Alison Marras, NTP, RYT @foodbymars

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I help my readers take control of their health holistically + deliciously 👩🏻‍🍳#paleo #aip #whole30 recipes & meal plans 🦠nutrition coaching & gut labs

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Welcome to this very unsexy, straightforward side of Instagram. All the supplements and bio hacking can’t do for you what basic lifestyle and habit shifts will. I see people throw hundreds of dollars per month down the toilet (literally lol) on these “magic pills” to never get relief because they’re NOT changing their gut terrain. They’re inhaling huge clumps of food, totally stressed and frazzled while setting 0 boundaries, and dehydrated. If you’re over here going “I know, I know these things”… then ask if you’re actually doing them and how consistently. 🫠🫣 Is it easier for you to focus more on WHAT you eat vs. HOW you eat? Zoom out a little. 🔗Link in bio for my digestion course, gut-healthy meal plans and coaching✌️ 😘😘😘 #guthealth #digestion #autoimmunedisease #hashimotos #sibo

For reals, try it and lmk 🥰 it’s one of the best ways to make a big dent in your energy and blood sugar balance. ⬆️Protein ⬇️excess sugar Need ideas for breakfast? I’ve got plenty on ✌️ #bloodsugar #bloodsugarbalance #hormonebalance #quitsugar #hashimotos #paleo #aipdiet #nutrition

We live in a society where the more things that are wrong with you, the more solutions there are to sell, but what if we flipped the script? What if instead of focusing on what is "wrong" with our bodies or what we need to "fix," we started to focus on how truly incredible we are? Know this: 📌you’re beautiful AS IS right now, so don’t wait to be present 📌your body WANTS TO HEAL 📌you can SUPPORT healing but DONT FORCE IT 📌Stick it to "the MAN" and try LOVE over FEAR... especially if you haven't tried it (like reeeeeally tried it) before, chances are it's the thing that's missing ⬇️ Tag a friend who needs to hear this! ⬇️ #antiinflammatorydiet #autoimmunepaleo #aipdiet #aiprecipes #pcosdiet #fertilityjourney #pcosawareness #youdontlooksick #chronicillness #celiac #celiacdisease #thyroidwarrior #autoimmune #thyroidproblems #healthywife

❗️🩸Blood sugar imbalances are so common but really make life harder than it has to be and I see it constantly in my practice regardless of how “healthy” or GF/DF someone eats… If these symptoms are your norm check in on this: 🩸Are you eating enough at each meal, is there a balance of fat, protein, and whole food carbs? 🩸Are you eating enough protein… period? 🩸Are you fasting too long or skipping meals? 🩸Can you get to bed earlier and reduce caffeine? 🩸Can you cut some excess sugar out? Start there! Blood sugar imbalances matter because they can really start a cascade of imbalances in hormones, metabolism, energy/mood, sleep and more. 🔖SAVE this post for later! #bloodsugar #hormoneimbalance #pcos #hashimotos #thyroidhealing #aipdiet #nutrition

Welp! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… BIO-INDIVIDUALITY Reminder: Not everything can be applied to everyone at every stage of their healing. Give me a 🔥 below if you agree. #autoimmunedisease #aipdiet #hashimotos #ibs #guthealth

I’m always so proud of my clients’ progress and journey and it’s an honor to support them alongside @50shadesofavo in my program, In Tune Method. 💬DM me “READY” or apply using link in bio if you’re ready for your own transformation. #hashimotos #aipdiet #autoimmunedisease #ibs #eliminationdiet #arthritis #sibo #pcos #digestivehealth #bloated #guthealth

SIBO protocols, Candida cleanses, and other short-term killing protocols or elimination diets won’t do the heavy lifting of ALTERING YOUR TERRAIN. Terrain = The very environment that the illness or “dis-ease” flourished in to begin with. It has to be a multi-pronged holistic approach with how you nourish your body, daily habit shifts, and nervous system support for LONG TERM HEALING. We talked about this a lot in the food sensitivities workshop and it’s been so awesome to see everyone’s AHA moments that the magic pill chase just AINT IT. ✌️✌️ Want this kind of support? Apply to work with me using link in bio! #hashimotos #ibs #sibo #candida #autoimmunedisease

Ever feel “turned off” by breakfast? It can be a vicious cycle to break, but one that can change your life, give you more energy all day, reduce sugar cravings, and more. This is something I help clients with by supporting the body at a root cause level with nutrition and lifestyle. (Link in bio to apply) ⚡️Follow @foodbymars for more gut healthy tips and recipes. #guthealth #ibs #guthealing #sibo #bloat #sugarcravings #hashimotos #acidreflux #autoimmunedisease #aipdiet

