Kylee Lauren

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founder of @momentofmagicfoundation emotionally attached to taylor swift usually dressed like a princess, drinking coffee + dreaming impossible things

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We partied like we waited nine months for this ✨💕🍾💍🤍 The perfect day with my favorite people filled with charcuterie boards, macaroons, mamma mia and Taylor Swift, in the best city in the world with the love of my life. Couldn’t imagine a better kick off to our wedding than acting out walking down the aisle (feeling honored to have my friends go that hard for me), trying to learn how to do a flip, and somehow losing my @spanx somewhere between 3rd and 1st Avenue.

No matter where you go, @WetOnes goes with you! #ad Life is on the move again and lucky for us, Wet Ones Hand Sanitizer has you covered with Wet Ones Hand Sanitizer. Wet Ones hand sanitizer is made with aloe, vitamin E, and pro-vitamin B5 and kills 99.9% of germs on hands! Plus it comes in three sizes! Head to your local @walgreens to get yours today and get going! #wetonessanitizer

I knew the last 16 months have been *a lot*, but I don’t think it was until I took a step back last week to fully begin to process what we have gone through. I’ve always been someone that has found my happiness in my work, in my productivity, and in what I do. I have a hard time sitting still and find the buzz my heart feels every time I get a big idea, work on a new project, or see a dream come to life electrifying. Last year our world was completely shaken, including the beautiful, magical world we have created at @momentofmagicfoundation. Subconsciously, I put my nose to the grind and didn’t come up for air, fighting to keep our AMoM boat afloat. And we did. When COVID picked up our college-to-community structure to provide support for the most vulnerable population and shook it to it’s core, we pivoted our entire business model. No questions asked. When we were scared about our funding models, about keeping our employees employed and our programs running, through our generous donors, we figured it out. We kept going. When push came to shove, we simply made it part of the dance. It wasn’t until I took a step back that I realized all that we have been through. And to be honest, I’ve spent most of the last year, especially the last week, at extremes of overwhelm and gratitude. This year has been hard. Really hard. I’ve cried. A lot. But more than anything, and especially now in this moment, I feel a lot of hope. Our gala is going to be spectacular. In-person visits are right around the corner. We will be able to HUG again — I’ve missed hugging a lot. We have so many things coming our way. BIG things. BRIGHT things. MAGICAL things. Things I can’t wait to tell you about. Because of you, we’ve made it. I’m so excited for this next chapter and I’m so thankful for you for helping us get there.

Life is short, the world is wide – I wanna make some memories. ☀️

5 years ago, I took a leap. ✨ We had been running The Princess Project for about a year and a half and were growing rapidly. For the first time, I started to envision what this could really become — a national nonprofit organization empowering thousands of college students to provide moments of fun and laughter to hundreds of thousands of children in need. It was a vision I could see so clearly. My dreams were growing quickly and I wanted to create and build the organization I knew we could grow into. So, I connected with one of my dear friends and insanely talented designer @thatbehmgirltattoo to help me create a new brand kit for this organization, shedding the limited name of The Princess Project and growing into something more inclusive, more imaginative, more infinite. I remember bouncing names off of people for weeks before finally landing on what we came to be. A Moment of Magic. We fell in love with the name because it was exactly what we wanted to create — one singular moment of magic at a time. It encapsulated everything in a spark of friendship, of laughter, of hope. Five years ago today we officially adopted our new name and it helped propel our growth into what we are today and has helped us build into what we will be tomorrow. If you’ve been here from the beginning or have just started following along, thank you. Here’s to all of the magic we will continue to make. ✨ @momentofmagicfoundation

champagne problems ✨🌈🍾

Happy birthday to my best friend. ✨🤍 Everyday I am in awe of how driven, compassionate, supportive, and loving you are. Thank you for all of the moments, the big and sparkly ones as much as the small and mundane, that you make infinitely better. I feel so lucky that our stars aligned and together we will take on a lifetime of adventures. Thank you for making this life so good. 28 looks good on you.

