Golden Woofs

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💛 Golden Retriever dog mom to therapy dog 🐶KORU BEAR + Puppy🐶KENZO + 😇🌈 SUGAR 🐾 IG: 🎥 YT:

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Woofs! Sitting pretty for my last door photo to commemorate my monthly barkday 🎉 On Saturday 12/10, I’ll be 2 years old 🐶 KENZO 🐶 Mom took this photo before I got very ill and had to go to the vet 😞 not sure what’s the cause of my illness - according to my vet - maybe from our trip I was a very good dog while getting treatment. Mom says I’m a typical Golden Retriever = very stoic 💛 I’m on a bland diet so no cake for my Barkday celebration 🍰 but mom for sure will find a creative way to treat me 🥳🐶 Golden Thanks for all your sweet messages. I appreciate all the love ❤️ Hope to feel better soon … will share updates in our story (+ Facebook) Have a wonderful weekend 😀🐶 #dogmoments #doglife #beautifulgoldens #handsomedog #goldenwoofs #goldenwoofskenzo #myfurbaby #dogcelebration #goldenretrieverpup #gohealthypaws #pawsome

Woofs from the Sunniest City on Earth ☀️ Yuma, AZ ✨ I’m attending my last dog show of the year ✨ This is it … hope to be a Champ 🐶 Wish Me Luck! KB will be cheering for me [swipe ⬅️ to see our photo together] 🖼️ Greetings from Yuma #artmural is located at Yuma’s historic downtown Main St. 😀 we are excited to know there are 49 public art #ArtInYuma 🎨 in between shows, we will find some time to see these #muralart #loveyuma #bepartofthearts #woofandwalls #walltravelled #muralstreetart #travelwithdogs #bringfido #explorewithdogs #goldenwoofs

Make it a December to Remember ✨❤️ Woofs! It’s going to be an exciting #december2022 🐶 KENZO’s barkday month 12/10🎉 and we are starting the month traveling to “sunniest city on earth” ☀️🚗🐾 for KENZO’s last ‘22 dog show ✨ 📍 #newportbeachca #fashionisland 90-foot 🎄(will share soon a video of our visit) This is the 4th🎄 we visited 🐶 This year, we are hoping to visit 10🎄decorations ❤️ #dogscarf #happydecember #holidaycheer #ohwhatfun #christmasdogs #christmaspup #pawlidays #dogsofchristmas #abc7eyewitness #holidaydogs #christmasdogsofinstagram #wherewillyoutakeyourdog #makeitadecembertoremember

Happiness is …❤️ #therapydog KB During Thanksgiving weekend, mom and I visited our senior friends at memory care. I enjoyed all the pets (+hugs) and so happy to see many smiles 😀 This Giving Tuesday, help bring more petpartners therapy animal teams to people in need of happiness 😀❤️ ✨ Spread Happiness Around You … Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today 😀❤️ smilewithmegw #smilewithmegw #petpartners #therapydogs #k9therapy #therapydogsofinstagram #therapydogsrock #dogtherapy #healingpowerofdogs #therapydogsofig #therapydogsatwork #goldenwoofs #goldenwoofskb #happinessis #therapyanimalthursday #spreadhappiness 😀❤️

Spread Smiles with Love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier 😀❤️ #smilewithmegw We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving #givethankseveryday We had a #pawsome weekend celebration ✨ We went on a Christmas tree (decoration) adventures and spent a lot of fun outdoor plays 😀 Mom accomplished a lot too 🙌🏻 our ‘doggy’ tree🌲 is up + cards are printed but 😞 was not able to catch up on everyone’s post (she’ll try this week as we prepare to hit the road again 🚗🐾) Wishing you a happy new week full of smiles with love 😀❤️ smilewithmegw #makesomeonesmile #smileiscontagious ‘Smile With Me #dogbandana available at #wherewillyoutakeyourdog📍#dpharbor ❤️ #dphlovewall #keepsmiling😊 #smilewithme #smilewithus #goldenwoofs #woofandwalls #walltravelled #abc7eyewitness #smilingdogs

