Madi Wilson

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I share the good, bad and ugly side of weight loss, PCOS and being in recovery for eating disorders. I am 100% open and honest with my followers and they have a lot of trust in me.

I love sharing healthy meal ideas and snacks, workout clothes, fitness gear as well as skin care and makeup.

Through my amazon store and affiliate codes, I've found my followers really enjoy the products I truly like.

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Friendly reminder 💕 #bodypositivity #bodyacceptance #bodyimagemovement #normalizenormalbodies

What does body acceptance mean to you? Growing up I always feared being in a bikini around people. I thought my body wasn’t worthy because it didn’t look like the ones in magazines. I would nitpick each and every ‘flaw’ on my body and always try to cover up. I would think more about the ’negative’ things about body than being in the moment. I thought “when I get skinny, I will have fun, I won’t care what people think” NOPE. At my lightest weight, I was the most insecure. Instead of obsessing over the negative things about my body, I started seeing the NORMAL things.. Sounds simple, right? It took a lot of work for me to stay positive and not listen to the noice that society pushes to have this “ideal” shape, size and appearance. Everyone deserves to have a neutral or positive body image! What is something this is normal about your body? Comment it down below! #bodyacceptance #bodypositivemovement #allbodiesaregoodbodies #bodyconfidence

normal things I thought I needed to change about myself 👇 1. Cellulite (93% of people have cellulite) 2. Stretch marks (50 to 90% of people) 3. Loose skin (70% of people) 4. Hip dips (80+% of people) 👏 THESE ARE NORMAL 👏 Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies. Hating our bodies is something that we learned. Let’s unlearn it 👏 ✍️comment below “let’s unlearn it” if you are ready! ❤️👏 Bodysuit by @yitty @lizzobeeating @fabletics #normalizenormalbodies #bodyacceptance #bodyliberation #bodyimagemovement

REMINDER: your body doesn’t need to be fixed, society does. The toxic world of compassion we have created here on social media isn’t just us comparing ourselves to others anymore. We are now comparing ourselves to the edited images of us that we have created. We are setting our own unrealistic beauty standards for ourselves to live up to! You don’t need to be fixed. You are worthy the way you are. You are enough. Be kind to yourself and remind yourself that what you see online and in magazines isn’t real 👏 #bodygoals #bodyimagemovement #bodyimage #pcos #beautystandards

Tips👇 STOP Punishing Yourself w/ Exercise. I spent most of my life viewing exercise as a way to burn off food or to “look better” 👉It was so was harmful to my 🧠 health! Because it wasn’t enjoyable to me, I would workout for a few days and then stop for a few weeks or go too hard and workout too much and end up hurting myself and that hurt my confidence. A lot of things go into creating a new relationship with movement. 💕BUT you can start today!💕 👉Ask yourself, what does movement give me? It gives me: * more energy to do the things I love * better quality of sleep * clear mind * improved my mood * Better s3x * less tightness, tension caused by stress * strength * time for myself * gratitude for my body Focusing on the positive things it gives you (not the things you don’t like about yourself) is the first step. Also, joyful movement! 👏 Finding what YOU truly enjoy doing is so powerful in changing your mindset!! I know it sounds simple but REALLY, YOU HAVE TO DO IT! LET GO OF WHAT YOU THINK YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING and move your body however you like! 💡 ideas: * Take an outdoor yoga class * Rent a kayak or canoe * Play tennis * Swimming * Jump rope * Tramopline * Hula hoop * Rock climbing Please, do this for YOU 🙏 It truly made me so much happier! Be kind to yourself and keep taking steps each day to feel your best! Love you! You got this! #pcoswarrior #joyfulmovement #bodyliberation #bodyimage

THIS QUEEN RIGHT HERE 👑 👏 @daytoncarrie is such an inspiration and I am so grateful that I got to see her today! If you haven’t watched her channel, go go go! She is so amazing (I was so nervous and scared and yea, I cried a little - I am just a very emotional person okay?!) #bodyliberation #sizeinclusive #morethanabody

I know you have heard it before but really, MAKE TIME TO DO THE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY #phoenixarizona #hikingAZ #deserthiking #bodyliberation

