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Based in Long Beach, California, House Poured is an inspirational source for home bartenders to learn to create their own restaurant quality ingredients and creative cocktails on a budget.

From planting a cocktail garden, to making syrups and garnishes, House Poured is a lifestyle brand with a focus on creating beautiful meals, drinks, and experiences at home.

Location Long Beach, California
Country United States of America
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An “improved” Cocktail, (started back in the 1800s) basically just involved the addition of a liqueur or absinthe to an established cocktail. These minor variations would change the drink into something ever so slightly different. After switching a few things out on this Old Fashioned, I added a bit of heat and some pineapple syrup (If you haven’t made one, just check out the recipe from @highproofpreacher, you really can’t get any better than that). Honestly after all the substitutions it was barely recognizable as an old fashioned, but it was certainly tasty. Pineapple Improv OF 1 oz Bourbon 1 oz aged rum .25 oz Pineapple syrup .25 oz Ancho Reyes Dash angostura Dash peychauds Stir everything with ice. Strain into a chilled old fashioned glass with a large cube. Garnish with a pineapple frond and a slice of lime if you have one handy. Cheers! #bartender #bartenderlife #mixology #liqpic #craftcocktails #imbibe #imbibegram #drinkphotography #oldfashioned #classiccocktails #pineapplecocktails #instadrink #rumartesenal #craftcocktails #craftedmixology #drinkstagram #cocktailsofinstagram #coquetel #coctel #cocktailgram #liqpic #instacocktails #mixologist #craftedmixology #mixologia #rum #tropicalvibes

Blood orange and Campari is one of the greatest combinations of all time. Throwing orgeat into the mix just makes it all the better. Life on Mars? 1.5 oz Blanco Tequila .75 oz Orgeat .75 oz Lime Juice .75 oz blood orange juice .25 oz Campari 1 dropper Orange Bitters Shake everything with ice and strain into a coupe. Cheers! #imbibegram #easycocktails #cocktailrecipe #weekenddrinks #campari #cocktailoftheday #bloodorange #thirsty #drinkoftheday #homebar #backyardcocktails #cocktailhour #fundrinks #drinksphotography #cocktailsathome #summerdrinks #tequilacocktails #watermelon

The cocktails to come out of the #CognacConnection cocktail competitions are always incredible. Unique brilliant ways of highlighting a spirit that has so much variety from one brand to another or from age to age. Just compare a VS and an XO and you can see just how drastically different they can be. I shook up a “Summer Thyme” by finalist @Meghannallred. It’s a summer produce driven cognac sour that’s bright and stone fruit forward. It brings out all the heavy fruit notes of the cognac while tempering it with an herbal saline wash. Grilled Peach Infused VS cognac Moscatel Lemon Juice Walnut oil/thyme saline solution . . . . . #cognac #cognaccocktails #summerdrinks #cognaclover #imbibegram #mixology #craftcocktails

I am fully ready for summer. Pool parties, beach days, and backyard cookouts. So here’s a refreshing long drink featuring @Jaisalmergin for however you’re welcoming the season. #sponsored Summer Evenin’ 1.5 oz Jaisalmer Gin 1 oz watermelon syrup (3 parts watermelon juice to 1 part sugar)* .75 oz grapefruit juice Pinch sea salt Wheat beer to top Shake everything but the beer with ice and strain into a collins glass. Add a spear of ice and top with beer. Just unreal how refreshing this one is and how well everything works with the botanicals in this gin. From the green tea to the citrus peels, it works out brilliantly. Feel free to add a dash or two of some spicy tincture if you want to turn it up a notch as well. *Add 3 parts watermelon juice to 1 part sugar in a sealable jar or cocktail shaker. Shake well until fully dissolved. Strain into a sanitized bottle and store in the refrigerator. This cold method of making the syrup preserves all that fresh watermelon flavor without cooking it down. You’re looking for a sweetened watermelon juice rather than a watermelon jam. #JaisalmerGin #IndianCraftGin #RoyaltyAwaits @thegallavantgroup

I made a giant batch of these a couple weeks ago for a party and they went over so well, I thought I needed to share the recipe. 2 oz vodka 1 oz lemon juice 1 oz strawberry/lemon peel syrup (recipe in highlights) Spritz of absinthe Barspoon of Wray and Nephew overproof Rum (optional) Shake everything (except for absinthe) with ice and strain into a glass. Top with crushed ice. Spritz with absinthe and garnish with freeze dried strawberry slices. The best part of this one is just how easy it is to use a different base spirit and completely change the drink. Vodka? Gin? Irish whiskey? Go for it. What base do you think you’d try with this one?

