Lea Saad

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celiac + nutritionist | singer🦋 life, style, wellness, all things #glutenfree leasaad1994@gmail.com

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feed me a bbq pulled pork sandwich everyday of the week and I wouldn’t say no 😍 pictured is @plantedinhamont ‘s take on a pulled pork sandwich & poutine except this ones actually made out of jackfruit but you would never know bcs it tastes unreal. 😍😍 I fell in love with @plantedinhamont , the entire facility is #glutenfree but also #vegan. I wanted to try everything on the menu but I’m notorious for ordering too much for 1 and not finishing it so currently accepting applications for a foodie friend.🙃😂🌱#eatyourplants #theceleaccorner

happy national nudes day #sendnoods 🍜😜 // p.s the recipe for these noods is in my reels. 💚


rise and shine, cookie butta 🍪 🧈 on my mind. ☁️ // I think you all know by now how obsessed I am with this drink. 😍 If you haven’t had the chance to try it yet, I’m about to bless your timeline with an at home recipe for it. It’s SO easy to make. I’ve shared what I use on my stories before but didn’t give you guys the exact #dEATS so here it is!! Cookie butter latte: • 1 oz (2 tbsps) brown sugar simple syrup • 3 oz (6 tbsps) chai tea concentrate • 7 oz oat milk - basically fill up whatever’s left with your milk.😋🥛 • ice **You can play around with the ratios if you like less of a chai flavour/more.😍 I prefer a stronger chai flavour but for a more even ratio I would do 3 tbsps syrup & 4 tbsps chai tea concentrate. *** healthy swaps: ofcourse I always have some healthy swap options. For brown sugar, you can try using @lakanto golden & if you want a chai without black tea for caffeine purposes - you can use @teeccino ‘s chai tea blend. (I haven’t tried this yet but I plan to because it’ll be perfect for when I’m cleansing. But if you do let me know!) **For brown sugar simple syrup 1 cup water 1 cup dark brown sugar packed 1 tsp vanilla extract Dissolve sugar in water over medium heat for 15-20 mins (you’ll know once it starts boiling and bubbling) Remove off heat and let it cool and then it’s ready to use! If you try this lemme know if you like it & tag me!! Starbucks is currently out of brown sugar syrup like everywhere so this is like the next best thing.😜

#nationaltakeoutday done right w/ @barburritocanada.🌯 // thanks for blessing the #glutenfreecommunity with a gf burrito.😍 if you haven’t heard they offer gf tortillas now and have an entire section on their website dedicated to how they prep to avoid cross contamination and all their gf ingredients. Parchment is placed on the grill and while building your burrito to avoid cc. 🥰 hands are also washed and gloves are changed prior to handling!! Cheers to dining out safely😜❤️

I don’t have this whole hand modelling thing down, but these nails deserved their own moment bcs I’m proud.😌 Ofcourse I had to slap a little avo on there bcs #health 🥑💚😜

eat your greens 👀😜 // not spon but you can use code ‘leasaad10’ for $$ off some melons 🍉

Avo toast is always a mood 👀 🥑 🍅 // love me some healthy fats to support my hormones and mood. I love topping my avocado toast with some everything bagel seasoning, tomatoes, chia seeds or hemp seeds, and some balsamic glaze🤤. The glaze is the 🍒 on top. Using @choko_mocko sourdough bread. Anyone else obsessed with avocado toast?😍 Give me some flavour combinations👇

Easter Sunday photo dump🌷🐰🐣🍦🍜 // walk at the park, ice cream from @brettsicecream - got a blackberry lemon sorbet + chocolate combo on a gf cone😍, drive around the city, stir fry noods from @rizstclair. *bretts has the best ice cream - super celiac aware + tons of gf and vegan options. *riz has some of the best gf asian food and establishment is certified gf. outfit top to bottom @zara + @nike

but how much cookie dough is too much cookie doe? 👀 I’m obsessed 😍 // don’t forget you can still enter my giveaway with @ohhfoods until Monday to win some cookie dough! Details are on my previous post!🧡

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