Maria Ponomaryova

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Travel | Lifestyle | Fashion exploring the world all year round ✈️ NOW: NYC 🇺🇸 📍Based: San Francisco, CA ✉️

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Days like these are hard to beat. This season in the mountains really exceeded my expectations this year.

If you could ask the universe one question and receive the absolute truth, what would your question be? I would like to ask what do I need to do to stay at @steinresidences forever? ❄️🏔️ #SteinStyle #DeerValley #Utah

Another day above the clouds in @waspenhotel ❄️🏔️ There is no such thing as too much snow in Aspen! #WAspen #WHotel #Aspen #Colorado

There’s no problem too big that a ski day can’t solve. And even if it doesn’t work, there’s always après ski in @waspenhotel. I can't think of a better time to be in Aspen! X Games was so much fun! Now I dream of coming back next year! #WAspen #WHotel #Aspen #Colorado

What (in my subjective opinion) should the relationship look like? ⠀ As you know without me, almost all bloggers on Instagram are real experts, moreover, in everything at once: they write about sports, and about love, and about politics, and about body positivity, and how to pickle cucumbers . ⠀ I'm not so expert in everything, but sometimes it becomes simply unbearable to look at abstruse posts that "we are women, we ourselves can do everything, but we don't need men." ⠀ I speak only for myself. And only about myself. You may disagree, you may agree, write in the comments, we will discuss. ⠀ I always wanted to believe that a girl should be behind a man. All decisions are discussed together, but he leads. ⠀ Yes, finding a good man is difficult, VERY difficult, to be honest. But this does not mean that you should rush at every first one and immediately test him in your bed. Personally, my opinion - the girls have devalued themselves. And it continues to progress in our society. And then they wonder why they are not respected? Well, that's exactly why. Don't trade for everyone. Remember the law of marginal utility, because it is applicable not only in the economy ;) ⠀ And don't expect to find someone who will solve all your life's problems. ⠀ How do you see it for yourself? Here you lay half your life in a baby stroller, the second half - in bed, watching TV shows. That’s it. So what? The prince should come racing with his horse and start fighting for you? Why? What did you do to make this prince want to be with you? Nothing. ⠀ Read books, watch movies (not just Marvel and DC), travel, learn languages, hang out with people who are more successful than you. ⠀ This is my main principle in life. Start with yourself. And then demand of others. And the better you are, the more you can demand. Am I not right? ⠀ What do you think? Let's discuss in the comments!

Living a winter dream at @grandhyattvail. Imagine spending your holidays here! Would you like to be here right now? #GrandHyattVail #Vail #Colorado

When I played hide-and-seek as a child, I hid so well that I still haven't found myself. Well, no, I found myself at @waspenhotel. Not bad, right? Although I don't mind losing myself here again at après-ski parties! #WAspen #WHotel #Aspen #Colorado

Collect moments, not things. @waspenhotel is all about experiences. This hotel boasts a terrific rooftop pool heated to a perfect 90°F which means that even with even on a chilly day, you can enjoy the warm waters of the hot tub and the pool. Would you swim here? #WAspen #WHotel #Aspen #Colorado

My parents divorced when I was 11. Now for some reason it seems that everything was very superficial and it happened not to me. ⠀ I remember my father not much. ⠀ Over the past 15 years, he has not appeared in my life even once. I have never seen him since the day when they divorced. ⠀ I have just a few memories of my childhood. That there were nights when he returned home very late, and my mother and I did not sleep and waited for him, sitting in their bedroom. She distracted me with fairy tales and stories, but I was still waiting for my dad. ⠀ Until the age of 8, everything was fine (well, it seems to me now), and then he started bringing home less and less money, and in the meantime, his cars became more and more expensive. ⠀ He refused to pay for trips to the sea, saying that the local river is a wonderful place. ⠀ It may be wonderful, but since birth I had a severe allergy, and my state of health depended only on my immune system. And it was possible to boost it only at sea. If you don’t do it, it turns into bronchial asthma, from which you can die if you don’t do anything to it. ⠀ Mom had to start persuading him to rent at least the cheapest apartment in Cyprus half a year before the summer, just to bring me there. ⠀ My dad earned enough, but loved me not enough, I guess. ⠀ Well, personally, I don't consider my biological father to be my dad. For me, my grandfather was much more a father than this man, who over the past 15 years has never called me, never wrote to me, and never even congratulated me on my birthday. He forged paperwork where he wrote that he earned $2 instead of $1,500 to pay me $0.5 a month in child support. (And I'm not talking about thousands of dollars, I'm talking about 50 cents, literally). ⠀ You know, we were so surprised when we accidentally found a bank account for $64 in my name. We thought that someone had accidentally transferred me this money by mistake. ⠀ And then it turned out that this is all my child support for 7 years. ⠀ Although, perhaps, if things were different, I’d miss him, or at least had an idea of ​​what it is like to miss my father. And it would be worse. I don’t miss him. He just doesn’t exist for me.

Soaking in the beauty of Vail at @grandhyattvail. Is traveling through Colorado on your bucket-list? #GrandHyattVail #Vail #Colorado

May I have all of them, please? 🥹 Okay, at least one.

Picturesquely recharging my internal batteries at @grandhyattvail after a long day in the mountains! I was sharpening my ski skills and having adventurous rides in Vail, still can’t think of a better way to spend the day. #GrandHyattVail #Vail #Colorado

Did you know that relaxing in the mountains cures 98% of any bad vibes you may be experiencing! The other 2% is cured by your beverage of choice. If you haven’t been to the Vail area yet, I highly recommend putting it on your to-do list this year. There are so many hidden gems to find. Doesn’t matter if you are the crazy hiking type or the lounge and watch the view from afar. There is absolutely something for everyone to experience here while staying at @fsvail! #FSVail #FourSeasons #Vail #Colorado

When I was little, we went skiing every year. We rented a small apartment right in the attic. ⠀ The seagulls used to gather on the roof of our house every morning at six sharp. At first, their hubbub only annoyed me, but, you know, if you delve into someone else's speech through a dream for a long time, you can learn not only Chinese, but also gulls language. I began to fully understand what they were talking about. Usually one seagull tells a joke, two or three ironically comment - and then the whole crowd laughs. ⠀ Mom was thinking of buying some kind of anti-bird reagent, but it doesn’t exist. There was even an idea of hiring an actor in a hawk costume, but then we came to the conclusion that it was too expensive and not a sure thing that would work. ⠀ After 8 years, I returned to that ski resort. Found the same house. Even my watches could not tell how much time had passed. You won’t believe it! But the seagulls were still there.

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