Madi Wilson

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I share the good, bad and ugly side of weight loss, PCOS and being in recovery for eating disorders. I am 100% open and honest with my followers and they have a lot of trust in me.

I love sharing healthy meal ideas and snacks, workout clothes, fitness gear as well as skin care and makeup.

Through my amazon store and affiliate codes, I've found my followers really enjoy the products I truly like.

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6 Tips to Keep Your Motivation Going! 🎉 Set goals 🎯, find a workout buddy 🏋️, switch it up 🔄, treat yourself 🍰, track progress 📈, and visualize success 🌟 Motivation may ebb and flow, but your progress is worth celebrating! Who’s with me?! Comment below if you are ready for a change!!! I wanna see it! 🎉 🙏 #fitnessmotivation #workoutgoals #healthylifestyle #fitlife #gyminspiration #bodytransformation #fitnessjourney #sweatitout #strongnotskinny #fitnessaddict #exercisedaily #wellnesswednesday #fitfam #bodypositive #mindovermatter #trainhard #noexcuses #healthandfitness #stayactive #fitgoals

6 Tips to Keep Your Motivation Going! 🎉 Set goals 🎯, find a workout buddy 🏋️, switch it up 🔄, treat yourself 🍰, track progress 📈, and visualize success 🌟 Motivation may ebb and flow and that’s 100% normal!! But let’s keep going! Who’s with me?! Comment below if you are ready for a change!!! I wanna see it! 🎉 🙏 #fitnessmotivation #workoutgoals #healthylifestyle #fitlife #gyminspiration #bodytransformation #fitnessjourney #sweatitout #strongnotskinny #fitnessaddict #exercisedaily #wellnesswednesday #fitfam #bodypositive #mindovermatter #trainhard #noexcuses #healthandfitness #stayactive #fitgoals

Let’s take a break from the pose-perfect standards!🙅‍♀️❌ Remember, reality IS beautiful! ✨ 🪩🪩Outfit from @cls_sportswear 💕 (My favorite legging company) Use code: itsfitmadiwilson to save! 🪩🪩 #posedvsreality #instagramvsreality #igvsreality #bodypositivity #bodyneutrality #realnotretouched #selflovejourney #bodyacceptance #lovetheskinyourein

But why is it so hard sometimes 😅 KEEP READING… Really tho, it’s only ever really difficult to do the things I say that I’m going to do when I have TOO MUCH on my todo list. Goals are great, yes… BUTTTTT we gotta remember to keep it simple and keep that list short. 👏 So lets pick 3 and stick with them! For me: MOVEMENT, MEAL PLANS, SELF CARE EVERY 👏 SINGLE 👏 DAY 👏 Let me know what your top daily action is! I wanna know! (I won’t add it to my list just yet 🤣) Also please save this! I haven’t been as active so people aren’t seeing my stuff 😅 #selfimprovement #selflove #selfconfidence #howtobeconfident #selfimprovementdaily #howtobehappy #confident #confidence #betteryourself #betteryou

The 1 thing that helped my PCOS is…BEING AN ADVOCATE FOR MYSELF September is #PCOS Awareness Month so I wanted to start off this month with some tips! #pcoaawarenessmonth Advocating for yourself to a doctor about PCOS involves clear communication and preparation. Be sure to: 1️⃣ Educate Yourself: Research PCOS symptoms, treatments, and potential concerns so you can have an informed conversation. 2️⃣ Prepare Questions: Write down your symptoms, concerns, and any questions you have about PCOS and its management. 3️⃣ Be Honest: Share your medical history, lifestyle, and any relevant information openly. 4️⃣ Express Concerns: Clearly communicate your worries and challenges related to PCOS, such as fertility concerns or specific symptoms. 5️⃣ Request Tests: If needed, ask about diagnostic tests or evaluations to confirm PCOS and rule out other conditions. (For me, testosterone levels) 6️⃣ Discuss Treatment Options: Inquire about different treatment approaches, medications, and lifestyle changes that could help manage PCOS. 7️⃣ Ask for Explanation IN TEXT; If something isn’t clear, ask the doctor to explain EVERYTHING via message OR on your discharge papers. 8️⃣ Follow Up: Schedule follow-up appointments to track progress and discuss any changes or concerns. 9️⃣ Consider 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) Opinions: Don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion if you’re uncertain about the diagnosis or treatment plan. 💕Remember, advocating for yourself is about collaborating with your doctor to find the best solution for your health!!!! Managing PCOS can be so difficult but please 👏NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR HEALTH!!!!👏 You got this!! #pcos #PCOSAwareness #PCOSSupport #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #PCOSCommunity #PCOSJourney #PCOSDiet #PCOSTreatment #PCOSWarrior #PCOSLife #pcosawareness

✨ 20 Low-Energy Self-Love Activities✨ 1. Create a self-love playlist 2. Look at photos - happy memories 3. Listen to healing audiobooks 4. Write down a list of future self-care goals 5. Make a digital vision board 6. Watch inspiring videos / TED talk 7. Practice positive affirmations 8. Read inspirational quotes 9. 5 mins of mindful self-reflection 10. Try a short meditation 11. Write a love letter to yourself 12. Slowly stretch your body in bed 13. Write down things you love about yourself 14. Reflect on moments when you felt proud 15. Listen to calming rain or ocean sounds 16. Write a letter forgiving yourself for mistakes 17. Practice gratitude 18. Write down compliments you’ve received 19. Try a short guided self-love meditation 20. Close your eyes and imagine a peaceful place Mix and match these activities based on your preferences and how you’re feeling on any given day. Low energy days happen (a LOT for me as of late) but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something nice for ourselves 💕 Remember, the goal is to nourish and uplift yourself in gentle and meaningful ways. #SelfLoveJourney #HealingVibes #PositiveAffirmations #SelfCareMatters #MindfulnessMoments #SelfDiscovery #InnerHealing #SelfLoveIsPriority #EmbraceYourJourney #WellnessWarrior #HealYourMind #SelfCareRoutine #EmpowerYourself #SelfLoveChallenge #PositiveTransformation #SelfHealingJourney #LoveYourselfFirst #MindBodySoulHealing #RadiatePositivity #SelfGrowthJourney