& you can want who you want: boys and boys and girls and girls 🌈 URGE CONGRESS TO PASS HR5 (THE EQUALITY ACT) BY VISITING PFLAG.ORG/EQUALITYACT #pridemonth #kisswhoeveryouwant #lovewins

orange ya glad it’s aperol spritz season ?🍊 . . . @aperolusa @aperolspritzofficial @bancnyc #aperolspritz #aperol #nycrestaurants #nyc #nyceats #nycblogger #nycdrinks #newyork #newyorkcity #summerfashion #rtr #rtrambassador

Pets are part of the family, so it’s important the products we give them are as high quality as they deserve. #ad Riggins loves his @honestpetproducts toys! They’re made with eco-friendly, natural fibers that are not only better for your fur babies, but better for the environment all manufactured here in the USA! His favorite toy is the eco quacker 🦆 It’s literally his new best friend. He loves to use the quacker to play fetch, tug of war, and even snuggles up next to him on the couch! I love that the quacker is durable, earth friendly, AND safe! But we need your help naming him! Send us ideas down below! Here’s to all the play dates to come! #honestpets #ecopettoys #ecopets #ecofriendlypetproducts #ecofriendlyliving #pettoys #ecofriendly #minigoldendoodle #honestpetproducts

This is the energy I’m bringing into this week. 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 #youbettawerk #ispyaphotoremote

“When time is up and the sun it dies, until the rivers flood and the ocean dries, hand in hand under the fallen sky, I will always love you.” 🤍 Since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed about what my wedding day would be like. I would literally choreograph my walk down the aisle. In my early 20’s, I’d watch hours of Say Yes to the Dress, indulging in fantasies about the big day. Before getting engaged, I’d giggle with my friends, plotting conspiratorially about how we’d get married at the same time and when it would happen. I’ve had the visions of grandeur, sparkly lights, and pink and gold bridesmaid dresses for years. It’s a surreal feeling to wake up every day fully confident in who the groom is. That important, missing piece for so long, filled so completely. To know that soon enough, I’ll be using the word “husband” in my colloquial vernacular. To continue to build this life with my best friend. I used to be excited to get engaged and plan a wedding and I am truly having the best time doing it (if you don’t believe me, check my Pinterest and/or group chats). But with each passing day, I am even more excited to marry you and be your wife, to grow old with you, to share coffees and news in the morning, wine and playlists in the afternoon, and to never have to dance alone. 🤍✨ 📸:

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you meet people in your life that have felt like they’ve been there all along. Like they are a puzzle piece in your heart that fits perfectly in place. You’re not sure how you tripped into relationships like this, how you got this lucky, or if you even deserve them, but these relationships are sacrosanct nonetheless. With 7 billion people in this world, your worlds collide for a reason. And when they do, hold them close. 🤍 Bride’s dress: @misshayleypaige Bridesmaids’ dresses: @birdygrey

I am beyond excited and honored to share that I have been nominated for the @nyc_imagineawards Alliance Leadership Excellence Award on behalf of my work with @momentofmagicfoundation. Running the organization the last 7 years simply would not have been possible without our team: our staff, our volunteers, our Board Members, our partners, the families we serve, and all of the people that contribute to the magic behind the scenes. Every day, I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to have this job, to do the work that we do, and to have this team that is consistently elevating our mission. We have continued to grow, evolve, improve, pivot, and further our mission because of them and it is the greatest honor to lead this incredible group of people. Thank you so much to @micha3l_duffy for nominating me for this award, to the families and partners that allow us to provide moments of Magic to children in need, and to our team that make this possible. Special thanks to my family for believing in this idea I had full throttle from the start and for my friends for always having my back along the way. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have these amazing people in my life. My goal every day is to be someone 16-year-old me needed and 106-year-old me would be proud of. It feels pretty surreal right now to look back at 16-year-old me and tell her that she could be nominated for a leadership award in NYC, home to the most phenomenal leaders, running a business who’s impetus was princesses, @taylorswift, and helping people while wearing pink and high heels with bows on them. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 🤍

I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank every person who donated and supported @momentofmagicfoundation in #NEPAGives Day. We officially raised $6,861 for A Moment of Magic. We also won the highest valued prize of the night: a professionally produced video, valued at $7,500! Swipe to see the three projects these donations will help fund. This was all made possible thanks to your kindness and dedication to our cause. Truthfully, I am perpetually blown away by the tireless support of this community, my friends, and family. No matter how many times we ask, you ALWAYS support 110% and it constantly blows me away. I feel unbelievably grateful for every single one of you. Events that’s stem from my hometown are always incredibly special to me and I feel so pretty privileged to be able to know such amazing people, to have such strong ties, and to call NEPA my first home I want to thank all of you for your ability to shine a ray of hope. For having the AUDACITY to hope. In my time at AMoM I have learned that giving and sharing hope may just be the greatest superpower of all. Your generosity has sustained our organization, helping us pivot and adjust over the past year. This is a picture from one of my last visits and I can’t tell you how much I can’t wait to get there again. And we will, because of YOU. Your generosity will help us pivot again, transitioning the magic back to the way we intended -- creating moments of joy and laughter for children battling serious illnesses in person, where we can hug, sing, and celebrate the power of friendship. And, of course, celebrate the power of hope. Thank you!

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