Madi Wilson

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I share the good, bad and ugly side of weight loss, PCOS and being in recovery for eating disorders. I am 100% open and honest with my followers and they have a lot of trust in me.

I love sharing healthy meal ideas and snacks, workout clothes, fitness gear as well as skin care and makeup.

Through my amazon store and affiliate codes, I've found my followers really enjoy the products I truly like.

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Cellulite didn’t exist in the US until 1968. Share this video! All thanks to Vogue for printing the term/word “cellulite,” so women would have a new way to hate their bodies. In 1973, a owner of a beauty (and cellulite treatment) salon in New York, published a best-selling book on cellulite 👇 👇That book made more people talk about how cellulite is “bad” 👇More books were written. 👇Then more magazine articles. 👇The media took over. 👇The products came. Anti-cellulite creams, tools, at home treatments - all claiming to eliminate cellulite. 😠 👉 But they didn’t work. 💰 So people bought more and more. Trying to get rid of something that is completely normal but they just heard it was bad. 🤷‍♀️ So, what if the word cellulite wasn’t printed in the US in 1968? 🤔 What if cellulite was a part of beauty standards? 🤔 Really, think about it. What would they would of made up then? What normal body part would they say is ugly? What problem with they invent next so they could sell you a solution? What if they said the pinky finger nail was bad and it had to be removed? If we are just making stuff up, why not that? Sources: William Barnhill KELSEY MILLER #bodyacceptance #bodyliberation #bodypositivity

I am still figuring it out. 🤷‍♀️ After years of trying to have a healthy, balanced lifestyle. And that’s OKAY I used to ask myself: What exercise is the best? What should I be eating? When?! What time should I workout? Am I getting enough protein? Should I get a personal trainer? Why does PCOS make it difficult to lose weight? Should I do cardio first? What exercises do I actually enjoy?! Is the treadmill really worth it? What’s the best workout leggings? Should I buy an exercise bike? Do I do my ab exercises at the end? It seems so overwhelming at first But figuring it out IS actually the fun part and if you start to be more curious, focus on what makes YOU feel the best, remember that this is a lifestyle change… You don’t have to answer everything at once. And you’ll learn the answers will change over time. Remember: most people DON’T WANT TO CHANGE. The fact you are here, reading this.. I’m proud of you. You are doing better than you think. Just try your best. Believe in yourself. Be kind to yourself. Enjoy the journey. Much love 💕 #reels #workoutmotivation #fitnessmotivation #healthylifestyle #thatgirl

I WISH I KNEW THIS SOONER‼️(read below) Your 100% I’ll look different EVERY 👏 DAMN 👏 DAY And that’s OKAY!!!! You aren’t always going to feel 100% BUT you can always give 100% of what you have! My 100% can look like: • hitting the gym for 2 hours • taking a rest day • meal prepping all my meals • buying healthy frozen meals for all my meals • doing a self care day Set your intentions for the day based off your goals, energy levels and what your BODY truly needs and give 100% into that intention. ❤️ Be kind to yourself while you push yourself and learn how to be the best version of YOU 💕 #workoutmotivation #pcos #pcossupport #pcosweightloss #workouttips #mindsetiseverything

❗️rest and recovery is just as important as training❗️ Listen to your body! Go talk and learn from professionals! Focus on feeling your best! Taking care of yourself is so much more than just lifting some weights. 💕 I’m so glad I finally understand this. 👏👏👏Huge thank you to @maverik_sports_rehab at @dungeonstrength_rx for helping me with my shoulders! #sportsrehab #workoutrecovery #gymmotivation #pcosweightloss #workoutroutine #restday #exerciserecovery

This is your sign to… 🛑Stop making it so complicated!!! Go back to the basics 👉 Simple meals 👉 Simple workouts 👉 Simple routine Simple changes —> create habits Go back to the basics babe. When I started I was so overwhelmed. Take it day by day. Comment or DM me any questions!! I want to help you feel your best! #beforeandafterweightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation

You can change your life. You can keep going. You can make hard choices. You can love yourself. You can feel your best. Never give up. Whatever your goals are… for me it’s to do my best, feel my best and help others EVERYDAY. DONT GIVE UP. Take a break, reset but ALWAYS come back to YOU and what YOU want ❤️ #pcos #healthylivingtips #motivationalquotes