Do you believe it’s your turn?? CAUSE I KNOW IT’S MY TURN. It has to be. 👏 I can’t change the fact I was recently diagnosed with a rare, untreatable, life threatening illnesses. 🤷‍♀️ 👉 But I can’t let my health hold me back anymore. It’s been taking over my life. Ruining my outlook, stopping me from living in the moment, sucking the joy out of everything. IT IS TIME TO TAKE CONTROL OF MY HAPPINESS And what I CAN control. It’s MY TURN. ✍️Comment and let me know if you are on the same page as me!! I’ve been so mentally NOT HERE and not connected with you since my tumor removal… talk to me! Where are you at, mentally, physically, emotionally!! #positivity #healthymindset #health #positivethinking #positiveoutlook #motivationalquotes #reels #motivation #chronicillness

Welcome home Coconut! 🥥🌴 @coconut.the.doodle This little girl is going to help my mental health SO much 👏 #aussiedoodle #miniaussiedoodle #miniaussiedoodlepuppies #aussiepuppy #miniaussiedoodlelovers #miniaussiesofinstagram #aussiedoodlemom #aussiedoodlepuppy

Change your life 👏 save for later My life changes SO much every time I get diagnosed with something 😅 From #pcos Learning my food allergies and intolerances Getting diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder, two years ago And then last month finding a tumor and now going back for more test to see if I need more surgeries or other aggressive treatments. These difficult times make me rethink EVERYTHING and really work on changing my life for the better. But it’s always best to start new habits, change your lifestyle when things are stable!!!! I hope you can take this as a reminder that you don’t have to wait until a big life event to change your life. You can do it right now. I believe in you. You can do whatever you set your mind to 💕 #changeyourmindset #changeyourlife #howtochangeyourlife #howto #positivethinking #changinglives #changeisgood #changeispossible #changeyourthoughts

Day 4 days post-op! How I am coping today ⬇️ Doggo, friends, crafts, pizza, long walks, sunshine, good convos. 💕 (and more meds and ice) The other day I received some difficult news about the results of my surgery. Unfortunately, things didn't go as well as I had hoped, and I'm facing some challenges moving forward. I will find out more details on Tuesday 🙏I appreciate any support during this time. 💕 I want to give a special thank you to the friends that are helping me during this time. You know who you are 💕 I am going to work hard on keeping a healthy mindset, feeling my feels, staying positive, being as active as I can be during this difficult time 💕 I hope you all are taking care good care of yourself and being kind to yourself ❤️🥰 I’m thinking about you all!! #postop #surgeryrecovery #necksurgery #postopcare #stayingpositive

You know what's amazing?!? Letting go of all the worry and stress that comes with things I can't control. (especially when it comes to my surgery on Tuesday to remove my tumors) Letting go is like finding a peaceful oasis amidst chaos. This is hasn’t been easy to do. I've come to understand that I've done EVERYTHING in my power to prepare for the procedure, and now it's time to trust the capable hands of the medical professionals. I feel the weight of anxiety slowly melt away, replaced by a sense of serenity. It's such a liberating feeling, realizing that worrying about things beyond my control only holds me back. So, I choose to embrace this newfound peace, allowing it to carry me towards the journey of healing and recovery. 💕 As I embark on this uncertain journey in my health, I know I will support and well wishes. Your prayers, positive thoughts, and words of encouragement mean the world to me. Please join me in hoping for a successful surgery and a smooth recovery. I believe in the power of collective energy and the strength it can bring. Your kindness and presence in my life here online means so much to me. I love you all so much!! 💕 #lettinggo #stayingpositive #positivequotes #surgeryrecovery #surgery #letgooffear #mindset #mindsetiseverything #mindsetmatters #healthymind #healthymindset

This is my new happy place. With the surgery coming up to remove the tumors, I’ve been really focusing on creating little places all over the house and outside for me to relax. This one is definitely my favorite so far. #AerieReal #AerieSwim #Aerie #iweigh #BodyAcceptance #BodyPositivity #LoveYourBody #BodyLove #BodyConfidence #BodyPositiveMovement #SelfLove #EmbraceYourBody #AllBodiesAreBeautiful

10 Side Effects of Wearing Shapewear: 1. Digestive issues 2. UTI 3. Breathing problems 4. Nerve damage 5. Skin irritation 6. Acid reflux/bloating/gas 7. Weakened pelvic floor 8. Weakened core 9. Decreased circulation 10. Organ damage AND it can have a negative impact on body image and self-esteem. Many people wear shapewear to achieve a certain body shape or size, which can lead to unrealistic expectations and dissatisfaction with one’s natural body. Wearing shapewear should be a PERSONAL choice made for comfort, rather than an obligation to conform to societal beauty standards. If you do wear it, it’s important to choose shapewear that fits properly and to avoid wearing it for extended periods. Source: Cleveland Clinic, THE SPINE INSTITUTE CENTER FOR SPINAL RESTORATION, OnlyMyHealth, TheHealthSite #bodyacceptance #bodypositivity#loveyourbody #selflove #bodyconfidence #bodylove #embracethesquish #bopo #effyourbeautystandards #allbodiesaregoodbodies

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