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♋️ • A real life Animal Crossing character ✨ Above average shiny Pokémon hunter Check out my online shop @ohlunaria 💌: cutthroatmiranda@yahoo.com

Member Since FEBRUARY 24, 2020
Social Audience 159K
mirandathekitten 165K Last Month Last 3 Months
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  • Engagement Rate 1.0% 1.3%
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  • Avg Likes 2K 2K
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It’s the best time of the year 🤭☀️

Worst building experience of all time 🧍🏻‍♀️

#ad between the lil tattoo tights and the strawberry dress idk which is my fave item from romwe😵‍💫 all these lil bits fit my style in different ways 🤗 Use the code RWQ2Lovemiranda to save on an order! SKU for necklace: sj2401211410120082 SKU for amethyst boot danglers: sx2312089752447748 SKU for tattoo tights: si2312159864966519 SKU for bunny top: rz2403157695235666 SKU for dress: rz2401178908674174 #romwe #romwepartner #romwegothday #worldgothday

#ad Desperately need to go to a flea market or outdoor craft show in this outfit 🍓🌸 Dress and top are romwe use the code RWQ2Loveiranda to save on an order! SKU for dress: rz2401178908674174 SKU for top: rz2403157695235666 #romwe #romwepartner #romwegothday #worldgothday

IG is giving me bonuses again I’m about to be soooooo insufferable on here ✨

What even is a savings account 🤪

It’s the best time of the year (literally any day that it is warm) 🖤 Top is hottopic #HTFxMayMustHaves #sponsoredbyht

I love having a clean, neat space believe it or not but my brain is soooooo peepeepoopoodoodoo and cleaning is overwhelming!!!! But we are slaying 🩷

A literal dream what the HELL

Patting myself on the back for pretty much keeping pink hair consistently for the last 5 months 😎

I’m ngl everytime I see algae water I wanna take a stick and mix it around 🫣

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