Hetal Vasavada

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🍽 Baker/Author/Social Media Nerd 🔪Masterchef Season 6 👇🏾Cookbook featured in @washingtonpost @nytimes - click below! 📍SF ✉️hetal@milkandcardamom.com

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Milk & Cardamom

Ras malai is made by making paneer, shaping it into a flattened ball and soaking it in a simple syrup, and then finally, malai, or sweetened milk. Usually, this takes quite some time to do, so here is a quick and easy way to make ras malai with storebought paneer! I also add powdered sugar to the oaneer in this ras malai recipe to help the paneer hold together and add a little bit of sweetness! This ras malai recipe takes just 30 minutes or less to put together, however, I highly suggest leaving the ras malai in the fridge overnight for the best flavor and texture!

Holi Tutti Frutti Cookies

One of the most satisfying parts about Holi is watching people in pristine white clothes turn into a kaleidoscope of colors after a successful celebration! All the colors running into each other with bright splotches of greens, pinks, and vivid blue powder swiped across every inch of a person – that is Holi! These tutti frutti tie-dye-esque cookies were inspired by the contrast of white and bright colors that you see so often during that time! Be sure to roll the Holi tutti frutti cookie dough out in between two sheets of parchment paper to make it easier.

Funfetti Cookies

One, my husbands’ favorite flavor in the world is birthday cake/funfetti, and two, it’s almost holi, and what says color more than sprinkles! Normally it’s celebrated with people playing with colored powders, but due to COVID this year, I feel like the best way to celebrate is with color full dessert, like these funfetti cookies! Also the key ingredients to get these cookies to taste like birthday cake is to use imitation vanilla extract (a tip I picked up from Christina Tosi!). This funfetti cookie recipe makes 2 dozen hefty-sized cookies.

Eggless Red Velvet Cake

For this egg-free red velvet cake, I use sour cream to provide moisture that normally comes from an egg, along with baking powder to provide leavening. I know that cream cheese frosting is the traditional buttercream that is used with red velvet cake, but I’m not the biggest fan of all cream cheese frosting. Instead, a mixture of butter and cream cheese where I used enough cream cheese to get the tartness, but not too much! Some sprinkle companies use meringue powder or egg white powder to make the sprinkles, in my vegan sprinkles I use an aquafaba based meringue powder.

I don’t know about you guys but when winter hits, my body goes into crazy snack mode. All I want to do is eat all day and I end up snacking thru my entire day (hello winter weight! ). It’s like my body wants to gain weight and hibernate until spring is here 😂. My go to snack right now (especially during beach visits) is Chevdo, specifically cornflake chevdo. I LOVE this stuff and eat it by the fistful, I even keep a bag on my nightstand (rhut hates this 😆). This recipe is super simple, but sometimes I like to throw Kix cereal in there for a little salty sweet kick! You can find the recipe on my blog. ☺️ What’s your go-to snack right now?! Also please tell me I’m not the only one whose appetite correlate with the seasons lol 😝 . . . . #indianfood #chevdo #gujarati #gujaratifood #vegan #vegetarian #snacks #indiansnacks #raisins #gujaratisnacks #desi #vegansnacks #curryleaves #cornflakes #crunchysnacks

🌎Fun fact: Growing up, I was only allowed to watch a handful of channels, Food Network and Discovery Channel [#ad] being a few of them! These channels have been a major source of learning and inspiration for me growing up. My interest in food and science was cultivated by watching Alton Brown regularly on Food Network. It was the first time I had seen science mixed with food and where baking met science in a way that I truly understood it! I've used Alton Brown's tip in my cooking all my life (especially his chocolate chip cookie tips!) Now that Elara is older we can now finally watch these shows with her! This is why I am so excited to partner up with @discoveryplus to share their new platform, discovery +, where starting at $4.99+/month, you can get access to over 2,500 shows from Discovery, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, OWN, and more! First up is binging the earlier seasons of Good Eats! Did you grow up on Discovery or Food Network and if so, what shows were your favorite!? #discoveryplus #streamwhatyoulove