Photo dump AZ 🌵 (I’ve never been happier and felt so at home here) #desertbotanicalgarden #phoenix #sunmakesmehappy

you deserve it 💕 #bodyacceptancemovement #positivebodyimage #bodyliberation

🛑 Toxic Beauty Editing Apps | THIS NEEDS TO STOP 👉Image editing apps are VERY harmful. It’s harmful to the person editing their own photo, but it is also harmful to the person consuming that image. 😔 I started editing my photos about 10 years ago, when I heard you can removed pimples, I thought that was so amazing but that “small” change because a big problem for me and my mental health. 😕 I started making my arms smaller. I had my waist smaller, my hips bigger, changing my whole face! Seeing the side by side of my body after editing made me feel so bad about myself and I hated my real body more and more. 👉It’s a toxic trap that is HORRIBLE for us and the next generation. Image editing apps create an unrealistic and unattainable beauty ideal, that's fuelling a feeling of inadequacy for entire generations. Did you know that this type of false physical narrative on social media is one of the leading causes of teen d3pre$$ion? 👉More than one in three young adults has felt shame about their body image in the previous 12 months 👉1 in 4 said they felt so stressed by body image and appearance that they had felt overwhelmed or out of control I stopped editing my face and body (I use colored filters) about 3 years ago and it has helped my mental health so much. I also stopped following people that clearly do it but it’s getting to a point now where you can’t tell if it is edited. (Obviously this image that I posted you can tell it’s edited but other accounts it looks REAL) These apps need to be stopped. People posting edited images need to have warning labels saying that they are edited. JOIN THE NO EDIT CLUB NOW! Comment below if you are DONE with image editing apps! #noeditclub #bodyimagemovement #bodyimagehealing #bodyimage Sources:

Old, wild & free birthday photo dump #bestbirthdayever #seattlewashington #birthdaygirl

Cellulite didn’t exist in the US until 1968. All thanks to Vogue for printing the term/word “cellulite,” so women would have a new way to hate their bodies. In 1973, a owner of a beauty (and cellulite treatment) salon in New York, published a best-selling book on cellulite 👇 👇That book made more people talk about how cellulite is “bad” 👇More books were written. 👇Then more magazine articles. 👇The media took over. 👇The products came. Anti-cellulite creams, tools, at home treatments - all claiming to eliminate cellulite. 😠 👉 But they didn’t work. So people bought more and more. Trying to get rid of something that is completely normal but they just heard it was bad. 🤷‍♀️ So, what if the word cellulite wasn’t printed in the US in 1968? 🤔 What if cellulite was a part of beauty standards? 🤔 Really, think about it. What would they would of made up then? What normal body part would they say is ugly? What problem with they invent next so they could sell you a solution? What if they said the pinky finger nail was bad and it had to be removed? If we are just making stuff up, why not that? Sources: William Barnhill KELSEY MILLER #iweigh #cellulite #normalbodies #celluliteisnormal

Friendly reminder that BMI is BS I am the same in both of these pics. What’s the difference? Muscle. (Muscles are denser and heavier than body fat.) BMI is just height and lbs… it DOES NOT account for 👉 muscles, 👉 bone density, 👉 overall body composition, 👉 water, 👉 fat….which all make up a person's weight. ALSO This number doesn’t matter. I THOUGHT IT DID FOR SO LONG. But really, BMI just doesn’t matter. If you want to track changes in your body, see how you feel! How much energy do you have? Do you feel stronger? Or track muscle mass! I have not had any issues tracking my muscle mass but I have with lbs and BMI Be kind to yourself and do what is best for YOU. #bmi #fitnessmotivation #bodytransformations

Life is messy. Growth is messy. Health is messy. The journey of life is beautiful, imperfect, and messy. But I am trying to look at the bright side… I choose to keep going. I choose to be brave. I choose to find the beauty in the mess. (reminder that what you see on this app isn’t as perfect as it seems) I hope you find some joy in the mess ❤️ I’m sure trying my best. 🙏 #pcos #pcoswarrior #pcoslifestyle

Hey bod, I’m sorry I treated you so bad for so long. Imma treat you right now I promise #bodyacceptancemovement #bodyliberation #morethanabody

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