😞 we r allergic to poultry = no 🦃 … but mom promised to make us special treats 🍪😋🐶 ❤️ We are back from our trip and thankful for all your sweet messages 😀 we will catch up to comment on your messages ✨ Thanksgiving Dog Safety Reminder 🦃🐶 dogs can eat turkey but make sure that the turkey you give them is fully-cooked (better if it’s not seasoned) and has no bones in it 🐕 our Izzy = Home Depot Christmas Golden Retriever 🐶 our Thanksgiving ‘danas from ferryfancy ✨🐕 mom was invited to be a “press” for National Dog Show but due to our travel schedule she can’t attend so in our blog we are sharing 10 Things You May Not Known About The National Dog Show (blog link on our bio) 🔈from TT laurensforeign #funnyréels #funnyvideos #dogsofthanksgiving #turkeyheadband #goldensarethebest #unhappydog #noturkey #noturkeyforus #thanksgivingdog #goldenwoofs #goldenretrieverslovex #twodogsarebetterthanone

Golden Thanks Besties ❤️ We appreciate your love even though our momnager has been slacking ❤️ We are back on the road 🚗🐾 headed to another major dog show ✨ hope this it, wish ME Luck 🐶KENZO ✨ the theme of the show is western wear 🤠 mom read on Sunday there’s a contest for best western-styled dog 🐶 the show schedule is a bit 🙃 and we will share highlights via story/reels #thanksbestie #thankyoubestie #thankfuldog #appreciatethelove #dogsincars #goldenwoofs #goldenwoofskenzo #dogincar #dogtravel #ontheroad #travelwithdogs #showdoglife #doglifeisgood #goldenretrieversarethebest

Lots to Be Thankful for ✨ 🐶 What are you thankful for? Woofs! for my pupbox 📦 lots of yummilicious treats + fun dog toys = #pawfect for celebrating Thanksgiving 💜 PupBox Discount - use my code KENZO for 50%off your pup’s 1st 📦 #pupbox on any multi-month plan (3, 6, and 12 month plans) 💜 #pupboxday #puppyhood #puppyparents #grownuppup #goldenwoofs #puppybliss #puplife #happydoghappylife #fordogs #pupboxstages #pupboxlifestages #goldenpup #pupboxtoys #subscriptionboxes #dogsofthanksgiving #thanksgivingdog #lotstobethankfulfor #whatareyouthankfulfor

10 Questions to Consider When Adding A Second Dog

Before bringing a new puppy or adult Golden dog into your home, it is important to evaluate your current Golden and carefully assess if having a second golden dog will be beneficial. Another Golden Retriever is the best companion dog for your Golden Retriever. And, many experts tend to agree on this as sometimes bringing a same-sex second dog into the home can create problems: Female dogs can often display jealousy to each other, and male dogs may show aggression to each other. Golden Retrievers are considered big dogs but can definitely live in a small home as long as you provide adequate exercise, mental stimulation, proper training, and routine grooming.

Fun Healthy Ways to Spoil Your Pup #SpoilYourPupBBxx

Pamper Your Pup: Keep Your Pup’s Teeth and Ears Clean 2. All of these Oratene​/​ZYMOX dog dental care products utilize a patented enzyme system requiring to care for your dog’s dental health. Vet’s Best also offers an Advanced Hip & Joint chewable tablet dog supplement that can ease your dog’s hip and joint pain by maintaining normal healthy cartilage, connective tissue, and joint mobility. When spoiling your pup, keep it simple and always take in consideration your pup’s overall health.

10 Surprising Ways To Show Your Dog Love

Therefore, it’s a great idea to buy a new stylish piece of clothing to shower your beauty queens and kings with your praise and love. But dressing up doesn’t just have to be buying a new outfit or bandana, it can even be a fancy new fur hairstyle; dogs like cocker spaniel, Bichon Frisées, or Maltese don’t mind going for a walk with ribbons on their fur. Reserve a half-day for your dog and let him enjoy his favorite activity or experience – running in the garden or dog park, going for a hike, fetching a ball, or playing with your dog’s favorite toy over and over again. Teach them a new trick Dogs love to learn new tricks.

Are Golden Retrievers Easy To Train?

When you bring your Golden Retriever puppy home (typically) at eight weeks, your at-home puppy training begins immediately; potty training then training will progress to crate training, walking on a leash, and so on. How To Teach Your Puppy To SIT Training your puppy how to sit is a very important basic dog command to learn. b) How To Teach Your Puppy To Stay Using the verbal cue and hand signal for the stay command, the goal is for your puppy to remain sitting. While your Golden Retriever puppy progresses with these basic dog commands, start teaching leash walking and heel training.

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