Not able to hit your goals? ‼️WAYS TO RECHARGE YOUR BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT‼️ 👉Stressed the F out? 👉Not making the best decisions for yourself? ‼️It’s time to RECHARGE‼️ So you 🫵 can actually move on relaxed and renewed, ready to make the best decisions for yourself + HIT THOSE GOALS! 👏👏👏 💥💥💥small easy ways to recharge💥💥💥 * Get creative - do something artsy * Listen to I AM affirmations * Meditate * Get outside in nature! * Make a list of your accomplishments * Give yourself some “Spa Time” * Stretch your body * Let go of past mistakes * Do a breath-work ritual * Brain dump journal * Aromatherapy * Seek some support * Give yourself space * Listen to your fav music * Dance like nobody is watching * Take a trip (big or small) * Date night for yourself * Try a new hobby * Take a new workout class * Make a vision board for the month or year! * Say NO to people Getting ready for the new year can be stressful because society pressures us to change everything about ourselves… In order to find the path to become committed to your goals and desires, it’s important to take some time to recharge your batteries 🔋 👉👉👉👉comment a way YOU recharge so people can get more ideas in the comments! Also, let me know what one you are going to do tonight! (I’m going to make a vision board) #selfimprovement #betteringmyself #rechargeyourself #selfhealing

good things are coming good things are coming good things are coming The last few months I lost sight of my goals. I was thinking negatively about everything. I stopped believing in myself. I wanted to give up. One thing I did to get out of this funk is remind myself that GOOD THINGS ARE COMING. I had to learn how to TRULY BELIEVE IT again. If you are feeling down, please remember that good things are coming. Say it, feel it, believe it. Hat from @blackboughswim #bigisland #bigislandhawaii #konahawaii #hawaii #beachbabe #beachbabes

have a holly jolly christmas #merrychristmas #konahawaii #christmasinhawaii #kona

Remember: losing LBS isn’t a magic prescription for self-love and happiness What actually helped: 1. Healing my relationship with food 2. Therapy 3. Learning balance 4. Being aware of black and white thinking 5. Letting go of fear that people won’t like me 6. Learning about body + beauty standards 7. Meds 8. Exercise- joyful movement 9. Being kind to myself 10. Accepting my body how it is and how healthy looks different on EVERYONE And the winner of the $15 Starbucks gift card is….. @notoriaous_ ☕️ DM me your email address ❤️ #bodytransformation

Wear the cute gym outfit, I dare you. 👏 I used to hide my bloat and parts of my body because I didn’t want people to see them…. That’s done. No one cares. No one is looking and if they are looking…. They definitely are lookin at something else 🤣 Let this be your reminder to do and wear WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT 👏 🖤🖤🖤OUTFIT DETAILS🖤🖤🖤 • Leggings: Matrix Star Leggings (size:M V-cut) Use code:itsfitmadiwilson to SAVE $7 By @cls_sportswear • Hat from by favorite person on the internet @lorynpowell - @seltzpert • long sleeve by @victoriassecret • sports bra from @doyoueven #workoutoutfit #activewear #leggingsaddict

It’s not selfish to take care of yourself 👏 It’s not selfish to make your happiness a priority, to say no to people, to do what’s best for YOU. 👉👉👉It’s necessary. I needed this reminder. Hopefully this reaches someone that needed it too. ❤️ #selfhelp #selflove #selflovejourney #selfacceptance

Feeling proud of myself today. When was the last time you felt proud of yourself? Share with me below in the comments ❤️ I want to know! #fitnessmotivation #healthylifestyle #workoutmotivation #workout

THIS MINDSET! Let this be your Sunday inspiration! 👏 👉👉 Comment below “I CAN & I WILL” down below if you are ready to hit your goals this week!!🔥🔥 This week I will: 🔥 move my body everyday 🔥 meal prep 🔥 not eat out (save that $$$) 🔥 complete work projects 🔥 take time to relax each day 🔥 stay positive (and feel my feels) 🔥 make myself proud LETS GOOOOOO 👏👏👏👏 #fitnessmotivation #workoutmotivation #fitnessjourney

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