Amber Munroe

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∎ I'm a mom of 2 living the WAHM life drinking one pot of coffee a day. Maybe that's a small exaggeration. Small.

∎ Showing off some style in the mix of it.

∎ I'm Whitty. Sometimes.

Location Lower Sackville , Nova Scotia
Country Canada
Member Since OCTOBER 16, 2019
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I can’t believe you’re going to be a big brother 😭

Hi! It me! Mama of almost 6 if you count my fur babies too. Most of you know that... so let’s play a game. Tell me which ONE of these statements about myself is NOT true: • I used to live in British Columbia • I have 4 brothers • I’ve had 4 pregnancies • I became a mom at 17 • I own a business • I have 20 tattoos • I met my dad 3 years ago Can you guess? 😝

Meet Chester 🐈 🖤

bumpdate🤰10 weeks as of yesterday and it still doesn’t feel real. but we’ve got 2 names picked out! GIRL OR BOY? what do you think? these pregnancy dreams are absolutely wild. so vivid. bringing up trauma. I woke up this morning freaked out because I was dreaming about my grade 10 year.... ugh so much happened that year.... and honestly I only realized the significance of that year this morning. I also realized I haven’t talked about it much. Oh 15 year old me.

I am READY! 🍁 #fallvibes

Still one of my favourite pictures to this day. Fall last year 😍 IM SO READY FOR FALLLLLL 🍁

In and out of a funk seems to be my rhythm lately but it will pass. I need to give myself grace. Not being able to do everything all the time is okay so I’m making a promise to myself that every time I feel mom guilt or unproductive, I will step back and breathe.

Mommas boy vacuuming! His FAVE toy is the real vacuum while I’m trying to use it lol. This will do he says.

for as long as I can think back in my childhood to..i always wanted to be a mermaid. Same with Lexi. She gets more than just The Little Mermaid though🙄... “Mako Mermaids” is her fave. If you know any mermaid movies/Shows, drop em below!!!! Lexi will love ya lol.

Here’s the thing - for 12 months after Lucas was born... WE WERE SO CERTAIN that we were DONE having babies we even talked about getting my tubes tied. I had a dream around that time that we WERE NOT in fact done lol. In my dream I was telling myself to remind me when I wake up THAT WE ARE GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER! So needless to say, no appointments were made... we had lots of discussions... and voila. Here’s our last baby.

Dear garbage man... I didn’t enjoy looking out the window to you THROWING my fancy SmarTrike stroller in the garbage truck... back to the old school stroller thx lol

Yup we’re having baby #3 🖤 *NOT A FOOD BABY🤣* swipe for the itsy bitsy bump.

Maybe I do maybe I don’t 🤣 cutest letterboard is from @whoaon !!!

he’s so dang cute. He is LITERALLY obsessed with rocks. He’s the geologist, Lexi is the gymnast, and we say our next baby will be the gynaecologist🤣🤣🤣🤣

you probably have a dirty mirror too 🤚btw pop sockets are on sale and these new Miss Big Earrings are available in nude! @femaleco_

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