I first made this drink a couple years ago, trying to find a way to use up some of the infusions and shrubs that were rapidly filling up my cabinets and refrigerator. The coffee infusion and the pineapple shrub were both so tasty, they’ve made it on a short list of things that I keep making over and over just to see what else they go with. Do you have any ingredients you keep coming back to? 2 oz coffee infused rye whiskey .5 oz Averna .5 oz Cynar 1 oz Pineapple/Ginger/Sage shrub Coffee beans for garnish Add ingredients (except beans) to mixing glass. Add ice and stir. Strain into glass with large ice cube and garnish. #cocktailrecipe #whiskeydrinks #cocktailsoftheday #thirsty #drinkoftheday #amaro #homebar #backyardcocktails #coffeecocktails #cocktailhour #fundrinks #bestcocktails #easycocktails #drinksphotography #cocktailsathome #summerdrinks #shrub #coffeebeans

Emerald Twist Tart and juicy, the kiwi is one of those fantastic fruits that seems to go with everything. Strawberries? You bet. Melon? Sure thing. Tequila? Absolutely. 2 oz blanco tequila 1 oz lime juice 3/4 oz Kiwi syrup 2 oz honeydew juice Garnish with honeydew and freeze dried strawberry/seasalt 4-1 Prepare glass with agave nectar and powdered strawberry/seasalt. In mixing tin, shake all ingredients and strain over fresh crushed ice in glass. Top with more ice. Garnish and dust with a pinch of extra powder. #easycocktails #cocktailrecipe #weekenddrinks #tequiladrinks #cocktailsoftheday #thirsty #drinkoftheday #homebar #backyardcocktails #garnishgame #cocktailhour #fundrinks #drinksphotography #cocktailsathome #summerdrinks

Another glorious weekend approaches and with it, a tasty cocktail. This weekend, I’ll be sipping on this garden inspired take on a gimlet, that shows off all the wonderful botanicals @Jaisalmergin has to offer. #sponsored Garden Gimlet 1.5 oz Jaisalmer Gin 1 oz Cucumber juice .75 oz lime juice .5 oz Honey syrup Cracked black pepper Cucumber ribbon to garnish Wrap cucumber ribbon inside Nick & Nora glass. Add ingredients (except for pepper) to shaker with ice and shake until chilled. Fine strain into glass and then add a pinch of fresh ground black pepper. With citrus peel and green tea among its botanicals, adding cucumber and honey really brought them to life. A hint of fresh cracked pepper added just a hint of spice and left me with surprising depth for this spring sip. While you can get cucumbers just about any time of year, their peak season starts in May. Combined with Jaisalmer gin, that fresh from the garden taste was hard to miss. #JaisalmerGin #IndianCraftGin #RoyaltyAwaits @thegallavantgroup #worldcocktailday

Getting hot this week, so I’m calling for the return of the #popsicocktails. This pairing of a honeydew paleta gave a sweet and subtle counterpoint to the citrus forward silky concoction. Shout out in the comments if there’s another flavor of popsicle you want to see me work into a drink! 1 oz Citrus Forward Gin 1 oz Probitas rum 1.5 oz Calpico .5 oz lime juice .5 oz lemon juice .5 oz orgeat .25 oz dry curaçao Shake it all together well with ice, and strain into glass with fresh ice. Garnish with a melon paleta if you have one or just some fresh citrus slices if you don’t. @cooltonscocktails is hosting a cocktail contest where the only requirement was a split base of spirits. I figured why stop there and decided to split the citrus and sweetener components as well. On paper it reads a bit like a cross between a Mai Tai and an Army Navy cocktail, but with the addition of the Calpico, it adds an understated tanginess that makes it greater than the sum of its parts. For those that haven’t experienced Calpico, you’ve got to go pick up a bottle. It’s been around for about 100 years and it’s a noncarbonated soft drink, with a light lactic acidity and citrus flavor. Shaken in a cocktail it gives things a silky texture and balances wonderfully with sours. #summercocktails #popsicocktails #popsiclecocktail #3rdannualcooltonscocktailchallenge

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