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🇳🇬🇺🇸| Wife| Girl Mom Navigating my way through Motherhood & Hoping to Inspire others along the way.

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I am not sure who this is for but remember ….. *Be kind to yourself and extend the same grace you extend to others to yourself too. *Perfection doesn’t exist, so stop trying to obtain it. *Bad days don’t exist, just bad moments. Don’t allow one bad moment to ruin your whole day. *Allow yourself time to rest, there’s no reward for being overworked and tired. Have a Great day ahead! 📸: @shotbyjacque #motivation #motherhoodunited #blackmentalhealth #blackmoms #selfcare #selflove #shesback

#sponsored by Culturelle® Probiotics Play time is much better without the fuss. #AD As a parent, the last thing I want to see is my baby extra fussy and uncomfortable due to colic, gas and other digestive discomforts. Unfortunately that was my reality when my daughter was first born. Culturelle® Baby Digestive Calm and Comfort Probiotics Drops is designed to help you and your baby. Culturelle® Baby Digestive Calm and Comfort Probiotics Drops contain BB-12® which is clinically shown to help infant colic & gas.* They also work to support baby’s health by boosting digestion and alleviating occasional digestive upset.* Have you had a colicky baby? Then you know it can be very difficult. My only regret is not using Culturelle® Probiotics sooner! #Culturelle #CulturellePeaceOfMind

Off to 1st grade we go!!! To think in September I was balling my eyes out because she was starting kindergarten and now she graduated and is ready to “rock 1st grade”. I love documenting these milestones and celebrating her accomplishments , my big girl is just growing up so fast and I couldn’t be more proud of her. Sidenote: She said the face cut outs embarrassed her 🤣 . I told her it’s my job 😎 #momlife #kindergartengraduation #2023graduate #njmom #blackfamilies #njfamily #proudparents

No, my hands aren’t full, just my heart🥰. Naomi and Noelle thanks for choosing me to be your mama 💕 Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas out there! ⠀ ⠀ Remember, what makes a woman a good mother is her unconditional love for her child(ren) and her daily selfless deeds. ⠀ ⠀ A special Mother’s Day to the mamas who are still carrying their little blessings in their belly!⠀ A heartfelt Mother’s day to the mamas who may have lost their child(ren) my heart goes out to you. A prayer for all the women who are wondering and waiting for their time to come. ⠀ ⠀ Being a Mother isn’t always easy... but it is worth it! ⠀ ⠀ Mothers, Enjoy Your Day! 📸: @sajephotography #mothersday2023 #girlmama🎀 #girlgang #njmama

Happy Love Day! ❤️ So blessed to be doing life with this man and for the family God has allowed us to build. I take nothing for granted. ❤️ #ValentinesDay2023 #blacklove #blackfamilies #blackcouples #nigeriancouples #blackmarriages

The weekend is the only time I really get to make breakfast for my family. During the week it’s just a grab and go. But with Valentine’s Day around the corner I decided to make this super simple festive breakfast for my daughter and I. She loved it 😋and her tummy was full! Being that she is a picky eater I find that putting a fun spin on a simple meal makes her more likely to eat the food. Do you have a picky eater? #kidfriendlymeals #pickyeaters #njmom #blackmom #diymom #girlmom #mealideasforkids

For every phase of life, selfcare looks different . Now that I am a mom of two and recently postpartum selfcare does not look like it used to. For this phase that I’m currently in selfcare for me has to be even more intentional than it was before. How do I practice self-care as a sleep deprived newly postpartum of mom of two? 1️⃣Lean on my village, I mean that’s what they are, there for to help when I need help. 2️⃣Don’t try and do it all. I couldn’t do it all before, so nothing makes me think that I’ll be able to do it now, with a little to no sleep. 3️⃣Sneak in naps. I am currently not getting 8 hours of sleep so if I could get an hour here an hour there, I will take it. 4️⃣Setting SMALL goals a day. I am a goal oriented person and I have to work towards something on a daily, so setting small goals even if it’s to get dressed, makes me feel accomplished. 5️⃣Giving myself grace. Yes I’m a second time mom, but taking care of two little humans is different than just one. So I am still learning my new normal and routines. Share this post with a friend who is expecting or a newly postpartum mama. 📸: @shotbyjacque #postpartumjourney #postpartummama #midweekselfcare #2ndtimemom #mentalhealthawareness #motherhood #blackmotherhood #rainbowbaby #girlmama

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