💜 ANNOUNCEMENT 💜 I know it’s a little early for Vday but I had to share this ASAP! Last year, I paid homage to my favorite quotes from Bollywood with Bollywood Conversation Heart Cookies! This year you can make them in your home with my Bollywood Conversation Heart Cookie kit! It comes with everything you need to make these cookies! The kit includes sugar cookie mix, heart-shaped cookie cutter, letter stamps, and gel food coloring! Click the link in my bio to grab a kit in time for Valentine's Day! 💘 What’s your favorite Bollywood movie or quote?! . . . . #milkandcardamom #desi #bollywood #ddlh #k3g #indianfoodblogger #valentinesdaydessert #indian #sugarcookies #thebakefeed #feedfeed #cookies #indiandesserts #mithai #sweets #bollywoodsongs #cookiekit #globalbelly #desijokes #desigirl #cookiesofinstagram #valentinescookies

🤍 Cold January days are for cozy cuddles with my two favorite humans. We all need that boost of oxytocin every once in a while.🥰 📷: @tanushreevaidyaphotography #family #familylove #cuddleweather #momlife

#ad I feel like every Indian mom is forever trying to incorporate raisins and nuts into all their kids’ diets. My mom was no different. On winter mornings she would simmer milk with @californiaraisins and a few spices to make a warming bowl of oatmeal. And since I’m slowly turning into my mom - I now do this to Elara. I made overnight oatmeal with chai spices all topped with raisins that I soaked in strong brewed black tea for chai overnight oatmeal! I popped the jar in the microwave for a couple of seconds to warm up the oatmeal before serving but you can totally enjoy it straight from the fridge! Elara LOVED it. The raisins get nice and plump after soaking in the tea overnight and add a burst of natural sweetness to the oatmeal, plus they’re a great way to add more fiber (7% DV) and potassium (6% DV) into her diet! How did your mom get you to eat raisins growing up? Was it in rice, chevdo, prasad, or something else? #californiaraisins #SweetbyNature . . . . #raisins #milkandcardamom #overnightoatmeal #oatmeal #breakfast #healthybreakfast #chai

🥬My favorite go-to healthy meal is fresh rolls, aka Vietnamese spring rolls, and I ate these obsessively when I was pregnant (the cravings were real). They're gluten-free, vegan, veggie-forward, and, in my opinion, a hundred times better than a salad. Traditional Vietnamese spring rolls have prawns/shrimp and pork in them, but to make them vegan, I used only veggies in mine (so they are not very authentic/traditional). You can add pan-fried tofu if you want some extra protein in your rolls. I made a simple peanut sauce to go with the spring rolls, but you can also just use bottled sweet chili sauce too if you're feeling particularly lazy (no judgment here!). The recipe link is in my bio and the video tutorial is in my IGTV! What healthy recipes are you guys turning to now? . . . . #vegan #vegetarianrecipes #vegetarian #springrolls #freshrolls #vietnamesefood #feedfeedvegan #feedfeedglutenfree #peanutsauce #easyrecipe #simplefood #eatyourveggies #indianfoodblogger #foodphotography #greens #lettuce #carrots #ricepaperrolls #ricepaper #glutenfree #veggies #easydinner #easyrecipes #simplerecipes

🥂 Happy New Year! 2020 has been and eventful year to say the least but I couldn’t be more excited to go into 2021! This year my goals are to focus on my book, blog and bakery! I want to get book deal for a second book🤞🏾, grow my bakery by adding more products and growing my team, and finally- get back into the kitchen and create more posts for my blog! I loved baking and cooking along with all you guys last year and I want to keep doing that! This month you’ll see more savory dishes from me (and a few sweet because well...it’s me!) and more video content from me as well! My end goal is to get you guys into your kitchens to cook and bake along with me! I hope you all have a wonderful new year full of good food and lots of love! #happynewyear #2021goals #2021

