Lizzie Fleitas

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♣️ choreographer for @emarosa 🗽 NYC

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one month of kylo 🥹🫶🏼 (if you couldn’t tell, im sickeningly obsessed w him)

kylo dump 🐾 one week of being a first time dog mom and i truly can’t picture my life before him anymore. we adopted Kylo from an animal rescue based in PA (@angies_stray_foundation), which meant driving over 400 miles to get him, but i’d travel across the whole galaxy and back for this lil guy 🥲 kylo (yes, like kylo ren) is a 12 weeks old beagle puppy, 9.7 lbs—7 of those lbs being prob just his ears 😂 he is the smartest, most mischievous doggie around. he learned his new name by his 2nd day home and he already knows: sit, wait, potty, and home. he also knows: no, don’t, down, out, leave it and stop (but he pretends he doesn’t 🙄) AND he knows how to conserve just enough water in his bladder to do a revenge tinkle at your feet if you refuse to share your snacks with him 😅 im really trying to resist making my entire life, personality and social media about my dog, so for more Kylo content: @kyloatthedisco 🪩 #beagle #beaglepuppy #puppy #adoptdontshop #rescuedog

welcome to my @banditsnewyork dream house 💖💅🏼🎀💕👛💗 what a collab 🥹 always have the most fun working with @lrich151 and this time I finally got to visit @banditsnewyork! as im certain your feeds are all pink today, and you’re *definitely not* bored or over it yet, check out our spin on the barbie trend and swipe for some BTS (volume all the way up l to catch the vibe of the shoot 🤘🏼😤🤘🏼). wearing my mom’s vintage handmade jumper from the 80’s 🤩 shoes and accessories were all thrifted. this look, this aesthetic, & these shots were a real life fantasy. if little lizzie could see herself today, she would simply pass away 😅 thank you Lamont turning my into my childhood dream, a real life Barbie :’) thank you Bandits for the space and goods, and huge shout out to @honeybeesweeeet for the bts. eeeeeep 🥹🫰🏼 #barbie #outfit #barbieoutfit #barbiestyle

ik im late but june was 🌞🦋🫨💫🤌🏼 here’s some lizzie out of context (i feel like i should make this a new thing?). swipe to the end for some words of encouragement 🤍 trust the process trust the process trust the process life is really hard but it’s also really really great :’) ily first photo by @lrich151 📸

An Ode to Jupe ☁️🐒🎠🪼 Not to be dramatic, but these photos make me tear up every time I look at them. First and foremost bc I look freaking ethereal in them??? 😭 not AI, just RJ @rjlewisphotos 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 thank you for making me into a spectacle 👀 And speaking of spectacles… 🙈 if you haven’t picked up on it yet, this look was heavily inspired by one of my favorite horror movies, Nope (@jordanpeele @monkeypawproductions). And ICYMI, I cosplayed as Ricky “Jupe” Park for NYCC this past year and am still so obsessed with how my costume turned out. I got a brilliant idea to incorporate the costume jacket into a monochromatic look I was planning to shoot with @rjlewisphotos but was so intimidated by it for some reason—RJ literally had to convince me NOT to change out of the jacket multiple times. I’m so glad he did bc once we started shooting, it just felt so right. Partly bc I felt like a BOSS in all red and bc I was doing a photoshoot inspired by one of my favorite films, but mostly bc I was wearing a literal work of art that came from my own two hands 😭 a piece that I poured so much of myself into to get as many details down as possible—@alexbovairdsprouse designed a masterpiece and I had to do it justice 🫶🏼. And lastly, a work of mine that I actually really love and am so proud of—which sadly, is uncommon for me 😩 Long story long, these photos, this jacket, and this film mean the fricken world to me, so please be nice 💛 and if you’re into movie/cosplay/pop culture inspired content, stay tuned for more 🙌🏼 also, if you read this far down, i appreciate you more than you know. thank you for listening :’) original costume design by @alexbovairdsprouse and recreated by me :) @lizziemadeit photos by @rjlewisphotos make up/concept/graphic design/model: also me :) #jupecosplay #jupecostume #rickyjupepark #nopemovie #jordanpeele #cosplay #DIY

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