAINING MYSELF. I stopped seeking everyone else’s approval. I don’t fear being in front of thousands of people on my stories (with wet hair and no makeup.) I don’t fear talking about real life. I have nothing to loose... I have everything I need and I do what I do without a filter because I can... I share/sell the health products that I’m always talking about because I use them everyday and I am so passionate about getting healthy from the inside out!! 👀I am encouraging y’all to take advantage of this new decade. 👀THIS!!! THIS! is the future of marketing and you can easily build a monetized social media by implementing my strategies. Go read my blog post about leveraging my social media BRAND through network marketing. Sharing these amazing plant based products will earn you income that will pay for your expenses, build your savings, take your family on vaca.🏝You will earn income while you build your brand and connect with your audience.... I built my brand as an influencer almost 4 years ago. I started dabbling in network marketing a few months ago! I want to share everything I learned, and get you on track with me and my team

super simple super bowl hostess tips and what you need to know about the big game 2020. • MEGAN MARIE KOMOSA

I love to hostess and the super bowl game is always fun because it is such a guys game I can easily get away with having a laid back menu. I will make sure to have drinks going and chips/dips and other little munchies set out before the national anthem. That way everyone can get up, get a big bowl of chili, potato skins, gluten-free potstickers, egg rolls, or taquitos. I still do not know who is playing football during this super bowl game, and I am not going to act like I care.

I did not look this put together today. Let’s just leave it at that. I brought back my @freshlypicked backpack and I am seriously obsessed mamas. This bag is lined, has legit storage. Zips snaps adjusts I’m not kidding you this is the diaper bag you will be happy with. My code FPxMegan gets you 20% off 🥳my outfit is @freepeople via @cloverandcountry_ boutique 😍follow them 📸 @mariahgalecreative

How I learned to use network marketing opportunities to leverage MY social media brand • MEGAN MARIE KOMOSA

They are a group of amazing women influencers who use and sell the plant-based products from Plexus! Boss Mamas Inc. This group is an MA-based group of women entrepreneurs focused on health and wealth. If you are interested in getting started with social media marketing, influencing, or building a network marketing brand I suggest following my three (most important) rules. The most effective way to start earning while you grow your brand on social media is to participate in a network marketing business like I have with Plexus.

Little Miss Independence ...needs no help from me anymore. She really just said “No mom I’m her mommy!! Let me do it” . That’s probably the same tone of voice I said it to my mom when Kourtney was born 🙈 fact: she actually was born on the 4th of July. I had preeclampsia and a csection delivery. It was unexpected and 10 days early. I love having her birthday on the 4th. It’s such a fun party and this year she is going to be five!!! It’s going to be a big party! Question?!? How do you have a kid party on a holiday?! Do you give them their own theme or just do part of it birthday theme part of it holiday ? 🙈

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