🍉 Here's an easy mocktail/cocktail drink recipe for the new year! I made a simple syrup with cranberries and orange juice and topped it off with fresh watermelon juice! It’s super refreshing and you can totally add a dash of tequila or vodka to make saying goodbye to 2020 a little more fun 😉 I garnished my drink with frozen cranberries, orange slices, and a watermelon snowflake! I just used a snowflake cookie cutter on a thin slice of watermelon. You could even use smaller cookie cutters and then freeze them and use them as ice cubes in the drinks! P.S you could even add a dash of Rooh Afza for a desi twist! ❄️ Recipe video in my IG highlights! . . . #watermelon #holidaycocktail #holidaymocktail #mocktails #mocktails🍹 #juice #drink #beverage #sffoodblogger #bayareablogger #feedfeed #nye #2021 @thefeedfeed.cocktails #cranberry #cocktailsofinstagram #cocktails #drinkstagram

❄️CLOSED ❄️ Last year I shared my Sev and Turmeric Roasted Chana dark chocolate bark or my Guju Bhai bark at @zheelicious calls it 😂 ! I know..I know - I sounds weird and crazy. But trust me! The sev (thin bits of fried chickpea dough) adds tons of texture and the haldar Chana (roasted chickpeas with turmeric) add some saltiness and together it just works! This dessert comes together in seconds and let’s be real, every desi household has these on hand in the pantry. On another note, It’s the season for giving, especially this year! This year, charities and aid groups have have been critical in helping the many thousands who have been devastated by COVID and beyond. Whether it be basic needs like food and shelter, taking care of our essential workers, or helping make sure people go out and vote, non-profit groups have been the hard workers behind the scenes all year round! This year I’d like to support some of your favorite non-profits! I’ll be giving away $1000 donations to two non-profit organizations! To enter your favorite charity: 1) Tag your favorite 501(c)(3) nonprofit in my comments and let me know why they’re work is so important! Giveaway ends 12/20 at 6pm PST! Happy holidays! . . . #giveaway #nonprofit #sev #chana #turmeric #darkchocolate #holidaydessert #holidayfood #indianfusion #mithai #desi #indianfood #indian #desserts #feedfeed #farsan #gujaratifood #gujju #indianfoodblogger

❄️ [#ad] Wintertime is all about staying warm and cozy for me. That starts with getting up in the mornings and making a warm wholesome cup of @realcalifmilk milk with doodh masala that makes getting out of my warm comfy bed a little less terrible. Doodh masala is a mixture of warm spices like cardamom, turmeric, saffron, and nutmeg and toasted nuts grounded into a powder and added to the delicious and sustainably sourced Real California Milk. It's super soothing and is pretty much hygge in a cup. Morning time is a time to reset and prepare yourself for a new day, so taking a moment to yourself to feel comforted is so important. What’s your favorite warm cozy drink to start your mornings with in the winters? #realcaliforniamilk #morningsmeanmore #doodhmasala #cardamom #milkandcardamom #milk #warmmilk #hygge #hyggemoment #doodh #masaladoodh

❄️I partnered up with @egglandsbest [#ad] to share a fun holiday recipe using their delicious, better-for-you eggs! This tart is hot cocoa in dessert form! A bittersweet chocolate shortbread crust filled with rich, creamy hot cocoa custard and topped with fat dollops of toasted meringue. This recipe uses 4 whole Eggland’s Best eggs, which are packed with vitamin E and D. Eggland’s Best eggs contain 6 times more vitamin D and 10 times more vitamin E compared to ordinary eggs! Both of which help support a healthy immune system, which is much needed, especially during the holidays! So, this tart is practically a health food 😂! #madewithEB #onlyfeedmeEB #EgglandsBest #thEBest

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