⏰Time is almost up, boo! JOIN US IN TIME for the Food Sensitivities Workshop kicking off Saturday, Jan. 14th. 🔗LINK IN BIO TO JOIN🔗 See you there ♥️✌️ P.S yes it’s recorded if you can’t join LIVE #foodsensitivities #guthealth #guthealing #ibs #sibo #autoimmunedisease #hashimotos #aipdiet #histamineintolerance

📣DOORS CLOSE SOON! Ready To Untangle The Mess Of Food Sensitivities And **Reintroductions** To Overcome Symptoms (Without Having To Worry About Losing More Favorite Foods?) Join my new FOOD SENSITIVITIES WORKSHOP! 🔗Link in bio to register. It’s a 4-day Workshop to help identify and overcome the foods contributing to your bloat, brain fog, & more, so you can look in the fridge and dine out again (without the stress and worry of a setback or flare-up). And if I can help you learn how to get a fave food back… I’ll be living the DREAM! 🗓️We start on Sat., Jan. 14th - and run until Tues., Jan. 17th at 3pm EST. (And, yes, they're all recorded if you can't come LIVE!) 😘😘😘 #foodsensitivities #aipdiet #lowfodmap #hashimotos #autoimmunedisease #ibs #dairyfree

📣GET YOUR BOOTIE IN THERE… I’m teaching you how to stop the yo-yo elimination diet madness and MAKE SENSE of Food Sensitivities (yeah, I named it that cuz I like puns) so you’re not feeling frazzled at restaurants, opting out of travel, or struggling with bloat/toilet drama/brain fog and more… Ready?? 📣We start on SAT. Jan. 14th and it’s going to be so juicy… get the full deets using the 🔗LINK IN BIO🔗 (It’s both LIVE and Recorded) #foodsensitivities #eliminationdiet #aipdiet #paleo #hashimotos #ibs #sibo #lowfodmap

📣1 WEEK FROM TODAY!! Have you signed up yet? It’s a 4-day Workshop to help identify and overcome the foods contributing to your bloat, brain fog, & more, so you can look in the fridge and dine out again (without the stress and worry of a setback or flare-up). We start on Sat., Jan. 14th - and run until Tues., Jan. 17th at 3pm EST. (And, yes, they're all recorded if you can't come LIVE!) If it feels like ELIMINATION DIETS, FOOD SENSITIVITIES, and REINTRODUCTIONS are a 🔥mess that cause you to either: 1️⃣ Eat the same "safe" meals over and over again (which could be backfiring physically) Or 2️⃣ Ride the on-and-off rollercoaster of dieting, “going off the rails" or giving up… You’ll want to join.💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 🔗LINK IN PROFILE🔗 ✌️ See you soon! #foodsensitivities #aipdiet #lowfodmap #whole30 #sibo #histaminediet #hashimotos #autoimmunedisease #ibs

8+ Healthy Caffeine-free Drinks

This collection of 8+ caffeine-free drinks with delicious, healthy, and energizing recipes as a coffee alternative or change of pace to sugar–laden cafe drinks! There’s lots of variety depending on your needs and tastes, so get ready to try something new while skipping the jitters, crashing, or eye-twitching (not speaking from experience or anything…). All of these recipes are dairy-free and gluten-free, Paleo, and have Whole30 or AIP options. As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and busy mom who’s managing Hashimoto’s… supporting adrenal health, hormones, and digestion are always on my radar.

Creamy Mushroom Soup with Bacon (Paleo, AIP, Whole30)

So many gluten-free soups and Paleo soup recipes are also dairy-free soups, and they often turn out like thicker purees more than the soups we’re actually craving. How To Make a Dairy-Free Cream Sauce with Sweet Potatoes For this Creamy Mushroom Soup recipe, the white sweet potato perfectly compliments the soup because both are a little nutty and very earthy. Make the cream-free cream sauce by blending the diced, peeled, and boiled sweet potato with the water and coconut milk until smooth. For this dairy-free soup, you’ll need pastured bacon, a yellow onion, a handful of garlic cloves, 1.5 pounds of white mushrooms like baby Bellas or cremini, dried thyme, dried parsley, dried rosemary, arrowroot powder, balsamic vinegar, bone broth (preferably chicken), and sea salt.

20-minute Healthy Egg Roll Skillet (Soy-free!)

This meal takes less than 30 minutes to make from start to finish and is packed with flavors like ginger, garlic, onion, and umami from the coconut aminos (in place of soy). I love making this as what I like to call “meat hash magic” when I’m meal prepping for the week because it’s super easy to throw in some containers and eat straight up or in different variations. Sauté cauliflower rice for 3-5 minutes until tender and season to taste with sea salt and pepper. : Add another tablespoon of olive oil to the same pan, and add ground meat, ground ginger, and garlic powder, breaking up the meat with seasonings with a wooden spoon as it cooks.

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